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July 3, 2008

Rotten, but not forgotten

Filed under: Brood XIV — Dan @ 8:49 am

As promised, the Magicicada adults are all but gone in most areas. I assume that most that are left are in Long Island or Cape Code.

Compared to last year (Brood XIII), Cicada Mania had 57% fewer unique visitors, which was expected. That said, I had 57% more fun this year, which makes up the difference.


  1. Kirk G says:

    How can you say it’s winding down? Its just heating up around here!
    Why is that?

  2. Vanessa says:

    On July 4, my sister and I went to the Frances Crane wildlife sanctuary on Cape Cod to see what was left of the cicadas.
    Instead of the overwhelming din we’d heard 2 weeks before, we heard just a few individuals singing. We saw a few tired-looking adults,
    mostly females, mostly congregating on a few small wild cherry trees, which we called cicada retirement homes. The trees all
    around, especially the oaks, had incredible numbers of oviposition scars, which we had not seen 2 weeks before. Thousands of
    branch tips were dead from oviposition damage, but it looked like the trees would be OK.

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