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June 8, 2004

May 25th to June 8th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Cicadas Numbers Declining

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The cicadas have been declining here. They are about 60 percent peak as near as I can tell. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

No more bird talk

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
We’re ending the bird thread for now. I do encourage everyone to educate yourselves about invasive species. Dan, Cicada Mania

cicada’s after dark

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Saturday, June 5 we went on a cicada hunt near Augusta WV and spotted cicada’s that glowed in the dark, only much larger and brighter than any firefly. Has anyone else observed this
phenomenon ? Marie Chibirka, Dalton, PA

Enough with the birds?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
This is for Brad, from Birmingham. I don’t think its ever inappropriate to discuss cruelty to animals, be it birds or insects, as has been discussed here. Yes, this is a cicada board, but Fred from VA was killing birds to protect the cicadas, so the connection is not that remote. And, I think decisions on what we should be allowed to talk about here should be left to the creators of this board, not to just any poster.

I don’t know the solution to dealing with unnatural, invasive species, but I do know that the existence of those of us who are not Native Americans might be considered unnatural here in North America, and we certainly have been invasive. Should we be killed off now, too?

And, yes, I am a devout cicadaphobe, but I still wouldn’t hurt the little guys…they just scare me, rationally or not. Cicadaphobe, McLean, VA

To Grace in Abingdon, Md.

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi Grace
I wish I could go with you this weekend, I’d love another opportunity to study them again. Out of the 20 cicada’s I captured most have died. πŸ™ I contacted UMASS Amherst’s Entomology Dept and asked them if they’d be interested in my specimens for study and they jumped at the chance. They are sending me a box of dry ice to perserve the little bugger’s to ship them back to. They also want copies of my videos and pictures. It made me feel pretty good that I was able to contribute these to a respected University up here.
I strongly suggest I81 South from the Maryland border. Take the exit for Route 901 Spring Mill Road. It won’t be far once you cross the Patomac River.
When you come to the top of the off ramp, you will see a shell station straight ahead. Go right. Follow 901. Not only is it a very nice drive, the road is very windy with a lot of old standing trees. Please remember to open your windows and you will start to hear the Septendeculars singing. They sound like a giant weed-wacker. I followed 901 about half-way through and stopped by a big church that has an old graveyard next to it on the left there is an old colonial style brick building on the right where they are doing some construction to rebuild it. Park in the church parking lot and wonder the little graveyard. I spent an hour here. There were tons of Septendeculars and Septendecims taking turns chorusing. I talked to a lot of the locals and it seems that anywhere along 901 seems to be the biggest concentration of cicada’s. Once you get back in your car continue on 901, you will come to some orchards and go over a set of railroad tracks, the road get’s really windy and hilly, your kids will like this area as it’s like riding a roller-coaster. Eventually, 901 ends and you will come to a stop sign. At this stop sign is rte 9 and you will be in the center of Hedgesville.

Good luck and please post your experience once you come back.
Gerry Gerry, Northern Massachusetts

No Cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Are we too far north for Cicadas? We haven’t seen anything up here! Sharon, Pequannock, NJ, USA

Enough with the birds-This is a cicada board

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Everybody is welcome to his or her opinions. Please do educate yourself about invasive species before posting such sharp responses. There are many websites devoted to invasive species and the damage they cause. English Sparrows and Starlings do not belong in the US and have devastated natural bird populations. Bluebirds, native sparrows, and woodpeckers are just a few that are becoming endangered as a direct result of competition with these invasive species.
Now lets hear about those CICADAS!! I am taking the whole family (wife, 3 and 7 year-old daughters, and myself) for an hour-long drive to Ann Arbor, MI in hopes of finding Brood X. Everybody is very excited about the outing. Brad, Birmingham,MI

They have landed in Georgia…

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Three years ago I moved from the city to a home near 500 acres or preserved forest…I had never seen these things before. They are loud and trying to land on or near me whenever I am working in the yard in the evening.

Last night I had to stomp one FOUR times before it stopped moving…I thought moving to the country was supposed to be peaceful?!?!?

Tamara, Douglasville, GA

Birds and “fung-cadas”

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi Deborah, Your message was very polite and I liked your wording. I’m sorry about the sparrows and starlings. I treasure our natural bird life, and these two species are wiping them out. This is why I destroy them. They are unatural to this country. Take another example: the common Grackle. This species as multiplied to the point where towns are starting to destroy them with chemical warefare. I have never harmed a grackle and never will. This is a NATIVE species, and they are multilpying for reasons that are above me. I have watched Robins, Catbirds, mockingbirds, song sparrows, white throated sparrows, common crows, bluejays and even gray squirrels eating cicadas. Although I hate to see ANY cicada destroyed, this is nature at work and I’ll not interfere with that. English sparrows are NOT nature (in this country, anyway)and they are UNBALANCING nature here. I could kill MILLIONS, but it would not interfere with their growing populations. I see your point about life and karma. I just value our natural species of ALL life over invaders. I am seeing quite a few “Fung-cadas” (cicadas with the cicada fungus), around here. Both sexes. I have watched males singing with only half an abdomen! The song is quite a bit louder and ‘buzzier’ without the enclosed sound-chamber needed to make their true song. I am seeing quite a few more than in 1987. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA

I hate cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Why are all you weirdos so infatuated with these ugly bugs? They are ruining my life, i can’t go anywhere without them diving at my head. They are the stupidest creatures I have ever seen. They have no comprehension on how to fly which is the only thing they do with their lives other than breed and die. I can’t wait till they all die. All i know is that in 17 years i will not live anywhere that these bugs could possibly show up again. P.S. For all you people who eat them, you’re disgusting, I wonder if you eat their huge beady red eyes. sammy, Bloomington,IN

I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The stupid things dive bomb my head so I have to take a text book everywhere with me to swat them away. I hate them. Only a week or two left before they all die and I am SO glad!! Oh, and Mrs.Cahill, are you here?!? Christine Croke, Baltimore, MD

Flying Like Mad

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The noise level in my neighborhood has dropped some since last week. Well at least the decim anyway. I am definitly hearing more from the cassini now. My husband makes tons of “friends” when using the weedwhacker. Now I know why. The cassini sound alot like it and they must think it is a giant cicada. Even though the cicadas aren’t making as much noise now, they are flying about like crazy. Guess they are trying to fit in as much bug lovin’ as they can before their time is up. THANX TO GERRY IN NORTH MASS.-I am heading to Hedgesville this weekend to visit my sister and was glad of the bug report from there. Grace, Abingdon,MD

Squirels Enjoy Cicaras

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
When the cicadas first emerged, my family & I watched the squirels campure the cicada & eat them. We have approx 100 trees on our land & from our house windows we could see several squirels scooping the cicada from branches & munching on them.
You knew when the squirel moved to another branch, as you could see just the two wings slowly fluttering to the ground.
Dick in Bowie MD Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Terrible Practice

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To Fred of Alexandria,Va: Your practice of killing Sparrows and Starling is just plain Wrong!! You love the Cicadas (as I do and am awaiting the emergence of the wonderful creatures here S.E. Mich) yet hate these birds. An obvious contradiction…and a fraud.
How horrible to take a life of one of Earths creatures. Who are you to condem them to death? How would you feel if some entity judged your life worthless?
You are in fact no different than the stupid people who go around harming the beautiful Brood Xers.
I feel pity for you and your resultant Karma…and hope you find it in your heart to stop this awful practice. Deborah, Westland, Mich

Cassinis are still in full swing

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Yesterday, I drove to nearby Fall Church, VA. for an errand. The Cassinis and ‘deculas’ are still in full numbers. They were flying accross the roads, landing on the traffic lights, my car’s hood when I was stopped, and in the road! This is great! I stopped and watched the Cassinis in a 12 foot tall tree next to the road. Again, these guys were ‘doin the Cassini Caper’ by singing all at one time, flying to the next twig, (all at one time) and then laying down another chorus. I aggree, the Cassinis are my favorites too. Alot of ‘deculas’ are mixed in with these. Their ending ‘Tick, tick, tick, tick’ stands out from the Cassinis’ shrill buzzes. The deculas sound very much like a South Eastern species of Annual cicada which inhabits the scrub and scrub plants on the beaches/dunes of South Carolina. These guys’ songs are the same steady ‘tick tick’ such as heard at the end of Decula’s song. Anyway, todaze weather is very hot and muggy, and the 17 year cicada still persists to my pleasure!
Fred Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Invasive Species

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To follow up on Fred’s post, here’s more info about the Euro starting, and invasive species: Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Killing Birds

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To Elena from “Farfax” VA:

I have forgotten more about birds than you’ll ever learn. The English Sparrow (European Weaver Finch, scientific name PASSER DOMESTICUS) has no business being in this country. A few individuals were introduced by some IDIOT back in the 1800’s along with the notorious starling (Sternus Vulgarus) because he/she/it/they desired to have all the birds from Shakespere’s time in this country. These two species have devastated our native species, especially the precious Eastern Bluebird. English Sparrows have devastated populations of periodical cicadas mainly because the sparrows are UNATURAL to this country! There are laws in place concerning the English Sparrow: They may be hunted, trapped and killed in unlimited numbers all year around in all fifty states also including our territories. I have killed countless thousands of English Sparrows and starlings with the blessing of this state. I submit: The cicadas are natural and are true natives of this country. You are NOT. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Killing birds, are you?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
I never heard anything more disgusting than that – killing birds to save insects!!! And how CLEVER is that – just think how much he’ll achieve, does he think those creatures’ miserable few weeks life time is a good enough reason to start murdering the NORMAL NATURE? Thanks God, they’ll be dead in a month anyway – birds or no birds.
Besides – when we are talking about Nature’s performance, we should remember that everything that Nature does is BALANCED. This cicadas’ invasion may as well have a purpose of multiplication of OTHER SPECIES.
Such people should be punished by law – that’s my opinion.
Elena, Farfax VA

SO SAD! Cicadas are fewer and fewer!

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Feeling rather blue today….the number of cicadas have diminished in our back wooded area dramatically. Although I heard some in the hottest heat of the afternoon, the numbers are down dramatically. Lots of deceased ones lying on our porch etc. I will really miss them when they are all gone, and feel blessed that we were able to witness such an amazing event in our lifetime. Makes me acutely aware of the passage of time, and how brief life really is. Cheryl VanDaalen, Falls Creek, Louisville, KY

Another location: Valley Forge Mt.

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
There is a small grove of -decim at the top of Valley Forge Mt. in Chester County PA. It is a wooded, wealthy suburban-type neighborhood–the vicinity of High Point Drive and N. Forge Mt. Drive. (you’ll need a map of Chester County.) The cicadas were singing softly and I could pick out individual singers. I saw few live ones, and I did see a lot of “flagging” on trees. I wonder if they are they already starting to diminish? I’ve been going to see/hear them every chance I get–who knows if I’ll ever experience this magic again? Laura, Oaks PA

Yellow Eyes

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
I found two cicadas with yellow eyes in my yard today. One’s eyes are more gold in color, while the other’s were more of a cream yellow. I was able to get a picture of the one with the gold eyes.
Are yellow-eyed cicadas as rare as blue-eyed ones? Mitya, Falls Church, VA

Still eagerly awaiting

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Lived through a large emergence in the 70’s in Clinton County, was thoroughly fascinated. We have three children looking forward to brood X. Sadly, there have been no signs of any. Nancy Sakowski, Unityville, PA (Lycoming County)

Ryan in Towson

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Hey Ryan, if you can’t find a good place to record around Towson, come to Allegany County! They were pretty quiet the last few days, but today was hot and humid, and they were singing their little hearts out! They are flying all over the place all of a sudden. I had to clean my windshield twice today, it was so covered with bug guts. (I didn’t mean to hit them…honest!) kiersa, Cumberland, Md

The Cicadas are here….still

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
We’ve had the invasion of the cicadas in our area for almost a month and they seem to be getting louder and louder. We hear then 24/7. They are all over the trees surrounding our home and every time we venture out of the house, we usually have one fly right at us. We’ve counted at least 50 of them at one time resting under the deck of our house. They make a horrible sound too when you pick them up or swat them away. When will they go back to their underground homes? Kathy H, Mertztown, PA, USA

On their way out

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
They are mostly gone now. I don’t see them flying around anymore. The noise sounds quite distant now. But I do see lots and lots of corpses. Dennis, Silver Spring MD

They’re back…

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Friday, Saturday & Sunday were cold and rainy here. Sunday afternoon we got a little sun and a bit warmer, and the reward was some half-hearted Cassini’s. But today (Monday, 06/17) it is nice and warm and the Septendicum are back with their chorus (a bit less volume), and the Cassini and Decula are in full swing. While photographing some I noticed a Septendicum male with bright YELLOW eyes, that matched his wing veins! I got some good photos of him by himself and with some red-eyed Cassini & Decula. If you’re interested, I’ll send a few photos for your site. I don’t know how common a yellow-eyed specimen is. The trees around here are showing serious flagging, and the girls are steadily inserting their loads in the branches. The weather is supposed to be warm this week, so hopefully we’ll have at least another full week of chorus. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

cicada destruction

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
They have been here since May 12-my yard is full of millions of cicadas.The noise is deafening,the smell is awful, they have destroyed more than half of the annuals and perennials in my garden by laying eggs in their stems.The theory that they only do damage to small tree branches was way off.Apparently they will lay eggs on any type of plant they can.I am so tired of people saying they wish they had them,or that they love the noise they make.PLEASE.I can’t wait until they leave and I hope to never experience this horror again. Floralgirl, Maryland

I drove 500 Miles to see them!!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi There, This may sound strange to some but, this past weekend, 6/4 – 6/6 I drove over 500 miles from Northern Massachusetts to just outside Martinsburg WV just over the Maryland border to see the Cicada’s. I grew up in Baltimore but unfortunately, in 1987 which supposedly was there previous appearance, I moved to Massachusetts and I do not remember the previous appearance back in 1970 so I’ve been missing them. Anyway, I figured if I didn’t go down to see them now, the next time they arrive I’d be 57 years old (I’m 40 now) so I just had to go. I was glad to discover that there are two different species currently out, Magicicada Septendecim and Magicicada septendecula. I have identified these from their songs and coloring and I think I got it right. Anyway, I was in bug-heaven. When I was a kid, I collected the annual Cicada’s and ever since then I’ve been in love with them. They are the coolest things ever, not too bright but still cool. So I just had to come down to see the brood this year. Anyway, I managed to collect about 20 specimens. 10 of each species and broken down into 10 males and 10 females. Man what a bunch of noise the Magicicada septendecula made on the drive home from WV Today!! Anyway, when I brought them home, I took tons of pictures. I wanted my pictures to be in sort of a natural setting so I went in my yeard and cut a piece of bush, stuck it in water and shined a 1000 watt light on it and placed some cicada’s on it. I was happy to report that the Magicicada septendecula started doing their chorus right in my house hoping to entice some of the females!! It was pretty cool. After a while I placed some of the Magicicada Septendecim females on my natural – looking bush and am happy to report that several of them actually started to lay eggsI I don’t know if they mated with the males in my specimen container or they mated previous to me collecting them. I suspect the latter. Anyway, I have tons of great pictures and also some AVI files of songs, and alarm sounds and also of the females laying eggs. I’m going to hold onto this little piece of bush for a while to see if the eggs hatch. You never know, by me doing this we may experience an emergence of these cicadas up here in Massachusetts in 17 years!! Also, I am also sorry to report that approximately 1 out of every 10 Magicicada Septendecim that I looked at seemed to be infected with the fungal parasite Massospora cicadina. Most were alive but I suspect it wouldn’t be for long. The actual places I went to to see, listen and collect cicada’s is Route 9 in Hedgesville which is Exit 16W off of I81 south and also Spring Mill Road which is route 901 I forget the Exit number off of I81 but it is the second exit in WV after you cross the Maryland Border. Gerry, Northern Massachusetts


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Their here in our part`s of OHIO ,,, We`re 18 miles east of Richmond Indiana ,,,, And these screaminnnn Cicada`s are all over here! ,,, My yard is FULL in the Tree`s ,,, Bush`s ,,,, fly`in all around!!!!
When drive`in on these back Country Roads ,,, In the Woods You can hear em
and VERY THINK in sum parts! Jas, Lewisburg Ohio

Lots of Them, AND a Bonus

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Since posting my other message, I’ve gotten to see lots of activity and taken tons of pictures. One thing I didn’t figure on was the “buffet factor” – many different kinds of birds chowing down on the flying feast, from bluebirds to starlings. Nicest surprise was a flock of cedar waxwings (never saw this kind of bird at my house before). They set up shop at one of the cicada hot spots in the yard, and gorged themselves for a couple of days. One pair liked it so much, they moved in. I spotted them building a nest in a tree just ten feet from the front window. This has been a great experience! vbert, Kintnersville (Upper Bucks County), PA

cicada sightings

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
I have yet to see or hear any in my neighborhood, but this morning coming through the parking lot where I work in Plainsboro, one came flying up and landed on me. I was surprised at how much smaller they are than the yearly cicadas, and the coloring with the red eyes is really something. I have been watching through my office window and see quite a few of them flying about. Jennifer Teets, Roebling NJ

Have seen them in northern surburb of Philadelphia

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Last Tuesday I saw hundred of them in the state park of Lake Nockamixon, about an hour drive to the north from Philadelphia. It was at the marina in the northern part of the lake. They were everywhere in the wooded area and were very noisy. Tonny, Philadelphia, PA

Reply to “West Michigan Cicadas?”

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
To Freddy of Grand Rapids MI, I was just out visiting my parents in Muskegon (on Lake Michigan) and they have found a couple dozen cicada shells in their 10 acre oak forest. Growing up there, I remember we could hear them every few years… but NOT the sound of a UFO! You could actually hear the individuals calling to each other. So they are there, but you really have to look for them. Kathleen, Ann Arbor, MI

Cicadas in Long Island

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Hello all
We are up to a balmy 67 degrees today. It has been a cool spring so far. THe emrgence here has probably been delayed. Supposedly the heaviest numbers should be in Ronkonkoma. A few days ago, I was there and heard nothing. Then it rained and went down into the 50’s. If any one spots any cicadas in Long Island, please post here. Thanks! Elias, Long Island NY

A few show up on S.I.

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
On Staten Island, our big emergence is from Brood II, which last occurred in 1996. Brood X has generally been represented in the past by only a few individuals. On June 3, my co-worker Ray had 3 decim and 1 cassini singing in the woods in Blue Heron Park. That will probably be about it for us. Can’t wait until 2013! Ed Johnson, Staten Island, NY


Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004

Cicada sighting

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Try going to Anarundel Mills Mall. Across the street from the mall at one of the hotels, they were swarming everywhere 2 weeks ago. They were very noisy too. There were tons and tons of them. DT, Washington, D.C.

Still waiting…..

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Still no sign of cicadas here in Northwestern Indiana. Either it’s been too cold, or they have been killed off. If and when they do show up, I will post it on this site. Dan, Valparaiso IN


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Their here in our part`s of OHIO ,,, We`re 18 miles east of Richmond Indiana ,,,, And these screaminnnn Cicada`s are all over here! ,,, My yard is FULL in the Tree`s ,,, Bush`s ,,,, fly`in all around!!!!
When drive`in on these back Country Roads ,,, In the Woods You can hear em
and VERY THINK in sum parts! Jas, Lewisburg Ohio

Where are they?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I am director of a day camp in Hatboro and we were hoping to spend a whole week talking about and observing cicadas. I have seen NONE in the area – just north of Philly in Montgomery county. Anybody close by seen any besides in Jenkintown???? PLEASE tell me they will come!!!! JoAnne, Glenside PA

cicada noise near towson

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Ryan, try Lutherville. Lotsa big old trees. You shoulda been there last week, but there’s still some around. greg, towson

drooping branches

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Ann, yes that’s the cicadas. They slit the tree branches near the end and deposit their eggs. This causes the rest of the branch to die. Since it’s near the end of the branches it doesn’t harm mature trees in the long term any more than pruning does, but it does look like some kinda disease. The eggs would be in the underside of the branch just before the droop. I think they drop to the ground in a couple months. greg, towson

Canton Michigan

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I am going to Canton Michigan and i was wonderfing if there are Cicadas there?
Thanks Renee, North Carolina

cicada sighting

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
if anybody is looking for cicadas in the berks county area, i heard that there are some up at Nolde Park in Kenhorst on the watershed trail. im going to go up there this week on a nice sunny day and look for them myself. stephanie, Reading, PA


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
they’re not where i live yet but i went up to Alexandria for a soccer game and they were there… not a lot but they were there. Just a warning to you guys… they stink (as in smell). Lyndsay, Virginia

Emergence in Ann Arbor

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I have been waiting for brood X with baited breath, wondering if one of those little blips in the Michigan area would be a big emergence. It was. I was in Ann Arbor today and everything in Marshall Park was covered with them. (Corner of Plymouth and Dixboro rds.) If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and check them out. I heard that they are also along the Huron River in Superior township. Brett, Ann Arbor, MI

Scared Sister Will be OK lol

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Looks like I am safe on Staten Island, my friend says im cicada obsessed.. I will say this much, i dont like the bugs but this website sure is fun..

Yuck [AT] cicada pizza Lisa , Staten Island NY

Today’s Golf and Cicadas in southern IN

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I don’t usually follow golf, but watched today’s coverage of the PGA event on CBS because the cicadas could be heard in the background. Loud! Heard both Decim and Cassini.

Am headed to Indiana in a few days for the purpose of hearing the cicadas, so someone please warn me in the event they’ve stopped singing there. I’ll be on 64 between the IL border and 37, and north and south within the national forest.
Eric, Eastern MO

Cicada Hypothermia

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Went back to Green Lane to visit the Brood. It was cold & rainy all weekend and they were just sitting under leaves, barely moving. I was afraid they were going to die if it got much colder. Some were just sitting on the pavement ready to be run over so I started “rescuing” them & letting them crawl on me to warm up. I carried so many cicadas around I thought I was gonna turn into a big cicada myself! I also noticed something else: this was a very quiet state park, and when a car came by, the Cassini chorus would get way louder (causing the Decim to sing louder too.) I wonder if they thought the car engine was ‘competition’! Um, maybe that’s why they are so deafening in places like DC… so they can hear themselves over the traffic! Laura, Green Lane

Michigan/Ann Arbor Cicadas

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Was just out in Ann Arbor today. There was some loud cicada activity all along Warren Road which runs sort of parellel to M14 just north of it. Most of the Action was Between Dixboro road in the west and some other road I cant remember on the east (where Warren Road dead ends into a big cemetary.) It goes without mentioning along that same stretch of road they are all over plants, trees, signs, mailboxes, etc. Josh , Detroit

Where Are the Eggs? Why All the Dropped Branchlets?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Everywhere I walk I see small branchlets that have fallen from trees or drooping on shrubs. I think they are connected with the egg-laying cicadas. But how?

I want to try to see the eggs and perhaps some nymphs hatching. Where should I look? And when? And what do I look for?

I love the cicadas!!! And I mourn their slow passing as their songs are dimming. Ann, Chevy Chase, MD

Dexter-Ann Arbor cicadas

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Anyone else here do the Dexter-Ann Arbor half-marathon run this morning? Quite a cicada-choral accompaniment there in the middle miles! Sounded like they were north of Huron River Drive west of Maple in several areas. Jim, Ann Arbor, MI

cicadas around here?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Last night when I took our dog out I heard this sound, at first I was clueless, later I had my dad hear it, he looked at me curious and said “cicadas??” later a couple popped up on our patio they were 1 1/2 inches (about) clumsy, fat in appearance, but looked like they were still in a “shell” anyway I looked it up and they matched to the description of the okanagan species, is this possible here brian, emerado, north dakota

It looked like a cicada,

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I was in Westwood where a bright green bug about the size of a pencil eraser it had red eyes and its wings were translucent, didn’t appear to have a mouth at all.

I’ve seen cicada’s before around my house but this bug looked like a more colorful and smaller version of the regulars.

Could this be a cicada also or did I find a leaf hopper of some sort? Zara Fabian, Massachusetts

Come Back Cicadas!!!

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
For the last week, it has been rainy & a bit on the chilly side, and it seems to have affected our little friends. I have not seen ANY males, or heard them for that matter, I have spotted a few females in the trees laying eggs or just sitting there very quietly. I have also noticed alot of males are dying off. Are they coming back when the heat returns (they are supposed to be around till the end of June, right?) or has the weather shortened their already short stay with us?? I have a sandwich bag full of cicadas of all species that I am going to pick from & preserve them. I hope they come back, even if it is just for a few more short weeks…… Staci, Beltsville, MD

loudest area around baltimore county?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Hi I am hoping to get a nice loud recording of the cicada chorus ( i know i waited a little too long) somewhere in the towson md area. anyone have any tips for loud areas? are they starting to die down in md?

ryan, MD ryan, jarrettsville, md

no cidadas yet

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
in dauphin county, hershey, pa, no sightings here yet (june 6, 2004) kate, hummelstown, pa

cold affecting cicadas

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
It’s been pretty chilly and rainy around here for the last two days and the cicadas were silent. Then today as the clouds started to give way a bit, I heard a few trying to chorus. Funny thing was they sound like an electrical device shorting out — as if all the dampness affected their noisemakers! I’m expecting they’ll be back in full noise tomorrow Jane, ashburn, va

bluebird eating cicada

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Saw a bluebird eating a cicada today- (about 2 miles south of Wwashington Crossing State Park). It was not easy for the little bird; kind of like a person eating a live lobster with no utencils. CW, Pennington, NJ

nearest Cicada site

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I read the message that Cicada have been sighted in Punxsutawny, PA. which is probably a 4 to 5 hour drive from us. We would like to find the nearest locale so we can view them next weekend or later in June.

Yesterday I called several state parks in PA, and a professor at UCONN recommended this site. I am grateful for his input, and any other. Thank you for the detailed directions.

State College would be even closer than Punxsatawny but when I called the nearby Bald Eagle State park, the person who answered the phone had not heard Cicadas. He suggested I contact the naturalist there.

I did find out that Cicadas are abundant in Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA which is a little south of Harrisburg. The person I spoke with expected them to be abundant at least until the end of June. She also said they are very noisy when it is sunny but real quiet when it is rainy.

I thank anyone for any information. Janet, near Buffalo, New York

Light-eyed cicada!

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I found this cicada on a tree off a bike path in Arlington (Lyon Village). Almost yellow eyes! Phil Yabut, Arlington, Virginia

Cicadas on a golf course in China

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I played golf at Zhongshan, the first golf course built in China, yesterday.

I saw and heard a lot of cicadas at holes 1,2 and 3 of the Arnold Palmer Course.
Paul Tsang, Hong Kong


Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004

hi, i want to know why does cicadas shed there skin every certain time

Jose, beirut

still nothing and happy about it

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Still waiting for the invasion. We live in a very wooded area with lots of birds and other small animals. Could this be part of the reason for no sightings? How long before its safe to say they wont be here? Even the dog is not digging anymore so are they dying in the ground? Seems strange they are in Haverford which is so close by. D.C., Devon, Pa.

To Fred in Alexandria and anyone else being invaded by the Cassini

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I’m so glad someone else finally noticed the cassini and their synchronized chorus. I think they are amazing and they are my favorite Magicicada species by far. If anyone else has the cassini cicadas out in force in their area, they should take the opportunity to watch them in the upper and outer branches of the trees while they are in chorus. The best time to do that is mid afternoon. Later, Nick Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

None here…

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Haven’t seen one yet, just a few big dobsonflies. Anybody know if west Michigan gets a cicada hatch? Freddy, Grand Rapids MI

Cicadas still with us!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The cicadas started coming up from the ground up here probably about 2-1/2 weeks ago…fascinating to watch them emerge from their casings. They seem to be in very discrete locations here, you can tell when you’re driving by the sound of them where they are. We are lucky enough to live on about 10 acres with a lot of old, undisturbed trees, and they are out in force here. I’ll be sad when they’re gone. What a miracle of nature! Patty E. , Holland Township, NJ

No Bugs

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I live in Northern Indiana and we have had no cicadas outbreak in our neighborhood at least Buzz, Elkhart IN


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
How long do cicada’s last? Susan, Ohio

New cicada pics!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have posted more cicada pics from Bloomington, Indiana:
What an amazing phenomenon!

They are actually quite sweet, as some other visitors attest. They seem to like people, like to crawl on us, and like to be stroked on their upper back, just above their wings. Janee, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Here in force

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I live in the 13th story penthouse of my building. I come home for lunch, stand on my balcony and look downwards to our tree-covered landscape. I see countless thousands flying back and forth. The have layed eggs in the branches of my fake trees on the balcony, most of their smaller branches have been slit on their undersides by the females. One of my fake trees experienced a Cassini gathering, wherein the males (about 30 or so) were all taking off to another branch, singing one song, then taking off for a short 6 inch flight to another branch and singing a single song, ALL IN SYNCHRONIZATION! These insects are NOT thoughtless robots like some people insist; I see a sort of joy in their actions! I have also become expert at picking off english sparrows around here with my hunting slingshot. These unwanted pests have devastated some cicada populations, making them fair game! I don’t bother native birds, although I hate to see one take a cicada! I narrowly missed catching an alert blue-eyed Cassini on a smaller tree on Edsall Road. He also had a blue vein on each wing, and what appeared to be blue spots on his legs. Not really a true blue, but a very pale bluish white. If I can catch one, I’ll photograph it. In 1987 I caught some cicadas and mounted them in glass cases. This time I haven’t harmed a single insect.
It is now June 4th, and overcast and cool. The regular Septendicum are silent, but I am hearing some Cassini & Decula across the street. Some of our forest trees are now showing ‘flagging’. I hope this doesn’t mean the fun is over. We started seeing them around the thirteenth of May.
Please keep up this wonderful site! I have been with it since its conception!
Fred Fred Berry, Alexandria VA.

CIcadas in Long Island

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Hello All

Ajay – I wish I read your post yesterday. I read that same Newsweek article and took a drive to Ronkonkoma and East Setaucket this morning. Looked all around by ny forested area I could find. Not a peep! No skins found either. I will stay tuned for the mid June invasion. In 1987 – I missed them because I went in early July so I will stay tuned! Anyone with infromation on Long Island townships with true emergences – please post here Elias, Long Island NewYork


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
yesterday I thought I was lucky, I got an upclose and personal look at one on a pole. But today, it’s like there’s a thousand UFO’s hovering in the sky! wow. Jen, Princeton, NJ


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Oh, God, can it be true? They’re all gone! This morning and up till now – 1PM – there is no sight, no sound of them! Are they really gone? Did they all die last night? Did the cold night kill them all? They can’t be asleep, can they? Elena, Fairfax, VA


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
i am angry
i want a pefrect swarm
this sucks Dan Bissell, jounalism new providence

PGA Golf Cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The cicadas have invaded the Memorial Tournament in Dublin Ohio this weekend, and you can hear (and maybe see) them on TV. ESPN on Friday 6/4 at 4pm EDT, CBS on Sat 6/5 at 3pm, and CBS on Sun 6/6 at 2pm. One of the bugs landed on Tiger Wood’s nose yesterday while he was putting, and on another golfer’s shoulders while he was putting too. The commentators mention them now and then, and you can hear the buzz in the background. I’m going to check it out in person this weekend !! Greg, Findlay, Ohio


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Love the guy building airplanes out of them…….finally, a purpose for the gross out, fat, sloppy, monsters. Jane, wilmington, de

Enfin! Les cigales sont voisines !

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have been waiting with mounting anticipation for the cicada’s emergence here.
Disappointed and thinking that none would emerge in this area because of all the new construction, I had almost given up hope. Today I rode my bike 3 miles north of New Hope along the towpath, between here and Center Bridge. The cicadas song excited me and I started looking. I found four adults before I had to turn back to go to work. I will return tomorrow to marvel at the magic of the cicadas! Enfin! Cicada Sara, New Hope, PA

Things I have learned about cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have been surprised by a few things….

– I expected our city to be completely covered with cicadas, but they are very localized. You can walk 5 blocks and move from heavy infestation to zero.

– Cicadas are more active in heat and quiet and less active in cool weather.

– There are several different sounds that can be heard from individual species. They can sound like a bird chirping!

– They are smelly when they die.

– Cicadas can affect a golf game (did anyone watch the tournament in Ohio yesterday?)

– most children have a natural curiousity and very little fear… but many/most adults are afraid of the size and movement and sound of cicadas.Anyone want to add anything? Holly, Indianapolis, In

They Are Here!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
We have been seeing these unique creatures for at least two weeks now. More are showing up daily. Desiree, Fayetteville, TN

They are here

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The Cicadas are here in Monmouth Jct, NJ about 5 miles northeast of Princeton. I love watching the birds dive bomb to eat them in mid air! Golfman, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Performing Outdoors with cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
To the actor from New Jersey-

we postponed the opening of an outdoor Shakespeare production in Maryland because of the invasion- we’re now reahearsing outdoors to open in a week, the great news is that by 8:00 PM, they get real quiet and stop flying around. As long as you’re doing a show in the evening- you’ll be fine! Ian, Ellicott City, MD

To Priscilla from Smithville

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Hi, I posted to you previously…we would definately love to see the casings you brought back from students are beginning to think I’m imagining these buggers. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get any here! We are in school until the 16th of June…hope to hear from you! Kim kim, Smithville, NJ

The Cicadas scared my pet

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Just a few days ago I was taking my pet wombat(a good friend of Punxsutawney Phil) for a walk in a nearby park when the sound of the cicadas became quite deafening. My poor wooly wombat Willy became very frightened. The only way I could calm him down was to hum the theme song from Leave it to Beaver( his favorite show). Hope these things leave soon! Clive Carbunkle, Punxsutawney, PA

WHen ??????

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
When can I expect them to be around MI and how do I scout for the nearest forest where I can find sheds. Is there a particular tree or something they like? Please help I dont wanna miss the show. Rob, Jackson , MI

Still no sightings

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I havent seen any cicadas yet.Have been as far as Princeton KY and none spotted yet. In a way I am glad but I would like to see a few before the next cycle emerges. Adrienne, Hopkinsville, KY

Investigation on Long island

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Update on LI Cicada Hunt: Today I investigated an area in Port Jefferson Station where I had been told that cicadas were present in 1987. I found several hundred acres of old-growth oak trees, and a few possible holes in the ground. (I don’t know how long the holes appear before emergence) One longtime resident told me that his wife had stated that this was going to be the year for cicadas in their nearby backyard. A second resident described seeing cicadas flying around in 1970, two cycles ago. The weather here has been quite chilly (and will be so miserable this weekend I postponed a trip to Princeton) and unpromising but I remain optimistic, and will conduct an immediate investigation as soon as hot weather arrives. AJay, Suffolk Co. Long Island


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
::shudders:: I cant belive I let one crawl
up my arm. They were noisey and all over
the Place Here in VA. I wonder
how old I will be for when they
ome out again in 2025??? Betsie Beadling, Fairfax, Virginia USA

no cicadas here either

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Like Greg in Brunswick I am wondering where are the cicadas just over the river here in Lovettsville? Christy, Lovettsville, VA

concert in Indiana

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Was planning to go to a Rush concert tomorrow outside of Indianapolis…suspect cicadas will affect my enjoying the show…and word on similar occurences? Vicki, Columbus, Oh

Black colour is definitely kind of protection

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Thanks, Joe from Vienna – you have confirmed my guess. I generally wear black – and I was spared so far, not a single cicada landed on me. There are several guys in my office with whom I regularly go outside for smoke breaks. I am seeing those buggers bumping into my smoking buddies every minute. They seem particularly like WHITE and RED. So – if you are as disgusted of them as I am – wear black colour. It is not 100% safe, of course, but it’s less attractive to the enemy. Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

Not here, thank GOD!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Ok, so I’m in a “holding” pattern waiting for these things to come already. So far, so good..none to be seen. Sorry folks: I am a city gal, and bugs are evil as far as I’m concerned. Small bugs are ok I guess. I was living in Baltimore the last time they came (1987), and boy was I hating life. I cringed after reading the post about Jenkintown…that’s like 15 minutes from me…nooooo! I’m hoping against hope that they won’t show up. I just don’t have the physical strength to be ducking and dodging cicadas all dang day long (I am a dialysis patient with so-so health).

Crossing fingers and praying for a miracle! LOL! LadySycamore, NE Philadelphia

Still none Near Philly?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Live in the burbs near Philadelphia, still no sign of any cicada’s. I work in Princeton where there are billions but nothing here. The noise is out of this world. Very active in Princeton, flying around, noisy, and happy. They seem to be very localized, . A few patches here and there near New Hope,PA. As I head home from princeton I’m starting to here more and more closer to Philly so we’ll see. I’m starting to lose hope for an appearance in my area, they are starting to die in Princeton. Tim, Abington,PA

Cicada location in Princeton and feelings about the buggers

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004

When the cicada’s first emerged, they were all at another part of the campus in Princeton and I was BRAVE, seeking them out, until the first one dive bombed into my neck. Now a week later, I don’t want any harm done to them, but I sure would like them to go away. At this point, all my co-workers have new routes to pick up mail, get lunch, and all the other things we did without fear of these little bugs (irrational fear, I know! but it’s not fun having them dive and splat all over the place). Anyway, if you really want to see them (millions I’d say), go to Princeton, to Alexander and College Road. You’ll hear them and know they have arrived!!!! Enjoy *s* Lori, Princeton, New Jersey

We went to Princeton…

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I homeschool my children; we took a field trip today to Princeton. We’d read about the cicadas, and seen pictures, but there’s nothing like experiencing it yourself!

I got a good picture of a cicada with its wings outstretched…I hadn’t seen a picture like that before.

One cicada hitched a ride on the windshield wiper of our van…we probably made it about 40 miles or so before it lost its grip. So, if 17 years from now there’s an unexpected emergence around Route 195 in Jackson, NJ, we’ll know why! Rhoda, Toms River, NJ

Not a single Cicada in site!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Not a single bug or any noise in the Brunwsick, MD area (in Frederick County). I am begaining to wonder if we’ll have them at all. I am near /along the Potomac river so I would have thought they would be here by now. Anyone know if they are just “sleeping in” ? πŸ˜€

Greg, Brunswick, MD

what is that?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
why does white stuff come out of the cicadas body when they mate? jensen, ohio

Scared of them

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
if you are scared of cicadas i think that they dont like black clothes.ive watched at my school and they dont go on people with black clothes.write back if you have any thoughts about it. joe, Vienna VA

Will they be here?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Does anyone know if they will be hitting Central PA, around State College? If so, when?

Tom, Central PA

Cicada locations in MD

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I heard them in Hagerstown during Sprint Car races last Sat night, but not in Deep Creek Lake area (1&1/2 hrs West) on Sun & Mon?
Dick Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Cicada airplane with two cicada engines

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I just built two balsa model planes using cicadas as engines. They printed the story with photos in todays Bowie Blade.
During early engine testing, I found out the males fly upward & the females land down ward. I think 2 out of 11 females did go up.
Planes are 2$ each at hobby store.
Super glue is slow to dry & results in less fingers being used for a few hours!
% minutes in freezer kills them. 15 Minutes in a refrig makes them act like dead, but they come back to life in few minutes. Its for easier gluing.
They were mostly removed from my fruit trees where the females are killing the
tips of my nut & fruit tree branches.

For results, tune in at 10!
Dick, NASA Engineer in MD Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Missin hind quarters possible answer

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
A possible answer is a fungal disease. If you go on to University of Michigan cicada site in the links it has listing of diseases and deformities. It states that Magicicada are subject to infection by the specialized fungal parasite Massospora cicadina Peck. Cicadas infected early in the emergence develop asexual spores, which become evident as the rear of the infected individual’s abdomen breaks off, exposing a white, chalky mass of spores. This infection sterilizes the cicada but does not kill it immediately. These spores spread among the population, infecting other cicadas who will develop a secondary infection and whose abdomens will later break open, releasing sexual resting spores to infect the next generation of cicadas. This site is very good it has a lot of wonderful information about periodic cicadas. I hope this helps.

Heidi Hubbell, Arlington, VA

washington crossing

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I was there just last weekend and there was no sign of them so don’t count on seeing them there. joe, nj

Just go to Princeton already!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
If you live in Jersey or New York, just go to Princeton within the next 14 days. This weekend is prime! Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

performing with cicadas in Washington’s crossing?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Is anyone out there from the Washington’s Crossing State Park area? Did our little friends invade the Park in a big way 17 years ago?We’re about to open in a show in the Park’s open air theatre, and we’re wondering how much we’ll be sharing the stage with them! There were no signs of them last week, but who knows? Any recollections would be very much appreciated! An actor prepares! JQ, NJ

Where Will They Be?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Am I too late to catch an emergence with my son? Where will they be on June 5/6th? on June 12/13th?

Are they still emerging in Princeton?

Thanks! Paul Rader, Canton, NY

Alive & missing hind ends….????

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
To Shirley in Silver Spring…I have noticed several cicadas alive & flying around but missing their backs as well, they have all been males..Anyone know why this happens?? Bird attack?? Staci, Beltsville, MD

cool weather and cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Seems like with the weather affects cicada sound and movement–we’ve had cool days here for a week, and they’re much calmed down. Disappointing, cause I thought they’d be here much longer.

But thanks to this list, I find cool weather does have an affect on them, as so amny are reporting it. Great! We’re extremely heavily infested, and though the smell in some areas is picking up, that’s OK, it’s part of the process.

Behnke’s Nursery here told me they wouldn’t hit the crepe myrtles–WRONG!!! Branches are dropping like flies!

This is a wonderful event-I am eagerly awaiting any brood we have coming next, though I regret having to wait 17 years for the next Brood X.

Merry Merry, Chevy Chase (Rock Creek Forest area), MD

Have arrived here!!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
After visiting Princeton for lunch everyday, I was wondering if we would see them around here. We are only 5 miles from Princeton. The started emerging 2 days ago and are now in full swing. I love it !!! it’s starting to ebb in Princeton and starting here. I wonder if I will see an emergence in my home town of Keyport? Ed Hawley, Monmouth Junction


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
This is the gyst of what I TRIED to say before I hit the wrong key(s): WHERE are they emerging so my son and I can see them on the weekend of June 5/6? June 12/13th?

Thank you.
Paul Rader, Upstate New York

17 year cicadas at Haverford College June 1

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004

Walked by Haverford College and saw
red eyed cicadas on side walk and
heard loud squealling sound like
a fan motor with a bad bearing.
But it was coming from all directions.
and for miles. High pitch steady
not quite as high pitch as Hor Osc
of TV set [16KC]. Jeff Justin, Philadelphia Pa

still nothing

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Still seeing holes in the ground but no cicadas.We have had tons of rain and was wondering if that was the reason. If they don’t appear soon does that mean they arent coming at all? It’s amazing they are so close by and we haven’t seen any, yet. D.C., Devon, Pa.


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I am the hope-I’m -not-too-late father of a 14-year old who still thinks bugs are cool. Paul Rader, Upstate New York

Noise level

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I had a speaker in my classroom last week Friday. He had a decebel meter because he was giving a talk about sound to my students. With my windows open, it was 60 decebels from the cicadas. Shirley Jefffods, Silver Spring, MD

theyre everywhere

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
We have them all over. they are covering the trees, they’re everywhere. if you want to see them come to dayton theyre everywhere! Tim, Dayton, OH(miamisburg)

To Chelsea in Ellicott City…..Got Wings?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
To Chelsea in Ellicott City, MD….can you save me some well preserved cicada wings that you find lying about. This board will not allow me to post my email address so we’ll have to figure out some way to hook up…for now, I just want to know that someone is saving some wings for me…maybe 5 or 6…their wings are so beautiful. Thanks ever so much! Debbie, Seattle

Don’t Give Up on Long Island

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I investigated a false report published in NY Newsday about cicadas in Setauket. I went to the precise streets mentioned: No shed skins, no holes in a nearby park, not a single chirp. HOWEVER I was told today by a fellow in a nearby Circuit City that there was a massive and deafening invasion in Port Jefferson Station a long while back. His wife INSISTED it was the year before his 16 year old son was born. That means 1987. (Wanted to be sure it was not brood XIV) He told me that they did not appear until MID JUNE and stayed beyond July 4. Will carefully investigate the location tomorrow. Hoping to have a tasty cicada pizza and some nice video is a couple of weeks! I hope my informer was correct! Meanwhile I am jealous of my friend from the Travel Channel who lives in Silver Spring, MD. They invading his house, yard and even his office bathroom) AJay, Suffolk Co Long Island

Nationalistic Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I just returned from my weekend vacation to D.C. for memorial day, and I did not march alone in the parade. Everywhere I went, there were these monster size bugs flying off people, leaves, and cars. Being a city girl, a little house fly can creep me out. Good luck to all those who actually live in the heavily populated cicada areas. Mikai, Brooklyn, NY

For you folks near Philly: Green Lane is the place!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
For you guys in Philly, Jenkintown, other parts of Montgo county PA: If you want to see some cicadas, get a map of Western Montgo County. Go up Rt 29 toward Green Lane Park. (Formerly called “Upper Perkiomen Park”.) Turn L. on “Deep Creek Rd.” There is a parking lot on the Left and a big lake a bit farther up on the Rt. As you approach this area the rattle-buzz of the Cassini species (the ‘weed-whackers’) will be unmistakable. Once you get out of your car you can hear the Septendicim (the “UFO’s”) singing as well. At least, that is what I heard on 5/22. (I will warn you I saw a LOT of dead ones clustered around a few trees. PA must not be as healthy for them as VA and MD.) I took a ride up the Perkiomen Bike Trail, and as soon as I passed Spring Mountain I began to hear them. Not in the quantity that Arlington VA has them, but certain groves were rockin’ and I could also hear individual calls. If I were you I wouldn’t delay. I’m going back this weekend–hope the Brood is still hanging in there! (I hear they are also plentiful near the Haverford train station on the Main Line. Haven’t gone there.) Laura, Oaks PA

They’re All Over Princeton, NJ

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I work in Princeton, NJ and they are all over the place. We go walking at lunch and the noise from these bugs is so loud, it gives me a headache after about 10 minutes. My sister in CT came here for the weekend and I took her to Princeton so she could see them. Yet, as soon as you leave Princeton, there’s none. Pretty neat. Victoria, Hamilton Square, NJ

We are moving in 15 years!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I am sick of this. Since the invasion, we sweep our back porch EVERY day. We are now using the snow shovel to heave them into the mulch pile. Boy do they stink! I now have to mow the lawn with shoes since the mower doesn’t move them, and when I’m done the lawn flutters with their wings. And what is up with their attraction to our Blue recycle bin and my blue tarp they are swarmed all over it? I have advised my better 1/2 that we will move before they return… Ross Clemens, Silver Spring, MD

I have now seen 2 species in my brood X emergence

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I have now seen two species: M. cassini as well as M septendecim here at my property. I am still looking for the third species. I have pictures at

The pictures I have of the cassini are all females because the cassini males
keep getting away but I plan to catch one tomorrow. Bonnie Dalzell, Hydes Maryland, north of Baltimore City

wonderful occassion

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I think it’s wonderful that so many people are communicating with each other! The cicadas bring out the good in us! ilona, grove city

No Cicadas Sightings on Long Island

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
It has been raining here, still haven’t seen yet a one. Have given up and have taken the netting off my small shrubs. Kathy, Long Island, New York

Found A Nymph Skin!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I’ve been searching on a daily basis around my home and in some woods nearby for signs of cicadas. I finally found a nymph skin in the woods today. I am about 15 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I hope more are to come! I lived in Springfield, Virginia the last time they were around and it was a spectacular sight and sound. Hoping to see it all again in Michigan this time! Lindsey, Canton, Michigan

They’re everywhere!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
If you wanna see a lot of Cicada’s come to good ol’ Indiana University, I guess human’s aren’t the only one’s who know that IU is known for parties, the trees here are a magnet for the lil buggers. When walking through campus more often than not you will see girls screaming and running in zigzags or guys trying to “deke” them out. It’s actually really funny, however it’s starting to become a pain because whenever you walk there’s a distinctive crunch sound that follows you around. Not to mention the noise that cannot be completely drowned out by loud music. Oh well, I’m thinking there’s only going to be a couple of weeks left b4 they start to die off! Amos, Bloomington, IN

Blue eyed Cicada

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
My husband has found a blue eyed cicada. Who is requesting them for research?

Thanks Cindy Cindy, Oella, MD


Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Cicada’s are really nasty when they splatter all over your windshield. Miranda, Tennessee

Now we’re seein ’em

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
In Hagerstown they are not too plentiful, I have seen some on the wing but I have not heard any large gatherings. However cicadas are very plentiful on the mountains to the East & west of here, as well as on the
Potomac river. BTW for those of you who fish, they will make great bait. I am going to preseve some by freezing and we’ll see how it works come late July or August…
Greg M., Hagerstown, Wash. Co. MD

Cicada Love

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I really enjoy reading everyone’s messages! I have a suggestion: why don’t we change things around? Why can’t we have cicadas every year and mosquitos & ticks once every 17! LOL!!! Now since someone else mentioned he watched a Cicada Mama laying eggs, let me describe a tender moment. I saw a male & female positioned face-to-face. He seemed to be holding hands with her & stroking her w/his orange front legs. Maybe he was crooning some sweet nothings? Then I went back to look a bit later and they were positioned end-to-end. Aww, how Romantic! Laura, Oaks PA

Close up in Va.

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Last week, went to races in Charlotte NC. On the way down, in the Eastern panhandle of WV (Martinsburg WV/Winchester VA area) they are out by the millions. From Edinburg southward I saw & heard no evidence, and in NC I only saw one- a male -decim. Brood X apparrently is not active in the central/upper Shenendoah valley. Today I went to Clearbrook VA (WV/VA border) and spent some time in several places where they were gathered by the millions. I observed their behavior close-up. I find it fascinating! In one brushy area, the sound was nearly deafening and one could see them flying in such great numbers it looked like snow. (Cicada-blizzard!) I observed 3 seperate species, identfied on the net as M. Septendecula, -decim and cassini. I can also make out some of the song differences I am spending some extra time with this phenomenon since it is so rare, but God willing I will see it again.
Greg M ., Clearbrook VA

Nowhere to be seen in Jenkintown Pa.

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
We are just outside Philly in Eastern Montgomery County and I have yet to see any Cicadas

Anyone had any sightings in this area?? Greg, Jenkintown, Pa.


Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
My husband brought home a friend from work today. Apparently our lil “Brood Xer” found my hubby attractive enough
to land on the back of his neck. The only one we’ve seen so far. So thrilled he stopped by for a visit! B&L, SP,NJ

To Holly in Indy

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Thanks for the post on Skiles Test Park. I took my children and my grandmother there this morning (Wednesday), what a wonderful experience. I can’t believe that my oldest will be 23 when they come back. I sure do hope that she remembers this and is as excited the next time they come around. It is truly awesome!!
Kim, Indy, Indiana

to Lisa Hornel from ny

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
If you want to see them go to wilkes barre pa. I was there and I guess its the closest to you so far. They are in the woods next to a Best Western on route 115. Take route 115 and turn on wildflower ave. When you get to the top off the hill there will be woods to your right. Go threw the woods cross another little road and they are right there. You will here them so just follow the sound. Ray , NJ

I’m Overwhelmed!!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
They are definitely here and are starting to wear out their welcome.

I have alot of trees and they are loaded with them. Their dead shells are all over the place.

But I have noticed that everytime it rains, they go away for a while.

Lisa, District Heights, MD

Woo Cicada Hoo!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Thanks To Buzz at CM..we went to Princeton.. Nassau and Vandeventer.. it was awsome! The hover sound was unlike anything we ever heard! The chirps were neat too but the “ufo” hover sound was really something to write home about. My four kids had mixed reactions.. but my oldest daughter had them on her back, her legs.. her hair.. in her shirt.. it was great. We took lots of pictures. Well worth the trip. My twins.. Emily and Maria call them tickle bugs : ).. My lil man Anthony just kept saying Bug.. Bug! Mom & Dad had a swell time watching thier reactions and experiencing another one of Nature’s great awes! YaY Brood X! The Steitz Family (Nicole & Company), Westfield NJ

The Howard County Swarm

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I grew up in College Park and was there in 1987, but I think there are more in the Ellicott City/Columbia area. Mowing my lawn has become fun, dodging them as they come at me. I have loads of dead ones (and the smell too), but there are just as many if not more flying about. My backyard will seem kind of boring when their gone. I can watch them for hours because they have no sense of direction. But, they are getting better using those wings. John, Ellicott City, MD

Cicadas attempting to leave Baltimore!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
After suffering withering losses on the killing fields of the 695 Beltway, it appears that the cicadas have begun to defect via BWI. Massing on and around the parking garage, a few can be seen inside the terminal. One was spotted on the shoulder of a gentleman about to leave for South America. Alert security prevented this from happening. Homeland Security has upgraded the alert to “Red Eyes”. Mike, Lititz PA

cicada behavior

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Shirley: They definitely make less noise when it’s cloudy and cool. When the sun comes and it gets hot they will resume raising hell. greg, towson, md

None in Philly region = predation or delayed emergence?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I took a trip up to Lake Nockamixon today to see and hear the cicadas. They were out in full force near the boat rental parking lot on the north side of the lake. I’m still puzzled that they haven’t been seen closer to the Philly suburbs and wonder if they a) have been overcome by urbanization and the remaining few eliminated by predation 17 years ago, or b) some climatological event has occurred to make them wait another 1-4 years before emerging. If so, would we have a new brood on our hands, specific to the Philly area??? Mike, Chalfont, PA

Milky White on my wall

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
There it was, a perfect description of the Brood X phenomenon. One inch, milky white and stuck to the side of my row house. The transforming cicada. Who would have thought that these guys life cycle could survive in an urban atmosphere. I only seen one. We have a large tree and a few bushes in front of the house. I will asume he survived off one of those. To think three life cycles ago our houses weren’t here. I wondner if there are more to come there sure are alot of holes in my yard. Johnny Johnson, Philadelphia/Mayfair

Do they sing only when it is warm?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We had colder weather (60’s and 70’s) this passed weekend and there was little or no singing at times. Do they sing less if it is cold? My students and I noticed some cicadas with their back portion missing but they were still alive and moving. What happened to them? Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Scared Sisters

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Can anyone tell us where we can get up to date info as to when the Cicadas are supposed to arrive in our areas.. Im on Staten Island and my sister is in East Stroudsburg PA. We are both freaking out at the thought of these meaty little buggers landing on us or in our hair! Yes we are 31 and 37 respectively.. lol…

Any advice. Lisa & Diana, Staten Island NY & East Stroudsburgh PA

Friendly cicadas…

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
There are a lot of cicadas in this area; the poor things litter the sidewalks and roads. There are a lot of places where the ground is littered with wings only, their bodies long gone… quite weird.
Saw a deformed cicada today, with three wings… unfortunately, my hands were full, or I would have taken it home to photograph!
Anyway, there are still plenty of living cicadas; sometimes I find them lying on their backs and flailing their legs, so I pick them up and right them. Often they will cling to my finger for a good period of time, or will crawl about… They really seem very sweet, somehow, despite their limited intelligence. They’re quite possibly the friendliest bugs I’ve met, and I’ve grown quite attached to a few despite myself. I let them all go free, of course, but it’s nice to hold them for a little while. There’ve been plenty of run-ins with cicadas. I’m very glad they’re here. Chelsea A., Ellicott City, MD

To Bob in Baltimore

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Take a good picture with a good camera. The eye color will disappear when the cicada dies, no matter how you preserve it. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Cicadas are Princeton’s school colors πŸ™‚

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Laurel, that’s interesting…I don’t remember them singing at night in 1987…I thought they all went silent…they just want to sing you to sleep ;)…..My friend is back from NJ and said they were all over Princeton, who’s school colors were black and orange. Since the cicadas are black and orange, they were used in a school reunion theme πŸ™‚ The other day I saw a news story out there that they are breaking the law in MD…their legal noise limit is 90 decibels and the cicadas come in at 92! Am still looking for a way to get some cicada wings….. Debbie, Seattle

The Party Has Resumed

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
My Cicada friends in Elkridge, Md have resumed their cherubic chatter after three straight days of sub par weather. Uh oh, I see storm clouds moving in to threaten the fun. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

Pesky Cicada Critters

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
What is all the excitement about these pesky little bugs. I must take cover when leaving my house. When !! anyone!! will these creatures leave my area? Sharon S, Indianapolis Indiana

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I know not to expect an answer but I am still hoping that I will get one… I would love for my kids to experience this. BUT where are they? We live near Rochester/Elmira New York… We haven’t seen any? What is the nearest location that they have been spotted, we are willing to travel.

Thanks & I’ll keep looking! Lisa, Hornell, NY, USA

my beagle and kids love them

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004

New Englanders: Go To Princeton To See Them!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Sunday, May 30: From what I could gather from the experts at Uconn, UMich, local officials, this messsage board (Thanks!), and others, the closest place to New England to see Brood X is Princeton University, NJ. All OVER campus – 1000s alive and dead, can’t miss them. Land on pedestrians, cars, sidewalks, etc. Not present just two miles away. Dave Norris, Princeton, NJ

Good Riddance!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I am not quite a prisoner in my house, but I would prefer to stay indoors. I’ve lived through the emergence of the cicadas, pulled the shells off my trees and shrubs (with gloves), and am now trying to cope with them flying around all over. I cut the grass this morning and had to wear a hat and swat at them to keep them off me. We have a lot of them, but from what I can tell, no where near the number that are elsewhere in northern Virginia. I can’t wait for them to disappear as they are ruining the spring and early summer for me. I want to take my grandchildren to the park but too many cicadas are flying around. Does anyone know when they will really be gone??? I don’t mind the noise, just the flying BUGS! Alice, Vienna, VA

Cicada Calendar

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Well, this has been the longest three weeks of my life (except for the last brood X attack 17 years ago). I have an extreme fear of cicadas. And, yes, I know it’s irrational. Does anyone know how much longer we have until their numbers start to dwindle? Is their an up-to-the-minute calendar on the Web somewhere that tracks the current progress of this invasion? I read that the emergence was about a week early, so I was hoping that the end was near. Is it?
Scared to Death, Fairfax, Virginia

Can hear them from the mountains

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I haven’t seen any in my backyard but if you go up into the mountains of Western NJ in Warren County they are everywhere. Sound is so loud you can hear them from my back yard which is over a mile away. Merril Creek is a great spot to see/hear them for anyone interested. Jimmy, Warren County NJ

For folks in DC area

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I have read some messages from people around the DC area like Fairfax, Wheaton, Silver Spring, etc etc who were really grossed out by these nasty things (much like I am). Some people asked where to go to escape them, and I have good news. While I work in Rockville and have to run to and from my car with arms flailing to avoid the nasty buggers, once I travel out 66 past Centerville, they are gone. Have not seen or heard a single Cicada in Manassas. So there you go, that’s where you can move πŸ™‚
Make it stop!, Manassas, VA

Cicada infestation wrecks havoc on HVAC

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
According to the building engineers where I work on Eaton Place, a cicada infestation in the HVAC system has shut down our air conditioning today (June 1). They are currently working on the problem. It feels like 90 degrees in my office and it’s only 10 am. Luckily I have a small fan to circulate some air around me, otherwise it would be unbearable. This building was constructed in 1988, one year after the previous Brood X emergence. Maybe these cicadas are mad because their previous habitat was destroyed, and this is their way of getting even. Mike, Fairfax, VA

well where are they???

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
All the hype said end of May. Well…it’s June and none in sight. What is up with that? susan miller, somerset county, new hersey

Loads of them here!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We were in this town 12 miles south of Baltimore this past Saturday. My car had several plastered on it. We were watching a soccer game and the players kept running into them. They were also landing on the spectators. It was a funny sight! Dave, Ellicott City, MD

Are Cicadas Blind

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
are Cicadas blind? Some people have been telling me that is why they fly so poorly, but I can’t find anything to prove or disprove this. Ken, Gaithersburg, MD

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
It’s already the beginning of June and I still haven’t seen one little cicada. Any sightings anywhere in Metro Detroit or Livingston County? I really want to see these little guys and I’ll drive to see a large number of them. Please let me know… Peggy, Plymouth, MI

Invasion of the cicada’ s (while on riding mower)

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Does anyone find it impossible to mow, particularly with a riding mower. The Cicada’s attack!! We have a mowing service and my 21 year old (former football) player son is finding it impossible to mow the baseball fields because of the invasion of the cicada’s…We’re talking 50 to 60 landing on us and swarming around. Any tips you can offer. I’m sure it’s the noise but what can we do???! vikki, Covington, Kentucky

Maryvale Castle Events

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
For anyone having a wedding or event, during the day the Cicadas are definitely singing a loud song, but not flying around – (we were scared at our wedding rehearsal which was at 3:30 pm). But, the wedding day (May 30), at 6:00 pm, the Cicadas were quiet! Night time and cooler temperatures really make a difference. Good Luck! Julie Maguire, Brooklandville, MD


Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
where i captured blue/gray eyed individual the m.cassini outnumbered m.septendecim 10 to 1.i have many extra cassini.thanks. robert gardner, red lion penna

Washington DC

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We saw thousands of them in Washington DC this past weekend. Gross! Svante Pettersson, Malmo, Sweden

Cicadas emerging in Michigan

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
They’re finally coming out in Ann Arbor! The trees around Oak Trail School (that Jim mentioned below) were teeming with them today. Tons of larvae were climbing up the tree trunks with many in the process of climbing out of their skins. The lower leaves were filled with hundreds of adults, just sitting there quietly. The ground was littered with shed skins. But so far no noise. That should come soon when the adults fly up into the trees to sing. Marshall Park off Dixboro Road is another place to find them. There’s not quite as many of them there but they are still abundant on the trail near the parking lot. Neil Richards, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I had the ride of my life!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I was in Maryland over the weekend riding my bike and so many cicadas flew on me and started flapping their little wings that I became like Elliot in the E.T. movie and flew around about 15 scenic miles. It was awesome! I love those little guys. Joey Shnook, D.C. Metro

blue eyed cicada

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I found a blue-eyed cicada! It is in my bug box-but it died. Carly, Cross Junction, VA

Where to find cicadas in Indianapolis

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I posted a couple of days ago about finding big numbers if cicadas on the east side of Indy, north and south of 56 street just west of 465.

We have also discovered that you can visit these noisy friends in a couple of public places… Skiles Test park and Skiles Test Elementary School. Also, if you drive toward Fort Harrison, you will likely find a few public places to experience the sights and sounds.

We discovered that their singing cooresponds with temperature as well as light. They will not sing if it is chilly, even if it is light. Once it warms up, they are singing, chirping, buzzing and hummmmmming and flying around.

My oldest daughter found one that sounded almost like a chirp when she held it… the next day (in a different place), many of them made a loud buzzing sound when they were touched. I wonder if the chirping one was a different species or one with a malformed buzzer. Has anyone heard one of the big ones make a chirping/blurping sound?

If you want to visit these swarms, be aware that they like to crawl up your legs or land on the tallest object around (which with me and my girls is usually me!). I love these creatures, but I still get creeped out when they come buzzing and flying at me like tiny out of control airplanes.

My personal goal before this is all over is to be able to not scream and duck when one wants to land on me. I’m in awe of my children who (rightfully) have no fear. Holly, Indianapolis IN

North of the Turnpike, Dinosaur Rock

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Well, I finally found some cicadas. If you live in Lancaster county in Pennsylvania, go North of the PA Turnpike. Also if you know where Dinosaur rock is, take a trip there, there are tons there. Josh, Manheim, Pa

cicada sightings

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
i dont have any cicada’s in my area but i just got back from visiting family in baltimore and they are all over the place there. we watched birds flying around haveing a field day catching them and eatting them. one even flew in our moveing car and hit my husband in the cheaek while he was driveing tabitha, virgina

I Have Heard of them before – Finally saw them!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I have been hearing a lot about Cicaddas in the past few months but have never seen them. My mom, brother and I went to Springdale, Maryland to visit my aunt & uncle. The sound was incredible, they were flying (blindly) everywhere, on every tree. I will never forget it. We took some dead ones home with us. I am writing a report for school. Isabelle Jackson, Blackwood, NJ

Cicada Count: Zero

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Nothing yet. Jim, Bridgewater, NJ (Somerset County)

Not here but tons in in southern West Virginia

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I just returned today from a trip up north. I took 81 South through Maryland and West Virginia into Virginia to 66 East. I could hear and see them in the in the last 10 minutes of West Virginia on into Virginia. I must have hit at least a dozen with my car. I left interstate 81 to head east on interstate 66, and then I exited interstate 66 for a McDonald’s at Front Royal. There were swarms of them in the trees and bushes surrounding the restaurant and gas station. I am originally from upstate New York and have never seen nor heard anything like it! Based on the fact that they kept flying in my face and hair – I hope I don’t see them near where I live – I was happy to get away from them. Kelly, Richmond, VA

Not a Sound!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Not one sound of the pests here in Ballsville. Just waiting for now.Jack Pollio. Virginia Jack Pollio, Ballsville, Virginia

Kind treatment of Cicadas and egg laying.

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I am a science teacher in the Maryland/DC area. My 4th and 5th graders have been going outside to study these unusual insects. They are not allow to hurt them. They are allowed to handle them gently. I also work in our after care program so the same rules apply. All the teachers are making sure that the students do not hurt them.

Today I saw several females laying eggs on the tree in my yard. My husband took some great pictures. I should have taken movies but I wanted to watch. After the female inserts the body part (I forgot what it is called)into the branch, she pumps her abdomen up and down. It take about a minute. Hope you all can see it.

Shirley Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Cincinatti is loaded with Cicadas!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
My family spent this past weekend in Cincinatti… it seems that the Cicada love the Cincy area. We just heard the Cicada in the masses while driving, but we were almost attacked by the hordes of Cicada at the Cincinatti Zoo. A Zoo worker said it best “This is Ground Zero for Cicada”; I think she was right. Tons of Cicada flying around, landing on people, freaking out little kids. Once jumped in my van and hitched a ride to Columbus. They were neat and you could hear them while driving (with windows up and with the A/C and radio on). Truly amazing. Erik, Columbus, OH

Bike Riders Beware!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
We have plenty of cicadas around here. When riding bikes on the bike path along the Big Miami River the cicadas are flying everywhere and their singing is quite monotonous! You’d best not open your mouth for any reason or you just might experience a nice tasty cicada snack! Karen , West Carrollton, OH

Another bathroom cicada encounter!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I work on the south side of Capitol Hill in DC, in a fairly new building. I have seen only a couple of cicadas around there so far – which didn’t surprise me, since the ground has been torn up quite a bit around there in the past 17 years. What DID surprise me was that yesterday, in the bathroom at work, I felt something on my shirt, which I went to brush away – and then looked down and saw I was holding a cicada, and jumped about a mile! I’m not really afraid of them, he (she? It was the women’s bathroom) just startled me.
My home is in Cleveland Park, DC. I haven’t seen that many on my street – maybe 20 total. Just a few streets away, though, my neighbors say they have tons. Elizabeth, Washington, DC

Any in Long Island Yet?

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Planning a trip to see (and hear) the cicadas. Was hoping to hit Long Island bacuase it is a shorter trip than New Jersey, but I have not heard of any showing up there yet. Any sightings at all? Al, Westborough,, MA

Pssing Through

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
On a road trip from middle tennessee to monmouth county NJ, we used interstate 81 north. We left Roanoke Va at 9:30 am, May 30th, didn’t see any cicades until we hiy West Virginia around 1:30pm. They were lots as the highway wound through the more wooded areas. Once until Maryland we saw very few and once in PA, we saw none. West Virginia had plenty. I do not know how to estimate, but through many miles we were hitting a cicada about every 2 or 3 seconds. (was driving a truck).
Bob, Aberdeen NJ

No Cicadas here !

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We are still waiting here. There were exploring in a few areas and noticed just west of here in Berks County. Heavily infested pockets seem to be the rule. Steve, Pottstown, E.Coventry Township PA

Can anyone explain this??

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We have had cicadas emerging here since at least May 12th. We are in the middle of a 500 acre forest at 2000 ft altitude just west of Murphy and near the TN border.
The mystery IS that we have not heard any of the cicadas singing in the trees surrounding our house although we see them flitting from tree to tree, but we have heard them for a week or so in the distance to the east of us.
Why don’t they make noise in our trees or anywhere around our house???
We usually feed hundreds of birds here with our feeders but they have been gone the last few weeks apparently on an Atkins diet of cicadas instead of our sunflower seed so I can’t see that the cicadas would be afraid of our bird population…they aren’t here!
Can anyone venture a theory? We’re mystified. We want to hear them up close and personal. πŸ™‚ Hope, Murphy, NC

Located in North Georgia Mountains – Amicalola Falls

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We hike at Amicalola Falls State Park almost every weekend… 05/23 and 05/30 we saw many holes in the ground, the Cicada Nymphal Skins on the trees and Cicada Periodical adult bodies on the ground… then of course, the mating calls in the trees. All very cool! I grew up in Delaware with the Dog-Day Cicada which I saw/heard every year. It is fun to learn about the different species.

No Cicada Periodical sightings in Gainesville GA (just 35 miles away) C Dew, Gainesville, Georgia

Protect your ears

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I have somewhere between 30-50,000 in my area and have found the sound interesting but uncomfortable. I decided to measure how much sound they were producing.

Standing on my deck mid afternoon the din is a steady 85-90 dBA.
Per O.S.H.A’s guidelines 8 hours/day is the limit before hearing damage may occur. Many audiologists believe hearing damage may happen in a shorter period of time.

If you are working out in an area where Cicada’s are bountiful you may want to consider hearing protection for the next few weeks.
Karl Freudenreich, Columbus, Ohio

A lot of Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Near the University of Cincinnati Ryan, Clifton, Ohio

Are they gone already?

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I went away last Friday to the mountains where there were no cicadas, when I left they were chirping as loud as ever, when I returned home yesterday, I heard no chirping & saw many dead or dying cicadas…I was able to catch a few males & a couple of females. Today, it’s rainy & only in the upper 60’s, could the weather have something to do with this??? Anyone?? Also, how can you tell that a male has mated? Or can you? I have heard that males can only mate once then they die… Staci, Beltsville, MD

WARNING: Cicada’s and Skirts

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I don’t know how many other women have had this experience? I’m tired of it. I can’t until they are all gone. These nasty bugs keep flying up my skirt. It seems to happen mostly when I’m about to go into my car. I start driving, have to pull over and get them out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Only a few more weeks and it will be just a memory. Lori, Pikesville, MD

New photos of Terpnosia vacua

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
New photos of Terpnosia vacua (Japanese name is Haruzemi, which means ‘Spring Cicada’) are available from my Cicadae in Japan website:

Please enjoy them. Yasumasa SAISHO, Hiroshima, JAPAN

Cicada Panic

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Has anyone heard if they are headed for Staten Island? You guys in PA are freaking me out! I have never seen a cicada and I am not looking forward to it. I may have to live under a bug net for the rest of the summer. Karen, Staten Island

They are in Gettysburg…I heard them today!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Today, my husband, son, and I drove down to the Boyds Bear Country Barn in Gettysburg, PA. On the road to the Barn, my husband said, “do you hear that?” Well, our windows were all rolled up, our airconditioner was on full blast, and my son had his CD player blasting (headphones half off his ears, of course). Heck no, I didn’t hear THAT! Then, he slowed down the car, turned off the air, and my son got quiet also. When we rolled down the windows, it sounded like a million crickets in the creek gone haywire. A non-stop buzz that could drive you nuts if you lived in the midst of it. A gleeful grin came over my husband’s face…CICADAS!!!!! We have been waiting for them for the last month…talk about media hype….but have had no signs whatsoever. I truly hope that today’s encounter will be my one and only experience with these bugs. Heard but not seen! Nancy, PA

VDOT Against Cicadas?

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Prior to the emergence of the cicadas, I noticed VDOT workers every morning (I drive 150 miles round trip on 81 South everyday) spraying some kind of liquid on the medians and hillsides.

Was this intended to reduce the number of emerging cicadas? They certainly weren’t watering the plants.

Just wondering.

Cardo, Winchester, VA

in my neighborhood, finally!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
When the cicadas were first to emerge, i went out everynite with my flashlight and hoped to see one emerge from its shell. i gave up hope, and realized i was just going to have to listen to them at work, in severna park. but two days ago, i started to hear them in my area, and now they are everywhere. I say that i am very brave, because i actually go outside during the day. For the last 3 days the weather was very warm and sunny, and those little guys were singing their little hearts out, and flying everywhere. today was cool and overcast so they were not as loud or active. i did have a close encounter at work on friday, i heard this growling noise behind me, and when i turned around i was eyeball to eyeball to one. boy did i run.
carolyn, glen burnie, maryland

To “Unique Blue Eyed Cicada”

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Release your cicada so it can breed more blue eyed cicadas. If it is already dead, bring it to your local university’s biology department and ask the teacher there most likely to know about insects how best to preserve it without harming the eyes (an entymologist, or other biologist). We have no cicadas here in the triangle. I’m disappointed. SG, Triangle, NC


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I have seen so many cicadas and dead cicadas in my yard! before I used to be freaked out with them but now they are ok. Im 9 yrs old so the next time ‘I see cicadas is when I’m going to be about 26. Im trying to enjoy the first time I meet cicadas because I wont see them again for a very long time! Mary, Maryland

South Jersey cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
For the person who asked about cicadas in South Jersey: There are not many sites in that area for this brood, but there is a decent population along Woodstown-Alloway Rd., S. of Woodstown, NJ, and mainly north of the Timberman Rd. junction (and in that general area). You can also look along Pierson Rd. off Commissioners Pike. Those locations are in Salem County, NJ. There are also odd spots scattered around NJ to the northeast of that, but I do not know the specifics. Much of NJ, including the northern areas connecting with the Hudson River Valley of NY, belongs to a different brood (Brood II) which emerged last in 1996, so most New Jerseyans do not have them this year.
Dave Marshall, Evansville, Indiana, for the next few days

None In Hagerstown…

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I left my cicada ridden neighborhood for the mountains of northern MD & not a SIGN of even one cicada…..It was much cooler there than it is here in the D.C. suburbs. They may stink, but it was nice to come home to their singing…..This happens only every 17 yrs, that’s alot of time, I think we should make the best of them for the short time they are here…Buy your child a “bug cage” or a “Critter Keeper” available at any pet store. They are pretty cool to watch & listen to when there are only 4 or 5 in the cage….Make sure you put plenty of sticks & leafy material for them to eat & drink from, I change mine daily, let the cicadas go & catch new ones & fill the keeper with fresh branches & shrubbery. I keep a water squirt bottle close to spray them occasionally. I think this is really a very interesting time, they may stink, but they are harmless & cool to watch! My 3 yr old will be 20, omg, when Brood X appears next!!!! Does anyone know hoew to keep the dead cicadas on some kind of display behind glass?? I would like to keep a few males & females & compare them the next time they come around, God willing I am here πŸ™‚ Staci, Beltsville, MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
According to the Michigan website, I won’t be getting any cicadas… I’m so bummed. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’m about an hour north of the PA border. I’ve been soooo anticipating this, too. Sebastian , Binghamton, NY

None in Rochester but alot in D.C.

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I was just in D.C. last weekend this weekend and there was thousands of cicadas. Especially in Arlington Cemetary. There are none in my part of New York. Probably never will be. Brendon, Rochester, NY

None here but plenty there!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Still none in my area, but I went to Hagerstown MD yesterday and heard none down I-95. Heard some around Baltimore, but not on I-70 and none in Hagerstown. Went from Hagerstown to Artemas PA and started hearing and seeing them as we traveled on I-70. When we got to Artemas we saw plenty! We then went to Hannicey-nice MD for dinner and saw plenty there also by the canal. It was great to see them. Today we went to Antietam National Battlefield (a great place to visit) and saw a few there but heard many in the surrounding area. On the trip back I heard them all the way until the Newark DE exit on I-95. David, Media PA

Found Them!!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Kept waiting for these things to show up at the house and they didn’t so we went looking. Found them in Southern Lancaster County. Loads of them driving on 340 tword Pinacle Point in Holtwood. Stopped at Pinacle and got dive bombed! Loved It!!The sound is amazing, so incredibly loud. So, if your hunting, just take a drive in the southern end of Lancaster, keep your ears open and pull over when it gets really loud. Kelly, Lancaster, PA

Plenty on the Mountain

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Lots of cicadas in the western part of Hillsborough, especially up the Sourland mountain. Sounds like a million tiny little chain saws buzzing in the trees! christine, Hillsborough, NJ

To Kelly in Columbus, Dated May 24- White Cicada

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Hi, Kelly!
Yes and yes! I have seen and photographed an albino cicada, too! Isn’t it exciting?! The white body really shows up the striking red eyes, doesn’t it? Makes it look rather alien. πŸ˜‰
In my necka the woods, the cicadas have peaked in noise level and are now dwindling down a bit. We are having coolish weather, now, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it, because when it was hot last week, boy, the cicadas really buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed and flew around!
If anyone knows the answer to this question, please do post it: Now and then, we’ll hear, above the “running water” droning sound, a sudden burst of a low, buzzy, WEEEEEEEEEEEEohhhhhhhhhh, WEEEEEEEEEohhhhhhhhhh sound, like it’s from an individual cicada. Does anyone have any clue what that means/is? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

+Becki, Who will miss them when they’re gone! +Becki, Landover Hills, MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004

When will they arrive? Not here yet….

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival here in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania, VA area. Can anyone tell me if there were here 17 yrs ago or if they are coming? Terri, Spotsylvania, VA

So fascinating to watch them up close

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Am I lucky to be visiting Cumberland MD this week (was in Arlington 2 weeks ago. I get around!) The mountains are echoing & vibrating with their incredible song. I stood under a small tree and watched them closely for the first time. I saw the females laying eggs with a long ovipositor that she inserts into the twig. And I saw the males fly in & land on a twig and start singing, lifting their abdomen and making their “whee-oh” call. The “oh” part is when they relax their abdomen at the end. It is a soft, mellow call…hard to believe that ambient whistle in the woods is just millions of insects making this little noise all at once. This really is a magical phenomenon. The guy who named them “magicicada” had it right!! Laura Woodswalker, Visiting Cumberland MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
TOO MANY CICADAS!!! The sound is INSANE, and they are flying EVERYWHERE!
I fled to my parent’s this weekend to get away from the deafening noise, and to hopefully get some sleep. I have a few that attatch themselves to the screen on my bedroom window and sing to me all night long!! Lucky me. Lauren, Reston, VA

To Priscilla of Smithville

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
We will certainly all be disappointed if we do not see the cicadas here. That would be wonderful if you could share with us your exoskeletal “bounty”. My class and I would greatly appreciate it! I still have hope that they will come….but starting to doubt! Kim Kim, Smithville, NJ

still waiting

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I have seen holes in the ground for weeks but no signs of any cicadas. Don’t hear any either. We live in a wooded area and expected, still do, to be covered. Would like to get this over with. Any sightings near here? D.C., Devon, Pa.

TO CHRIS, Carlsbad, CATO

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Would you like to move into my house? Would you like to be imprisoned in the house with windows and doors tightly closed – so you wouldn’t smell decaying “friends” from outside? Would you like to drive in rush hour being bombed by these lovely creatures, and then spend an hour washing the mess off your car?
That’s very good of you to be such a wise guy, who is reading about cicadas from afar. Come and stay here, then we’ll see how you feel about these “friends”.
Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

They’re here!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Thanks to Mike, my kids and I went to Middle Creek last evening (Kleinfeltersville, PA, just North of PA turnpike)And they’re there by the millions, I would say. The ground is peppered with their holes. We saw a whole lot of cases, adults, but no freshly emerged ones. You have to look UNDER the leaves mostly, and surprisingly, not on the big trees, but the small vegetation (mind the poison ivy!) So, we had to drive 30 minutes to see them, but my kids were impressed. A nice outing, with a happy ending. Steve, Leola, PA

my new friend

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
i was driving home yesterday on a beautiful day and had all my windows open, and next thing i knew a cicada flew in my car! i guess i’m not too much of a girly girl cause i think cicadas are the coolest things ever so i closed my windows and brought him home with me. i showed all my friends my new cicada friend but they weren’t as impressed as i. then i set him free but he only made it a few feet before a bird ate him. poor little booger… Leah, Dayton, OH

Where are they???

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
We were covered up with them when the 13 yr. brood arose. I have not seen a single one yet this time. Are they coming to this area? Theresa, Southern Middle Tennessee

1987 Cicadas

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
We lived in Reading (Berks County) from March-October 1987. I can honestly say I NEVER saw one cicada that year. Since that was 17 years ago, the sidewalks should have been literally covered with them. We lived near the museum and used to go there several times a week. Saw lots of chipmunks but no cicadas. And I *KNOW* I would have remembered swarms of ANY kind of bug. This whole cicada cycle thing is very puzzling to me. Mindy, Las Vegas, NV (formerly Reading, PA)

For Kim at Smithville School

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
No cicadas here yet, but my sister and I took a ride up to Princeton today to see them. They were everywhere! And that noise! It was like a million crickets over our heads. They were quite clumsy, and even friendly, as they allowed my sister and I to pick them up and carry them around.

I don’t know if we’ll be seeing them here, but I have a feeling we won’t (too many pines and not enough deciduous trees). If not, I brought home a few exoskeletons and can drop them off at the school for you and your class. Let me know if you want them. You can post it here. Priscilla, Smithville, NJ

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