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November 30, 2007

Ozzie Cicadas: Masked Devil

Filed under: Australia | Cyclochila | David Emery — Dan @ 12:58 pm

Here is a Masked Devil cicada (Cyclochila australasiae) photo taken by David Emery. A Masked Devil is the same species as the Green Grocer and Blue Moon.

Masked Devil cicada (Cyclochila australasiae)

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  1. Kerrie Mead says:

    Visited Mt Tomah Sun8/10 – hills alive with cicadas – first time ever have seen cicada emerging from shell, drying in the sun. Also saw two 6″ skinks chase down , catch, fight over and devour a masked devil before our very eyes! There were more cicadas in one spot than I have ever seen – and of course the noise was thunderous – but wonderful!

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