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Jairo's Cicadas

Unidentified cicadas from Brazil - help us identify them. The images come from Jairo Eliseu Franco Beal of

Date: 03/15/2011
Owner: Cicada Mania
Size: 22 items

Mystery cicada SL370337

SL370337: This one has just left its exuvia, so it was not molted yet. But it sings like a Tibicen davisi, and its size is about 2cm. They usually sing high up in trees

Date: 03/15/2011
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Mystery cicada DSCF0993

DSF0993: gray color with black spots, excellent camouflage, size about 1 inch (2,5cm), song starts with clicks and then sounds like a plane turbine (i'll send you video later). It lasts about 20 seconds

Date: 03/15/2011
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Mystery cicada SL370390

SL370390: This one was found singing in the grass (its song sounds like a Tibicen auriferus). Its size is about 1,7cm (3/4 in). Color dark green with yellow spots (including the veins in the wings).

Date: 03/15/2011
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Mystery cicada 002

002: Green cicada with size about 1,5cm, probably genus Carineta. No song recorded.

Date: 03/15/2011
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