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March 26, 2020

Roy Troutman’s 1990s Cicada Photos, part 2

This is a gallery of Roy Troutman’s cicada photos from 1990 & 1991. Most likely from the Cincinnati area of Ohio.

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1990 Magicicada Straggler
Roy 1990 Straggler Cicada

1991 Mating Magicicadas
Roy 1991 Mating Cicadas

1991 Nymph molting
Roy 1991 Nymph Molting

1991 Nymph molting
Roy 1991 Cicada Molting

1991 Cicadas mating
Roy 1991 Cicadas Mating

1991 Cicada shell
Roy 1991 Cicada Shell

1991 Cicada drying
Roy 1991 Cicada Drying

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