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July 30, 2013

Tibicen auletes in Manchester, NJ

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Last night I went on an exploration of Manchester, NJ looking for Tibicen auletes (Germar, 1834) with Elias Bonaros and his friend Annette.

T. auletes, are known as the Northern Dusk Singing Cicada. As their name suggests, T. auletes calls at dusk, around sunset. Their call is amazing – visit Insect Singers to hear their call.

Luckily I found a (deceased) female and an exuvia (nymph skin). Elias and Annette found many exuvia and a live nymph. We were able to watch the nymph undergo ecdysis (leave its exuvia, and expand its adult body).

Here are some images of the cicadas we found last night (click the first two images to get to larger versions):

Tibicen auletes female Manchester NJ

Tibicen auletes female Manchester NJ ventral

Tibicen auletes nymph Manchester NJ

Some (blurry) video:

Dan and Elias netting a T. auletes exuvia. Photo by Annette DeGiovine-Oliveira:

Dan and Elias Lakewood New Jersey_7-29-13 by Annette DeGiovine-Oliveira


  1. Elias says:

    The first time I came hunting this species it took 1 year to recover a specimen! You did it in 15 minutes!! It was great having you there. Too bad the chorus wasn’t stronger. The T auletes is doing well – day 3 in captivity and it made a week alarm squawk today.

  2. Tricia says:

    Certainly the cutest looking of the NJ cicadas out this summer.

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