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June 21, 2019

My Brood VIII Report

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This year Brood VIII periodical cicadas emerged in the Pittsburgh area, and I traveled to see and map them. Unfortunately, I only had 3 days, so I only saw the western side of the Brood.

Mating Magicicada septendecim

All things considered — including cool, cloudy weather (which cicadas don’t like as much as hot & sunny) and a very rainy spring — Brood VIII was the least impressive brood I’ve witnessed, in terms of the sheer number of cicadas. I hope no one in the Pittsburgh area takes offense to that statement — Brood VIII is your brood, and you should be proud of it. It is just that as we humans build more and more, and continue to alter the environment, the numbers of cicadas will steadily dwindle. and I think we’re seeing that happen to Brood VIII.

Here’s an impromptu map of the places I saw cicadas:

Brood VIII Mapping

And a list of places:

  • Allegheny Township
  • Apollo
  • Bethel Township
  • Black Lick
  • Blairsville
  • Blue Spruce Park
  • Bolivar
  • Boyce Park
  • Brush Valley Township
  • Center Township
  • Crooked Creek Horse Park
  • Derry Township
  • Elizabeth
  • Hempfield Township
  • Home
  • Homer City
  • Hoodlebug Trail
  • Indiana
  • Keystone State Park
  • Ligonier
  • New Alexandria
  • New Florence
  • Parks Township
  • Pine Ridge Park
  • Rayne Township
  • Round Hill Park
  • St Clair Township
  • Stahlstown
  • Two Lick Creek Dam
  • Unity
  • Washington Township
  • West Wheatfield Township
  • White Township
  • Yellow Creek State Park

And some photos:

Female Magicicada septendecim

Male Magicicada septendecim

Just a head

Video of the amazing cicada that was just a head.

A very cool Brood VIII cicada frisbee:

Cicada Frisbee


  1. Stacy says:

    They’re in my tree right now. This is the first evening (8:30 pm) I’ve heard them. I’m in Southeastern Ohio, bordering WV; Marietta, to be exact.

  2. Patricia Kellogg says:

    I live by Nelson Ledges on the very east side of Portage/Geauga counties in Ohio. No cicadas. Been here 15 years. It’s not over populated here but until this last week it’s been cooler. Will our brood maybe make it out in July? I know that’s late but where’s our cicadas?

  3. Tom B says:

    SO cool, thanks for sharing.
    Contemplating a drive out there for a day early next week (my only opportunity). I am in No NJ, was considering Keystone SP. Would you recommend somewhere else?

    1. Dan says:

      I don’t know what to recommend. The western side of the brood isn’t that impressive. Check what folks are saying in the comments, and in the Facebook groups:

      Check the latest sightings in the Cicada Safari app.

      1. Holly Allen says:

        We have them in West Chester PA as of this last week. We saw one tonight coming out of the grass headed to a tree.

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