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March 9, 2015

2015 Periodical Cicada Emergences

Filed under: Brood IV | Brood XXIII | Magicicada | Periodical Stragglers — Dan @ 1:06 am

There will be two major periodical cicada emergences in 2015. We’re less that 2 months away!


Brood XXIII, the Lower Mississippi Valley brood:

This brood of 13 year Magicicada will emerge in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. Brood XXIII features all four 13 year Magicicada species M. tredecim, M. neotredecim, M. tredecassini and M. tredecula.

When they’ll emerge depends on the weather. A cool spring will mean the emergences will start later in the spring. Regardless of the weather, the emergences will begin in the Southern-most states, sometime in late April or early to mid May.

Brood XXIII should, depending on the weather, start emerging in less than two months; some time in late April in Louisiana.

Brood IV, the Kansan Brood:

This brood of 17 year Magicicada will emerge in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. Brood VI features all three 17 year Magicicada species M. septendecim, M. cassini, and M. septendecula.

Brood IV should start emerging in early May.

Brood IV and XXIII won’t emerge in the same year again until the year 2236. The only state that features both Brood XXIII & IV is Missouri, but the areas where they emerge do not overlap.


The best bet for Stragglers will be Brood VIII (17 year cicadas emerging 4 years early) & XIX (13 year cicadas emerging 4 years late). There is also a chance for III (17yr/1 year late), V (17yr/1 year early), and XXII (13yr/1 year late). Visit our brood page, to see the states where these stragglers might emerge.


  1. Genelda J Burgess says:

    They are so loud

  2. Darlene says:

    Spotted in Winder GA 5-30-15

  3. Ginny Becton says:

    Today is 6/30/15. This morning was different for the Magicicadas! They have only sung in the evening until today! Now they’re singing in the mornings, as well! Summertime in Central Arkansas!

  4. John Pearce says:

    We saw one tonight on our front door screen. Seems early for Cudjoe Key FL. We usually hear them in August, but their numbers seem to dwindling more every year. Everyone suspects mosquito control. We also see less butterflies and dragonflies and crickets.

  5. sharon wolfe says:

    Just noticed them in Bellaire oh covering screen door.

  6. Monica Glynn says:

    I have noticed them in the Kansas City, Missouri area since early June. The sound is extremely loud. Once following me in the house and I could not believe how loud it was. I run to my car every day because they are everywhere. It is worst the warmer the temperature. It was cooler yesterday and I did not see as many. I am told they may be gone by the end of June and that is not soon enough for me.

  7. Amanda says:

    Orange and Black at Viking Lake in Stanton,Iowa, Montgomery County

  8. Pat says:

    They are driving us crazy in the Kansas City area. So many in the trees and so many bodies left in yards. There are everywhere. When will they STOP?

    1. Dan says:

      Generally it’s 4 weeks of crazy.

  9. Dawn says:

    We feel like were under attack our trees are moving non stop
    And if you go outside they hit you in the head

  10. janet says:

    Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs Mo. Out of control

  11. Laura says:

    Cicadas are in full swing currently here in Dover, KS and the noise is deafening at times.

  12. If you want a good laugh, check out the song/video “Sicka Cicadas.”

  13. Their here in Caldwell, Ks been listening to them every
    Evening. My 6 and 2yr old grnsons each had one in their hand playing with them. Each year there’s times when all you hear at nite is the the sound of cicadas.

  14. Joan Nunez says:

    in Central Texas they are singing like crazy tonight!!!

  15. Lillie F Dixon says:

    There are all over everything in duquoin il

  16. jan says:

    Near the Kansas Speedway.The sound seems to be getting louder.
    And truly is driving me crazy. Does anyone know when
    these little creatures will be done,and move on?

    1. Dan says:

      Usually goes within 4 weeks.

  17. Barbara McGee says:

    Have just seen the holes in the yard here in Middle Tennessee.

  18. Okcoleman says:

    Have been hearing a few around but nothing major quite yet here in Oklahoma. I remember Summers from when I was a kid where you couldn’t even talk over the hum because they were so loud!

  19. nick says:

    They are popping up everywhere last few days here in Shawnee, ks (NE Ks). Just amazing watching them in the woods swarming by hundreds in branches. Had couple of am fall on me while mowing stuck together mating. They are singing loud.

  20. mel says:

    They are very abundant in the less populated areas of southern illinois. When will they stop?

    1. Dan says:

      4 weeks or less.

  21. Denise says:

    They are everywhere & singing in NW Missouri!

  22. Rick says:

    We live in Mayetta, KS (north of Topeka) and have been seeing thousands for a few days now. Today seems like a whole new bunch has emerged and hanging on everything. Starting to sing and fly around. My wife refuses to go outside. THE END IS NEAR!!!

  23. Tina Emerson says:

    They have been sounding in Lakeland, Tn for a week now. How long does it last?

    1. Dan says:

      Typically 4 weeks or less of screaming. Then you have to rake up the corpses.

  24. Sara McLaughlin says:

    Massive emergence in Marshall County, Kentucky observed by TVA Terrestrial Zoologist on 5/27/2015!!

  25. Dawn says:

    We have had thousands upon thousands of them in Ashland Ms since about the 12th of May. It is now the 26th and I’m starting to see a lot of shells.
    The noise is still very loud. My cats are having a field day with them.

  26. Mike says:

    Over the last week or so in Cabot, AR we started seeing nymphs, then shells, now adults. Must be thousands. Noise is deafening but amazing! Several Mississippi Kites have been flying around the neighborhood enjoying the endless buffet!

  27. Sharon says:

    They are all over our fence, plants, trees, in the grass. Never seen so many emerging. Not singing yet but I’m thinking it will be soon! Olathe, KS

  28. Tom Woolaway says:

    I saw 5 cicadas in my back yard this morning. One was still white. Their shells were nearby. Beaver, PA (30 miles NW of Pittsburgh)

  29. Diane A. Parks says:

    Hearing them here on KY lake, in Waverly, TN, for 3-4 days. Have not seen them, however. Sounds like an invasion of UFO’s!

  30. Djdrisk says:

    They have been singing here in Carbondale, Southern Illinois for several days. Their volume is incredible.

  31. Alan says:

    Topeka, KS – Over the past 3 or 4 days, we have seen literally thousands of cicada in our yard alone (honestly, tens-of-thousands is not exaggerating). Iris plants, tree trunks (especially pine trees), and almost anything upright has cicadas hanging from them. We have holes all over the yard where they have emerged. The bases of the trees have a layer of cicada shells covering the ground.

    It has been cool and rainy here for the last several days, but today it seems that the cicadas are starting to disperse, probably because their wings are finally getting dry enough to fly.

    I have lived in this area all my life and I don’t recall every seeing this many cicadas ever.

  32. Kathy says:

    Seems like citronella keeps them out of the back yard. It’s only when it’s not burning they start coming in. Any reason?

    1. Dan says:

      Like other insects, they’re probably repulsed by the odor.

  33. Kathy says:

    In western KY they are taking over. How long will this last?

    1. Dan says:

      About 4 weeks of screaming, then it’s time to shovel them up.

  34. Bob Bumgardner says:

    Emerging May 24 2015 in Tecumseh, Kansas

  35. Birk Mcbride says:

    They are in Eastern Ar. I cleaned a mess of bream. Those fish think they’re tasty!!

  36. Janice says:

    I’ve been seeing tons of holes in the ground in a bare spot around the tree, but have not actually seen them yet and they are not singing. They may just be high in the tree where I can’t see them? It’s been unusually cool and very wet here in Lawrence, KS. I have never seen the holes before like I am this year!

    1. Dan says:

      That’s right, they’re high up in the trees. If you look at the tops of the trees you might see some flying around.

  37. Amy says:

    Yesterday is when I started noticing the sound of the cicadas. I can hear them across the street in this little wooded area. Today, I saw a dead one in the parking lot. Today, I am inside with the windows closed and I can clearly hear them. How long can we expect them to hang around?

    1. Dan says:

      Give it 4 weeks, then get a shovel.

  38. Cecil Sullivan says:

    Found some at the Southwest part of Vanderburgh county in Indiana, didn’t know what that sound was until I saw the shed skins.

  39. Chad Acree says:

    North Mississippi near the Tennessee line is covered up. They are so loud you can hear them when inside. Unfortunately for the cicadas emerging in my yard, my chickens think they are delicious.

  40. Adelaide says:

    Sounds like an invasion from Mars! Camden,TN Birdsong Creek area

  41. Dave says:

    They have been “singing” in West Tennessee (Jackson area) for four days. The sound is almost overwhelming and continues most of the day.

  42. Kim Flowers says:

    The Cicadas have been singing loudly for the past several days here in West TN.

  43. Joe says:

    Has to be fairly large swarm here in Belden, Ms. area. Continuous singing/screeching.
    Also have a friend in Saltillo, Ms area says he can here them in that area too.

  44. Ann Clark says:

    I first noticed them here in central Arkansas on Sunday, May 17. They are everywhere and can be heard singing all over this town. They like my patio and pool apron. Hope they leave soon. The sound is eerie! Ann

  45. Jill says:

    Here in West Monroe (Northeast Louisiana), we’ve been listening to loud humming and buzzing for about a week now. We are seeing small cicadas with reddish brown eyes and accents and golden brown wings.

  46. Amy says:

    First started emerging in Bartlett, TN (SW TN) May11th. House was covered for about 8 days but dwindling down now. Chorus is exceptionally loud! These things are so ugly!!!

  47. Ron says:

    they have been screeming here for over a week. I do not
    Ever believe I have heard them like this prior

  48. K O Bell Jr says:

    They are still emerging here in Sheridan, Arkansas. Adults are becoming abundant in spots along edges of old tree lines are being seen at sites where none were found 2 days earlier. No singing yet.
    K O Bell Jr, reported May 18, 2015

  49. Jamie says:

    Just noticed them this weekend in Union County Illinois.

  50. Gina says:

    Not singing yet

  51. Gina says:

    Swarms started May 15, 2015 here in NW Tennessee . Dresden TN

  52. Carl says:

    Up here near Osage county Missouri. We see them all over the trees and the kids and Walmart shopping carts. They ain’t singing yet. They’re just staring at us. It’s been a week now and I starting to think they are conspiring. My neighbor Shelley found two on her pantry, they didn’t take anything they just kept on starring. When should we call the EPA to run scanning systems to make sure they aren’t here to harm us and just here for their bug meetings. I sure don’t like this. Why won’t they sing?

  53. Pat says:

    North of Rockford, il. We here them singing at night. Haven’t seen them yet.

  54. Lynn Winston says:

    Many sightings here in southern Illinois, but not as the last emergence, and they’re not singing. Why not? Last time, the noise was incredible.

    1. Dan says:

      It usually takes about a week before they’ll start to chorus, plus they like the temperature closer to 80 before they’ll really get going.

  55. Susie says:

    They are here in North Louisiana by the millions!! we live in the country and they are covering our porch and plants!! Their noise is deafening outside. I can’t stand to be outside more than a few minutes at a time! Please tell me they will be gone soon!!

  56. started hearing the sound 2 days ago it’s getting louder and louder in the beginning I thought it was a house like a house with an alarm but no it has to be these bugs I have never heard anything so louder ever noticed maybe never really paid that much attention but I live in northern Mississippi by sardis lake….the overwhelming sound never stops it’s amazing

  57. Cindy says:

    They are here, in Northeast Louisiana. Have noticed them this week. First time on May 10th or 11th, 2015.

  58. Terri says:

    They covered my house overnight (but not any of my neighbors). They were in their shells last night moving, but have wings this morning- not singing yet…Calvert City, KY. In Western KY near Kentucky Lake

  59. Bloodlady says:

    Just heard their noise today while outside. I live in northern miss. So they must have emerged w/in the last 2days here.

  60. kate says:

    Starting to see some here in SW Kentucky near the Tn. border.

  61. Liz Crum says:

    We have seen a few near Jacinto,Miss.

  62. JimmyDean says:

    Love the new song!

  63. Robert Watts says:

    My new wife and I are about to make a new track about cicadas. It will be in the souther rap style. We hope you will like it

  64. Robert Watts says:

    Thank you for putting the Cicada song online.

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