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Cicada Link Directory

Nearctic ecozone

North American Cicada Sites

These sites contain information about both periodical and annual cicada species:

  1. Visit Tim McNary's Bibliography of the Cicadoidea for many, many cicada papers and articles.
  2. Insect Singers. A new site from David Marshall and Kathy Hill featuring dozens of cicada song samples from North America.AUDIO PHOTOS
  3. Cicada Central ( One of the premier cicada sites. Many pictures, maps and information. Superb Magicicada information. PHOTOS MAPS
  4. Singing Insects of North America ( A large site featuring lists of North American species and audio files. PHOTOS AUDIO
  5. Bug Guide ( A massive site devoted insect identification, including an abundance of cicada photos and information. You'll find Cacama, Diceroprocta, Magicicada (Periodical Cicadas), Neocicada, Neoplatypedia, Okanagana, Pacarina, Platypedia, Tibicen, Beameria and Okanagodes. PHOTOS
  6. Massachusetts Cicadas ( tremendous cicada site packed with information and photos. Dozens of pages of information. Tibicens, Magicicada, Cicada Killer wasps. PHOTOS
  7. Gene Kritsky's Web Site ( Gene Kritsky is one of the worlds foremost cicada researchers. Book him for your next cicada event.
  8. Cicadas of the Mid-Atlantic ( Sighting information for Magicicada and annual cicadas in the Mid-Atlantic region. Yearly cicada reports are available. PHOTOS
  9. Cicada Hunt ( Lots of information and photos. Cicada Hunt is a great site for families interested in cicada hunting and study. PHOTOS
  10. Checklist of Cicadas of Kansas ( A list of species you'll find in Kansas, references, photos and illustrations. PHOTOS ILLUSTRATIONS
  11. Guide d'identification d'insectes du Quebec ( En Francais. Canicularis and Okanagana rimosa info and photos. PHOTOS AUDIO
  12. Professor Paul S. Boyer's Cicada page ( Features Magicicada photos, information and audio files. ILLUSTRATIONS AUDIO
  13. Homoptera: cicadas, hoppers, & aphids ( Information about the Homoptera order, photos and illustrations. PHOTOS ILLUSTRATIONS
  14. Insect Images ( About 150 North American cicada photos, including Magicicada, Tibicen, Okanagana, and Cacama. PHOTOS
  15. Gordon's Cicada Page ( A photo and about 10 printed pages worth of solid cicada information. PHOTOS
  16. The University of Michigan Cicada Pages ( The premier North America cicada site, until Cicada Central and came around. Magicicada, Tibicen, Okanagana, Diceroprocta. PHOTOS AUDIO MAPS


  1. is devoted to monitoring emergences and providing Magicicada information. AUDIO PHOTOS MAPS
  2. Periodical Cicada ( A few photos. PHOTOS
  3. Periodical Cicada ( Many nice photos depicting the cicada's life cycle, and good information. PHOTOS
  4. Periodical Cicadas ( A fun and informative periodical cicada page with many excellent photos, recipes and 19 paragraphs of information. PHOTOS
  5. Return of the Cicada! Serious information mixed with humor and silly illustrations. ( PHOTOS ILLUSTRATIONS
  6. Seventeen Year Cicada ( Dozens of Magicicada photos and info. PHOTOS


  1. Annual Cicadas of Arkansas ( Photos and information about Tibicen robinsonianus (formerly T. robinsoniana), Tibicen dorsatus (formerly T. dorsata), Tibicen pruinosus (formerly T. pruinosa), Tibicen lyricen, Tibicen davisi, Tibicen auletes, & Tibicen aurifera. PHOTOS


  1. Giant Cicada / Chicharra Grande ( Quesada gigas photo, information, audio files and a map. Check out the Texas Cicada Checklist as well. PHOTOS AUDIO MAP
  2. A nice photo of a Quesada gigas PHOTOS


  1. Apache cicada, Diceroprocta apache ( A photo and 3 paragraphs of information. PHOTOS
  2. This page features a summary of the Diceroprocta species


  1. cactus dodger, Cacama valvata ( Two photos. PHOTOS


  1. Substrate vibrations during acoustic signaling in the cicada Okanagana rimosa ( ILLUSTRATIONS AUDIO
  2. Walking cicada, Okanagana synodica ( A nice photo. PHOTOS


  1. Colorado State Univerity Extension cicada page ( Includes a picture of Putnam's cicada and a paragraph of information within 3 pages of various information about cicadas. PHOTOS

General Cicada Information

  1. The Insect Images site has many cicada images.
  2. AMNH Invertebrate Zoology Type Specimens
  3. ITIS has massive listings of cicada species names with mentions of papers that mention the cicadas. Invaluable resource.
  4. What's that Bug ( Another insect identification site, but this one has an international focus. Many cicada photos. PHOTOS.
  5. Insectclopedia: a large portal of insect links for the purpose of insect research.
  6. Dave's Garden: Order: Homoptera, Family: Cicadidae ( About 13 cicada photos from around the world. PHOTOS
  7. Interesting Facts About Cicadas (
  8. Yahoo! Entomology-Cicadidae Group A Yahoo! Group for discussion of cicadas.
  9. Insect Music ( General information. Mentions an East Indian cicada.
  10. Cicadas in Ancient Greece ( Several photos of Greek art, and 28 paragraphs of information. PHOTOS
  11. Flickr has over 36,167 cicada photos. PHOTOS

Selected Cicada Papers and Documents

  1. Biogeography of the Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of North America, North of Mexico by Allen F. Sanborn 1, and Polly K. Phillips (2013). Hosted on Cicada Mania.
  2. Dictionnaire universel d’histoire naturelle: atlas (1861) Author: Orbigny, Charles Dessalines d’, 1806-1876; Metcalf Collection (North Carolina State University). NCRS
  3. Genera of American cicadas north of Mexico (1978) Author: Heath, Maxine Shoemaker
  4. Emergence of Prime Numbers as the Result of Evolutionary Strategy (PDF) Prof. Douglas Galvao of the State University of Campinas. Hosted on Cicada Mania.
  5. Insecta. Rhynchota. Hemiptera-Homoptera. Volume I (1881-1905) by W. L. Distant and W. W. Fowler
  6. Les Cicadines d’Europe : d’après les originaux et les plus récentes (1875) by Fieber, Franz Xaver, 1807-1872; Metcalf Collection (North Carolina State University). NCRS
  7. The periodical cicada in 1914 (1914)Author: United States. Bureau of Entomology; Marlatt, C. L
  8. The Periodical Cicada (1907) Author: C. L. Marlatt
  9. Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 55 (January 30, 2010) Cicadidae of Turkey and some ecological notes on Tibicina serhadensis Kocak & Kemal from Van Province (East Turkey) (Homoptera) — Author: Muhabbet Kemal, Ahmet Omer Kocak, Vildan Bozaci
  10. A monograph of oriental cicadidae (1892) Author: Distant, William Lucas, 1845-1922
  11. North American cicadas (1921) Author: Davis, William T. (William Thompson), 1862-1945; New York Entomological Society. Journal

Australasian ecozone


  1. A web guide to the Cicadas of Australia. BY L.W. Popple. Features an abundance of cicada information, photos and maps PHOTOS MAPS AUDIO.
  2. CSIRO Cicadidae ( Dozens of specimen photos organized by scientific name, including location information too. PHOTOS
  3. Brisbane Cicadas ( One of the best Australian cicada sites. Features pages for the following cicadas Brown Bunyip, Razor Grinder, Bladder Cicada, Floury Baker, Thin-striped Wattle Cicada, Small Bottle. Many photos and some audio files. PHOTOS AUDIO
  4. Narelle Power's Cicada Photos ( About a dozen photos, including Cicadetta oldfieldi (Wattle), Tamasa tristigma (Brown Bunyip), Psaltoda harrisii (Yellow Belly). PHOTOS
  5. Scribbly Gum's The Summer of Signing Cicadas ( Many beautiful photos and fantastic information. PHOTOS MAPS
  6. Morwell National Park Online ( Photos of Cicadetta abdominalis/Grasshopper firetail, Cicadetta denisoni/Black firetail, Cyclochila australasiae/Greengrocer, Pauropsalta rubristrigata/Great montane squeaker. PHOTOS
  7. Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges - Cicadas ( Several photos and many lists of cicada facts. Tropical North Queensland, Australia. PHOTOS
  8. AusEmade Cicada ( An abundance of cicada information including photos and a chart that tells you where you can find cicadas by scientific and common names. PHOTOS

New Zealand

  1. New Zealand Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae): A virtual identification guide ( A wonderful web site. Includes a visual identification guide, checklist, and image gallery. Photos of dozens of species. PHOTOS
  2. Suzy's World Cicada page ( Fun, kid-friendly presentation of cicada information. PHOTOS
  3. Introducing cicadas ( Photos, sounds and 4 paragraphs of information. PHOTOS AUDIO
  4. New Zealand cicadas ( Large photos of Kikihia and Amphipsalta. PHOTOS
  5. Cicada Central: New Zealand ( Cicada Central's New Zealand cicada pages. PHOTOS MAPS

Indomalaya ecozone

Southeast Asia

  1. Phantastic songs of the S.E. Asian cicadas! ( Photos and many sound files. PHOTOS AUDIO
  2. Cicada sounds of Borneo ( Sound files and information. AUDIO

Palearctic ecozone


  1. Species Action Plan: New Forest Cicada (Cicadetta montana) ( A photo and about ten paragraphs of information. PHOTOS
  2. Welcome to the New Forest Cicada Project


  1. La cigale : un insecte vraiment étonnant ! Lots of text content, photos and video. PHOTOS


  1. SONGS OF CICADAS from Slovenia and Istria (Croatia) ( Many cicada photos, sound files and about six paragraphs of information. Prof.dr. Matija Gogala. PHOTOS AUDIO


  1. Cicadae in Japan ( An excellent resource, including a list of Japanese cicadas, dozens of photos and audio files. AUDIO PHOTOS
  2. Cicada stamps and sculptures from Japan and elsewhere ( PHOTOS
  3. Japanese insect pictures ( Many cicada photos! PHOTOS


  1. Korean cicada photos ( Korean Horse cicada, Korean grass cicada, Korean blackish cicada. PHOTOS


  1. Songs of European Cicadas. Nice site with images and audio. PHOTOS AUDIO
  2. A photo of a Lyristes plebejus the "Siesta breaker"
  3. A photo of a Tibicina haematodes
  4. A photo of a Lyristes plebejus

Neotropic ecozone


  1. Cigarras do Brasil - Brazilian Cicadas photos and information about the cicadas of Brazil. PHOTOS

Central America

  1. Insecta. Rhynchota. Hemiptera-Homoptera. Volume I (1881-1905) by W. L. Distant and W. W. Fowler features illustrations of cicadas. photo

Buy Cicadas

  1. Ebay
  2. God of Insects: worth visiting for the photos. PHOTOS

Cicada Goods

  1. Classy cicada gifts including fabrics, postcards, ceramic cicadas (
  2. Cicada and insect t-shirts ( from Sasquatch designs.
  3. T-shirts, Mugs and other cicada merchandise

Tom eats a cicada
Tom: Cicada Gormandize.

Cicada Killer Wasp links (cicada killer wasps are the cicada's mortal enemy)

  1. Prof. Chuck Holliday's Cicada-Killer Page ( An abundance of information, photos and video. PHOTOS

Select sites with links to

  1. Elizabeth McGrath: U.S.A. based artist.
  2. Laura Imbruglia: Aussie singer/songwriter.
  3. Death Cab for Cutie: U.S. rock band.