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August 14, 2007

Newark Star Ledger Interview

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I was interviewed by the Newark Star Ledger for their Jersey Blogs section.

Direct link to the article.


  1. Very Impressive blog!! I loved your blog commenting mistakes related article.. i am gonna share you on my social media audience.

  2. Tom Lehmkuhl says:

    Great to see the article by the Newark Star Ledger, and I got a kick out of the
    fact that they used my photo!

    We’re in Vegas this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised to hear some Cicadas buzzing above my
    head this morning while I was out for a run. Given the time of year would these be a variety of
    Tibicen, or is there another Cicada that lives in the desert?


  3. Sheri Tuskey says:

    I mentioned finding a Tibicen cicada and taking 7 pictures and i didnt think i would see anymore but yesterday i was on my bike and i glanced at a small tree and seen a young tibicen and so i walked over to the tree and he was clinging to the shell he came out of and his wings were half dry just hanging there and he just looked so cute. If only i had my camera on me i would of took picture. And then i just left him alone and headed home on my bike and closer to home i spotted another adult tibicen on a tree and i walked over to it to see what sex it was and it was a female but it got all scared and quickly flew off onto the spokes of my bike and i put my finger by it for it to step up and it stepped onto my finger but then very quickly flew off across the street. And so those are my little cicada stories. And by the way we have plenty of them because we hear them every day all day long. Sheri from Illinois

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