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March 19, 2011

Wanted: Brood XIX Cicadas

Filed under: Brood XIX — Dan @ 11:00 am

The temperature got into the 80s for a few days in a row in Georgia. I’m wondering if a few Magicicadas made an appearance.

Cicadas Wanted!


  1. Jan says:

    Yes!! the XIX Brood has arrived in Georgia and we are enjoying listening to them sing every day!! Their songs remind me of the sounds of the Martians in the first “War of the Worlds” movie, lol!! We noticed that they usually stop singing around 6 in the afternoon.

    Haven’t seen any yet, only hear them, but, I have looked for their presence in our yard. My husband said they are on the roof top of the KIA Manufacturing plant in West Point, GA.

  2. Susan Mills says:

    My yard is full of them. We live in Lexington County near Leesville, SC. We watch them last night (5/1/11) coming out of their shell with our grand children. Amazing how fast the wings expanded.

  3. Ethel Tomlin says:

    We have been enjoying the distant and yet loud sounds of the 13 year cicada for this last week of April in Evans, GA, which is on the north side of Augusta, GA. My husband has seen them in wooded areas, but I haven’t had the pleasure. I find the whole species very interesting and mysterious. The information on the website was very helpful and I found out just how they make their ‘noise’….AMAZING!…not sure that I would want them living in my back yard though.

  4. Randy says:

    Ok saw the holes first of the week now hundreds of adults in Resaca Ga. 30735

  5. Jeff Harris says:

    4/30/11 massive emergence at Fishing Creek on Lake Clark Hill near Elberton GA. Pulled in to the boat ramp today with my son to do a little bow fishing and thought that there was something wrong with the truck with all the noise they were making. Got a couple of cool photographs but dont know where to submit them. Feel free to contact our email for the photos we have.

  6. Jimmy Arnold says:

    South Monroe county has thousands (maybe millions) of the red-eyed (?Magicada ___?) that appeared 4/22/11. Their sounds are facinating. If anybody wants some let me know. Jimmy Arnold

  7. Nancy Murdock says:

    They have been decorating the front of my house, taking up residence in my day lilies and leaving holes all over the front flowerbed.

  8. karen garett says:

    oh things are crazy in macon ga…… crazy i had to research what in the hell was going on……well its on and they are covering my back porch in the THOUSANDS……..started 3 nights ago but tonight is the night……..i respect the species the life cycle the whatever but WHEN WILL IT END……me no like bugs.

  9. Gotunks says:

    Just spotted one emerging from the ground here in Alabama. Slightly smaller than the regular ones i see each year and with red eyes. I’ve noticed a spike in the number of holes around the trees in the backyard as well.

  10. Dave Marshall says:

    I’d be willing to bet that a few, somewhere, did so. Perhaps along warm sunlit forest edges in recently urbanized areas. It will be a few days before any of them will be heard, if they did emerge and survive. All periodicals take a good 4-5 days of *warm* weather to mature enough to sing and mate; if it’s colder, it can take longer. So there is always a delay between emergence and singing.

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