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April 23, 2012

The Brood I Cicada Emergence Has Begun

Filed under: Brood I | Magicicada | Periodical — Dan @ 6:51 pm

The Brood I Cicada emergence has begun early, as predicted, due to the warm weather in recent weeks. The first Brood I cicadas were spotted in Roanoke, Virginia. See our Cicada Mania Facebook Page for a photo and the person who found them. Unfortunately, the cold weather seems to have hurt the early emerging cicadas.

First we had unnaturally warm weather, causing the cicadas to emerge early, and right when they start to emerge: cold, wet weather. This is bittersweet news.


Here’s a list of counties where they should emerge:


  1. David Emery says:

    Weird here too in Oz with same trend last summer. Warm to start then quite cold leading to the coldest summer for 54 years and only 3 days >30C! Meantime in Perth in the west, very hot indeed with 6 extremes (periods of 3 consecutive days with >35C).

  2. David Emery says:

    Time to adjust the May emergence formula?

    1. Dan says:

      It’s been a weird year for weather, and that trend may continue.

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