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March 15, 2008

New Gallery from Jose Mora of Costa Rican Cicadas

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We have a new set of galleries of Costa Rican cicadas courtesy of Jose Mora. Jose wrote:

Greetings from COSTA RICA!!!!!
Hello my friend, i really like your website please keep going!!, these fantastic insects have a very unusual and fascinating life.

I’m from Costa Rica, the name of the province where I live is HEREDIA and right now we’re in “cicada season” jajajaja .

Maybe you have heard about this already, the popular name for the cicadas here and probably all the rest of hispanoamerica is “CHICHARRA”…. well i would like to share with you some pictures i took around 3 days ago in a little park near my house, hope you’ll like it!!

Here are gallery 1, gallery 2 and gallery 3.

Here’s a sample:

Costa Rican Cicada

Costa Rican Cicada


  1. Michael Espinoza Leon says:

    This photographic work was fantastic, we endeavor a new material on cicadas Jose!

  2. JOSE from COSTA RICA says:

    what’s up David? yes my friend, they are bigger when they just emerge from the shell but i’ve seen some adults that could easily measure around 6 even 7cm from head to wings… if you or someone else what to have the original hi-resolution pictures just send me an e-mail, i’ll be glad to share!! Jose

  3. JOSE from COSTA RICA says:

    hello friends!! thanks a lot for the comments and thanks to Dan for showing the pictures on his great website.
    these pics were taken at the very begining of the emerge season, right now they are all gather tunning their instruments ready for love!,they beggin to sing at around 6-7am up to 5:30pm.they emerged this year(they appear every year)in bigger quantity than last year, right now that tree is all covered by shells,i’ll try to record something for you guys.
    i just noticed one pic. where the cicada looks kind of golden…probably cause she/he had few minutes of emerging at the time i took the picture…can someone confirm that please?? greeting from COSTA RICA!

  4. David E says:

    Hi Jose,
    Is this species about 5cm body length and could be Quesada gigas?

  5. Iván Jesús says:

    Very nice these cicadas! Think it is the kind Tibicen plebejus in Spain also are this big and with this aspect when emerge from the state of nymph, I am very glad that there in Costa Rica already emerging these amazing and beautiful insects, to see if there is possibility of filming a video to appreciate the sound of the cicadas, quite possibly the graznido seem to be producing the Tibicen chlomera ;).

    A greeting and great pictures!

  6. David E says:

    Great gallery. Looks like a great emergence from the number of shells Jose. Do you exchnage any cicadas?

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