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January 4, 2008

Pretty Brazilian Cicada: the Carineta diardi

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Pia Öberg from Sweden took this cicada photo back in 2004 at Hotel do Ypê in Itatiaia NP in Brazil. Thanks to Roy Troutman and cicada expert Allen Sanborn we were able to ID this pretty cicada as a Carineta diardi (Guérin-Méneville, 1829).

Carineta diardi

Some more links for you:

More information about cicadas in Brazil. Includes a picture of a C. diardi. Apparently cicadas compromise coffee plants in Brazil. (Fine with me — I quit drinking coffee for New Years).

A Flash Cartoon of the “A cigarra e a formiga” story. It’s the fable of the cicada and the ants; ants work all summer while the cicada plays — then come winter, the ants are prepared, but lazy cicada is hungry and out in the cold.

More of Pia’s photos on Flickr.

What a fun way to start the New Year. Happy New Year cicada maniacs!