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March 25, 2020

Roy Troutman’s Cicada Photos from the 1980s

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Roy Troutman has been a cicada fan since he was a kid. Here’s some of his cicada photos from the 1980s:

1980: Neotibicen nymph.
Tibicen Nymph. 1980. Roy Troutman.

1981. Tibicen exuvia (skins).
1981. Tibicen exuvia. Roy Troutman.

1982. Roy and a Neotibicen.
Roy and a Neotibicen. 1982.

1983. Immature Magicicadas.
1983 immature Magicicada nymphs. Roy Troutman.

1983. Immature Magicicada.
1983 Immature Magicicada. Roy Troutman.


  1. Leiah Wilson says:

    I found one of these. So crazy!! I have a Magicicadi. What should I do with her? I was digging up a flower bed and found some amazing Inkcap Mushrooms and I didn’t really see where she came out of. I put her in a bowl with some of her native soil and mushroom buddies. Help? Thanks.

    1. Dan says:

      Cool! Dig a hole in the ground near the roots of a shrub or tree, put it near the roots and cover it back up.

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