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September 25, 2006

Michigan Tibicens

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Patrick Farr sent us this cool picture of two adult cicadas climbing on his hand. They’re Tibicens, but I’m not sure of the species.

Gerry Bunker said in the comments that this is likely a T. canicularis.



  1. Patrick Farr says:

    Yes there were 3 in the picture.. I didn’t realize this picture with my name was up until today. almost 8 years later. and yes there were a lot more of them on the tree later that night.

  2. Gerry Bunker says:

    There are actually three cicadas here. Note the final instar nymph which is waiting to go off to
    eclose and become a fully formed adult cicada. T. canicularis come out enmass in late August,
    early September so I would suspect that these are T. canicularis.

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