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July 29, 2015

Megatibicen grossus (formerly Neotibicen auletes) in Manchester, New Jersey

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Tonight I went to Manchester, New Jersey to look and listen for Neotibicen auletes aka the Northern Dusk-Singing cicada. As the name suggests, these cicadas sing at dusk (basically right at sunset). They are also the largest cicadas in North America.

I heard many auletes, found some nymphal skins, and one dead adult. Unfortunately I found no live specimens to film or video. Next time.


* Note as of 2023 the name of this cicada has changed to Megatibicen grossus. You can also call it a Northern Dusk-Signing Cicada.


  1. Ashley says:

    Seeing a lot of these guys here in Kentucky lately! 🙂

  2. Cameron says:

    Why haven’t I ever heard neotibicen auletes in my town in south Amboy Nj! All the species I’ve heard so far are neotibicen tibicen, neotibicen Linnie and Neotibicen lyricen.

    1. Dan says:

      They aren’t everywhere. Mostly they are in areas with sandy soil with oak trees. I think South Amboy is mostly clay soil and glacial moraine.

  3. david emery says:

    Luck of the hunt Dan- at least you have a specimen! Better luck next visit.

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