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July 28, 2010

Tibicen auletes aka Northern Dusk-singing Cicada

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New Tibicen auletes photos from Elias Bonaros.

The Tibicen auletes aka Northern Dusk-singing Cicada is the largest of the Tibicen cicadas in the U.S.A.

Auletes by Elias


  1. Elias says:

    Hello David –
    There are different species out in California. many of the Okanagana genus. The Northern Dusk Singing Cicada is found in the eastern half of the USA. Each species has it sown particular host tree or trees. Most Cicada host species preferences are poorly understood at this time.

  2. David Tracy says:

    I plowed into a Northern Dusk-singing Cicada in the Calironia’s Central Valley (near Jayne Road in Coalinga, CA) on Tuesday (10-13-10) and was shocked by its tough outer layer and its “clear” (almost like superglue body fluid)
    I had never seen one before, and to say the least it was scarry! (their big! In fact Bigger than any of the other local moths like the “Sphinx,” Bumble bees, or Wasps)

    I hope they’re not dangerous!!??
    (Do they have a particular crop they love?(like the “Oranges” at Jayne Rd?)
    (If this species comes from Asia, could they be found of Mandarin Oranges?)

    Hoping to hear from you,

    David Tracy

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