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March 2, 2008

New Cicada Photos from Adam Fleishman / ID this cicada

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Here’s some new photos from photographer and cicada enthusiast Adam Fleishman. As always, they’re great photos. If you can help ID the first two photos, we’d appreciate it.

Neotibicen dealbatus:


Neotibicen dealbatus:


Neotibicen dorsatus (formerly T.dorsata):

T. dorsatus (formerly T.dorsata)

T. dorsata

Neotibicen superbus (formerly T. superba)

T. superba

Visit Adam’s website Cometmoth Sight and Sound


  1. Jacky Noles says:

    I have a photo I would like to get identified. This cicada is the smallest I have ever seen. It’s barely over one inch wings included. Can I send or post a photo somewhere?

  2. Gerry Bunker says:

    The two top photos are of T. dealbata (or T. dealbatus) if you prefer.

  3. Roy Troutman says:

    The two top photos look like a more pruinose version of the T. dorsata to me but I could be wrong.

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