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December 29, 2007

Noisy Australian cicadas more annoying that American cicadas

Filed under: Australia — Dan @ 11:16 am

After watching a news report (nine national news), it seems possible that Australian cicadas might be more annoying than American cicadas — annoying according to the ear of the beholder of course — I think they’re awesome.

The big difference between Australian cicadas and American cicadas is the loud & abundant American Magaicicada periodical cicadas only come around every 17 or 13 years, and annual species of American cicadas are loud but they aren’t found in large numbers or groups (aggregations). In Australia certain species of cicadas are noisy and abundant every year.


  1. david says:

    Yeah, we have a few loud “hotspots” around Sydney- the early rain has ensured a bumper season of 2-3 larger species; “red-eyes” and “Black princes” (the species in the report) and “razor grinders”, all deafening in large numbers. But some of us just love it and roll out summer!

  2. Roy Troutman says:

    I like the “cicada wee” comment.

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