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April 13, 2016

Okanagana vanduzeei Distant, 1914

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Okanagana vanduzeei Distant, 1914

Song type: Call

Source: ©Insect Singers | Species: O. vanduzeei

Name, Location and Description

From Davis’ key to Okanagana1:

AA. Male uncus hooked at extremity.

BB. Stouter bodied species, the fore and hind wings variegated with orange and black at the base.

C. Third marginal cell more than one half as long as second ulnar area adjoining and immediately behind it.

D. Expand about 55 to 60 mm. Black species with basal portions of fore and hind wings orange variegated with black.

E. Front of head not conspicuously produced; underside of the abdomen with very numerous long silken hairs.

F. Abdomen black above or nearly so in var. californica.

Almost wholly black above, pronotum dull rufus [rust color], particularly on the sides; abdomen beneath with the central area black, except the reddish or yellowish posterior margin of each segment; valve black on the underside.
Expands about 60 mm.

There are two varieties, although no longer recognized as sub-species:

O. vanduzeei var. consobrina Distant: “Dorsal markings much lighter, especially about the mesonotal X; abdomen beneath with a black spot on each segment except the last. Expands about 55 or 60 mm.”1

O. vanduzeei var. californica Distant: “Dorsal markings of the pronotum still more extended and confluent; beneath, abdomen almost entirely yellowish, valve yellowish. Expands about 57 mm.”1


Family: Cicadidae
Subfamily: Cicadettinae
Tribe: Tibicinini
Subtribe: Tibicinina
Genus: Okanagana
Species: Okanagana vanduzeei Distant, 1914

List of sources

  1. Davis, William T. Cicadas of the genera Okanagana, Tibicinoides and Okanagodes, with descriptions of several new species. Journal of the New York Entomological Society. v27. 179-223. 1919. Link.
  2. Full Binomial Names:
  3. Common names:; The Songs of Insects by Lang Elliott and Wil Herschberger; personal memory.
  4. Locations: Biogeography of the Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of North America, North of Mexico by Allen F. Sanborn and Polly K. Phillips.
  5. Descriptions, Colors: personal observations from specimens or photos from many sources. Descriptions are not perfect, but may be helpful.


  • Some descriptions are based on aged specimens which have lost some or a lot of their color.

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