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August 7, 2007

Who can identify this cicada from Japan?

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Turns out to be a Oncotympana Maculaticollis.

Oncotympana Maculaticollis


  1. name says:

    I think it is some sort if “Hyalessa” genus

  2. Naskah says:

    Cicadas don’t attack anyone, they are just attracted by light, in night it can confuse the cicada who flies to the light (of, probablly, your room)
    what if I import lots of cicadas and leave they in my contry? just to relax on summer? =DDD

  3. Sara says:

    Last night I stepped on the same bug on my way into the house, it screamed like a small animal or a baby and flew into the house screaming all the while until it landed by a lighted lamp in the living room. We let it spend the night there as we bedded down in the den. This morning with the front door open and the bug startin to crawl across the floor, we were able to whisk it out onto the lawn with a dust pan. It has flown away and its twin is on a window screen at our front door. We have never seen a bug this large and cannot get over the sounds it can make.(very unnerving). We are in coastal North Carolina near a port city and think that perhaps they came here by boat.

  4. danielle says:

    we found this same bug right outside of our apartment door. we looked it up, and it comes all the way from japan?! we live in green bay wisconsin?! thats crazy. how did it get here? obviously it flew, but still. thats weird. i can’t believe it made it all the way here without dying or anything. what do i do? do i call dnr? or just leave it alone. does the dnr even want to bother with this kind of thing? what do i do? help!

  5. Fred Berry says:

    Your cicada is Oncotympana Maculaticollis. In Japan, called a min-min semi (miiienn, min,min,min, dzzzzzzzzzz) Commonly heard with Abura-zemi, ni-ni-semi, Higurashi (kana-kana), and the (rare around the Tokyo-Yokohama-Yokosuka area) The monster Kuma semi, Japan’s largest cicada, and the largest true Tibicen I ever saw (or heard, with tymbal covers atop its abdomen that are almost dime-sized) Also heard with the later-emerging Tsuku-tsuku Boishi, which has an incredibly complicated song with two verses with an accompanyment that sounds like a canary trilling.

  6. David E says:

    It’s Oncotympana maculaticollis. Nice shot and loads out around Yokohama.

  7. Iván Jesus says:

    That sera species but I have seen it in videos of youtube and its song is not very pretty and peculiar, even memory that in the called series doraemon appear images of this type of cicadas and the sound, I connect the connections to the videos of this precious cicada.

    A greeting.

  8. To whom it may concern,


    I am currently living in Kawasaki ,Tokyo.
    Now in summer season,there are lots of cicadas .
    I was attack twice by cicadas.I didnt know what to do.I didnt do anything to hurt them.
    Fisrt time was last week about 3pm,it suddenly flew out of nowhere and attack me along the corridor of my apartment..I fell down hard.
    Second time was yesterday about 6pm,same thing.

    Near our apartment building,there is a small tree,height about 3 storey.
    I lived on the fourth floor.

    I looked up on website on cicadas,they dont bite or sting,i know ,but why did they attack.
    I ask around,my japanese friends,they say they have never been attack before.

    Probably i am thinking they have made a territory along my apartment corridor,and anyone that passes by will be attack.
    Or maybe they like to attack me.I am not sure.I am terrified to leave the house now.

    What should i do? Did i offend them in any way? What should I do to avoid them from attacking?


  9. Peggy says:

    We found an exact match to this Japanese Cicada in Agency Village, SD on the Sisseton-Wahpeton
    Oyate (Dakota)reservation. I will attempt to upload a pic of it.

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