Now i'm sending you a video of a strange cicada song, very highly pitched, and two blurry photos of it. Sorry i couldn't take better pictures (they're very small and hard to catch), but i hope it can help you.
As far as i could see, this cicada seems to belong to the genus Taphura. I saw some cicadas of this genus and it really loks like them (if only the pictures showed that...). They have a green head and mesonotum, but the abdomen has a different color, probably beige or brown. Their belly seem to be white, with beige legs. Their song starts with clicks from a male, then another male responds to it, and then all males in the place sing together a very fast buzz. Probably i recorded here their "alarm call", to warn the others about the presence of a stranger, 'cause their song was very erratic. Video

Date: 03/19/2011
Full size: 390x364
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