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October 21, 2012

Things that are not true cicadas

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Most things in the Universe are not true cicadas. I created a page to point out insects and other animals that people commonly confuse with cicadas, and list people, places, and things named “cicada” that clearly are not cicadas. Read more about: These are Not Cicada Insects!

Like this:

Maxwell DeMille's Cicada Club

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  1. Tim McNary says:

    More often than not, I have missed a cicada, flushing from dry sagebrush or other desert weeds, as the initial wings flapping against the dryleaves sounded too much like a rattlesnake. Jumping so high, the cicada got away. Rarely have I approached a rattle snake as a cicada, but on a couple occasions, a cicada has fallen out of a sagebrush down to where a rattle snake is shading itself. Always carefull as I rush in to grab a cicada in the desert brush.

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