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November 25, 2007

More cicada photos from Australia

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More Australian cicada photos from Kevin Lee. Quotes by Kevin.

Click the images for a larger (3072 x 2304) version:

This is a double drummer who got stuck whilst emerging so he never got to fly and sing.. but he still saw the light of day and was in the room with the other cicadas and had a bit of company. But if I had left it on the tree he would have been eaten alive by ants.

double drummer

Green Grocer:

Green Grocer

Green Grocers:

Green Grocers

Amongst young Aussie kids the legendary White Knight is believed to exist but it is really just a black prince. When cicadas such as double drummers and black princes first emerge they appear white and gradually they develop their distinctive pigmentation. This is the before and after shots of the same cicada.

White Knight

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