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August 7, 2011

Walker’s Cicada aka Tibicen pronotalis (aka T. walkeri, T. marginalis)

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Roy Troutman sent us these amazing photos of a female Walker’s Cicada aka Tibicen pronotalis (aka T. walkeri, T. marginalis) taken in Batavia, Ohio. As you can guess by the various akas (also known as), the Tibicen pronotalis has been known by several species names in the past. Sometimes it takes cicada researchers a while to figure out that two different species are the same species (which is probably the case here). Tibicen pronotalis also sounds exactly like another species of Tibicen: Tibicen dealbatus. The major difference between the T. pronotalis and the T. dealbatus is the T. dealnatus has more pruinose than the T. pronotalis. Pruinose is the white, chalky substance that appears on the bodies of cicadas.

Walker’s Cicada is found in 18 mid-western and southern states. Read more about this pretty cicada on Bug Guide, and listen to its song on Insect Singers.

Tibicen pronotalis (aka T. walkeri, T. marginalis)


  1. Dave says:

    And one of my favorite American cicada songs…the droning sound of hot summer along a lazy river.

  2. Elias says:

    Excellent picture and article on this not so often seen species. Beautiful!!Love the bright green pronotum and pronotal collar!

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