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January 21, 2014

The Hammerhead Cicada – A new discovery!

Filed under: Cicadmalleus | Michel Boulard — Dan @ 4:15 pm

It looks like a new sub-tribe, genus and species of cicada has been identified by Michel Boulard and Stéphane Puissant. Cicadmalleus micheli. The cicada has a head that looks like the head of a hammerhead shark! Cicadmalleus means “cicada hammer”, and micheli refers to Bruno Michel who found the cicada (thanks David Emery).

I heard the cicada was discovered in Thailand, which makes sense because that is where Michael Boulard does most of his research.


  1. david emery says:

    Yeas, Jan has posted the link Dan- I have the paper from Michel. Will send you the pdf

  2. Jan Furansowa says:

    Indeed, Bruno Michel, who is a specialist in antlions, has captured two cicadas in 2001, during a mission in Thaïland. He kept then forgotten them, until he showed them to Stéphane Puissant recently. The latter contacted Michel Boulard, who had never met this cicada before.

    Reference: Michel BOULARD, Stéphane PUISSANT (2013). Une Cigale-marteau chez les Cicadidae. Nouvelle espèce, nouveau Genre, nouvelle sous-Tribu (Cicadettinae, Cicadettini). EPHE N° 20, C.M., Décembre 2013 : 3-8.

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks David. Have you read any documents about this discovery yet? I’ve only found postings on social media websites.

  4. david emery says:

    I think that “micheli” refers to Bruno Michel, who found it.Amazing cicada!

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