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May 29, 2004

May 25th – May 29th 2004 Cicada Comments

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For Kim at Smithville School

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
No cicadas here yet, but my sister and I took a ride up to Princeton today to see them. They were everywhere! And that noise! It was like a million crickets over our heads. They were quite clumsy, and even friendly, as they allowed my sister and I to pick them up and carry them around.

I don’t know if we’ll be seeing them here, but I have a feeling we won’t (too many pines and not enough deciduous trees). If not, I brought home a few exoskeletons and can drop them off at the school for you and your class. Let me know if you want them. You can post it here. Priscilla, Smithville, NJ

still no cicadas!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
where are they ? i haven’t seen them here in stuarts draft virginia yet! patiently_waiting, stuarts draft, virginia

cicadas do pee

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
A cicada pee’d on my car the other day and then flew away. It was gross!! I didn’t know bugs could pee like that. Judy, Hamilton, Ohio

Bunch of Cicadas out in NEPA

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I took a walk up by Pittson Area High School in the woods behind the school and I found a bunch of old shells, and was about to just leave when I spotted an adult. I snatched him up and put him in my jug, and I looked down at this bush and there were a ton of them under the leaves. I snatched up about 20 of the. 2 vibrated or made that noise they make when I picked them up. It must come from deep within their angry, demonic soul, because it couldn’t use its wings to make it the way I was holding it. All had red eyes except one had orange. I noticed some of them had one wing that was smaller than the other also. Vel, Pittston, PA


Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Today I spent the day in Cincinnati. From what I noticed, there are cicadas just about everywhere in town in some number. However, the two places I found the most were Alms Park in Cincinnati (it’s a big park, on just about any map) and Withrow Nature Preserve in Anderson Twp. In Alms Park, there were literally hundreds on every single tree in the park. They were also flying EVERYWHERE. The noise, of course, was nearly deafening. If anyone reading this is planning to goto Cincy to check the cicadas out, I highly recommend the two places I mentioned. Josh , Detroit, MI

Finally found some

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I went hiking today in Caledonia State Park (near Chambersburg, PA) and saw hundreds of exit-holes in the ground, as well as about 50 shells and two dead adults. Didn’t see any live ones, although we could hear their sound emanating from somewhere in the distance, varying in volume depending on our location. Upon returning to our starting point at around 5:30 PM, the sound was completely gone. I don’t know if they moved on to somewhere else or if they just get quiet at certain times of the day. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see any live ones. During the ’87 emergence, I lived up in the central part of the state and we had cicadas out the ying-yang. I was eight years old and I remember the playground at my school was covered with them.
Jason, York, PA

Cicadas found in Cincinnati

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
There is a big swarm covering some small trees in the Kenwood Mall parking lot, easy to catch. Also I heard there were some at an office park off of 75, but I’m not sure where. Ellen, Cincinnati, OH

anyone know where i can see them locally?

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I heard on NPR that they emerging in a few spots locally. The report said Haverford College and i forget where else. i tried to search their website for more info. anyone know any local sightings?

trish trish, philadelphia

cicada golf hazards

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I missed an important birdie putt yesterday when a cicada altered the path of the ball by landing in front of it. Can you believe it? A cicada hazard. Are these things blind or just stupid? Why didn’t it move? Don’t these things realize just how rare a birdie is, or do they just hart all birdies?
also, while driving the cart through wooded areas, I must’ve taken a hundred cicadas in the face. They make great targets for practice swings, but you have to wipe the guts off your driver. Bob Goldberg, Baltimore

unique cicada caught!!!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I have captured a living cicada with unique eyes. The specimen, caught in Mt. Washington (Baltimore) Maryland, has silvery or light blue eyes, depending on lighting conditions, and has what appear to be dark eyeballs. How can I preserve this specimen without destroying or altering the eyes? Alcohol? Formaldehyde? Please advise. Thank you Bob, northern Baltimore, Maryland

Cicada at work

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Yesterday I found a live cicada in the men’s room at work. It was a male. How did he know which restroom to use? Can cicada’s read? Probably it had flown onto a man who entered the restroom but it was funny to find a male cicada in the men’s room. Lorenzo, Baltimore

cicada spotted

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Cicada spotted in Massachusetts!
Last in the neighborhood Summer of ’90.
Are they early? Marje, Mashpee, Massachusetts


Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Where are your teachers? They should be telling the kids not to hurt them! Elaine, Sterling,VA

PA – where they are (and where they are not)

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Advance news had hyped the cicadas as “they will be everywhere”. They are not EVERYWHERE but where they are, there are a LOT of them. Look for them in the woodland hills just north of the PA Turnpike. Not many south of that (till they reappear in the Baltimore area). Mike, Lititz PA

PA – Still emerging!!!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I drove up to Middle Creek Wildlife preserve last night at dusk and saw hundreds emerging. Looks like the emergence is slowing down a little but the chorus is just getting under way. Took pictures, will put them on web site as soon as I can. Mike, Lititz PA

Hearing them from afar

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I finally heard them on TV!!! Just barely during a news story with Bush out in the Rose Garden of the White House….it didn’t even hit me at first and then realized that that whirring sound was the cicadas! It will be interesting to see if you can hear them during the WWII Memorial dedication tomorrow
Rachel, good for you for saving the Cicadas and Mike, I loved your web site πŸ™‚ Debbie, Seattle

my cicadas wings are wilted πŸ™

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I found a nymph today and it quickly turned into a winged black adult. the thing is, the tips of the wings are wilted and the cicada doesn;t seem too active. also there are 2 thin strandy white things still attached to the shell. what went wrong with this guy? Vel, pittston, pa

Will they come to Minnesota

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I am pretty jealous of all the sightings in the east coast. Will they every appear in Minneosta? Or it is too cold for them.

Where is the sighting closest to Minnesota? I would like to drive over and experience it.

Thanks Larry, Eden Prairie, MN

Where are they!?

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I must admit, if you haven’t seen a cicada..then count your self lucky!
Those little frisky fellas are everywhere!

They might not like pine trees a lot, but they seem to have no problem hanging on to them.
In fact, there’s hardly anything I don’t seem to NOT hanging on to!
They don’t bother me and I won’t bother them..I do carry my trusty badminton racket with me to help them on their way though!

The First 2 weeks wasn’t that bad, but this week is just plain crazy!!
I have so many buzzing around my house, I call it ” Alpha Base Charlie”
Look, if you don’t have’s a blessing.
Take a road trip to go see some if you must, but for God’s sake don’t bring them home!
Squashed cicadas stink too, so the recent rain was a real big help.
They truly ARE a sight to behold, especially while fleeing! πŸ™‚
Michelle, Randallstown, MD


Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
PLEASE, CSI and DC metro area trackers–STOP THOSE CRUEL KIDS AT SCHOOL FROM HARMING THESE WINGED WONDERS!!! Leave them be in peace! We’re missing out on all the fun here in cicada deficient CA, but tracking the daily emergence from afar…BE KIND TO OUR FLYING FRIENDS!!! They’ll soon all be gone. Chris, Carlsbad, CA

Where are they?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have yet to see any around here. We visited VA and DC last week and they have tons. Where are ours? Eisey, Hazleton PA

Archbald PA

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I saw my first cicada in Archbald PA yesterday. 8 miles east of Scranton. Rick, Archbald, PA

Lake Nockamixon, Bucks County, PA

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
We went on a cicada quest today, since there are none in our own area. We found them in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County, PA. On Top Rock Trail Road off of route 563 they were so loud that my daughters had to plug their ears! (That was mid-afternoon.) We caught a bunch there, including some as they were flying. Then we went to the lake, where the boat rental is, and in the woods by the parking lot there we found hundreds of live ones in the bushes on and the trees. We came home with a terrarium full of dozens of them, and they sang for us all the way home. We decided that, close up, their sound alternates between a machine gun noise and a chain saw noise. Ed, PA

Still not here

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I heard them heading into Quakertown on rte. 309 in various places, but still none in Chalfont or Horsham, PA. They seem to be to our North (Q-town), South (MD), East (Princeton), and West (Valley Forge), but not here! Waahhhh! Mike, Chalfont, PA

My Home Isn’t Safe Anymore

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
What is going on? I am losing weight by having to drive in a car with the windows cracked, if not rolled completely up. Sick and tired of cicadas flying in the car and having to fumble with getting them out. There have even been a couple found in my basement. This isnt a MOTEL! When will these buzzards leave!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! They are EVERYWHERE I GO! Completely Disturbed, Baltimore, Maryland

Feel stupid

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
U know how sometimes you feel stupid looking at or hearing someone say stupid things. Well today this guy was on the bus talking to a woman about the cicadas. This dumb dumb said cicadas don’t have eyes. lol, they have eye sockets ,but no eyes oh and they also don’t have mouths. I felt so stupid hearing him say that. lol , oh ,but the funny thing is the lady listening genuinely beleived what he was saying. so she was like oh they don’t have eyes i thought they didn’t then she was like so if they don’t have mouths how do they eat he said they don’t eat. then he said well they do ,but u know how some fish don’t have mouths? well the cicadas are the same way and eat through there gills .HA HA HA what fish do you know of that doesn’t have a mouth. Also when did cicadas evolve and grew gills ? LOL Lil Paul, Seat Pleasant, MD

They are still around

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
For the last 2 weeks that the cicadas have been out i barely saw any around here. I’m takeing a guess that the rain last night bothered some that were not yet out of the ground ,because when I woke up this morning they were swarming everywhere and loud as ever. I could hear them even with my walkman on full blast. Paco, Laurel Maryland

cicada sighting outside Ann Arbor!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
These are the first I’ve seen in Michigan–a little sluggish in this cold, wet weather and not making much noise. But there are some at Oak Trails School off Warren northeast of town. There are quite a few, charmingly, on the sign that says “Oak Trails School” itself. More to come, I hope! Jim, Ann Arbor, MI

I hate cicadas…

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
… and they’re coming to get me.
VS, Nashville TN


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I work at Princeton University and man is it load.Everyone I talk to says the same thing.It sounds exactly like the alien spaceships from movies.Although I’m sqeemish around bugs I’m glad Ive been able to experience this once in my life.Its the noise thats most impressive.
Mike Mike Peloso, Princeton NJ

Still waiting!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Haven’t seen any yet. I’m in an area that hasn’t had a house built for at least 50-60 years so they should be here. David, Media PA Delaware County

how much longer?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
does anyone know how much longer the cicadas will be around? Becca, Prince George County, MD

Cicadas in Dublin

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Amy in Dublin: can’t imagine cicadas in Dublin (I used to live on Avery Rd) They’ve poured so much concrete in the past eight years, how could one EVER crawl through??? Helen, Ann Arbor MI

Yeah for the CSI ‘-)

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Good for you Rachel (and the CSI). I am not crazy about cicadas, but it’s not right to abuse anything for fun. I’m proud of you. Helen, Ann Arbor MI

My House is Possessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Just when I thought I was fearing something pointless (none of my friends in Grove City, Columbus (Polaris area) or even Sunburry had seen any cicadas)…I wake up this morning to see them in my lawn by the hundreds…didn’t think we were on the map to get them, but they tried to mate with my husband while he mowed the grass. I thought I was lucky since we live in a brand new subdivision, but just as the real estate is moving to Lewis Center/Delaware, I suppose the cicadas are attracted to Olentangy schools too! After growing up on Lake Erie (Huron, OH) I thought I’d never see another swarm of May Flies when I moved to the Columbus area…but I’d take those nasty things ANY DAY over these Cicadas!! Heather, Delaware, OH

White Eyed Cicadas

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Has anyone seen any of these? My son just brought one in. He wanted to take it to the police station to get his $1000 that he heard at school was being paid for them. πŸ™‚ JW, Trenotn, OH


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I am starting to think this whole thing is overblown–not a cicada in sight, not a buzz or hum in the air. What’s up? c, union, new jersey

They’re Close!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
We don’t have any Cicadas in our woods yet, but we’ve been hearing them from a distance for several days. We’ve been getting a lot of T-Storms, that may have something to do with it. Mike, Macungie, PA

Loud little buggers, aren’t they?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Jeez. We’ve got cicadas! They started emerging about 2 weeks ago- and we aren’t seeing any more new skins anywhere, so I guess we’re done with that aspect of things. However – now my backyard and trees are filled with VERY LOUD cicadas. Our lot backs up to a woods, and so we have more cicadas than our sparsely wooded lot deserves. My daughter won’t go out to her swingset now. It’s pretty Hollywood ugly out there. Hopefully this will all be over soon???
Amanda L, Fairfield, OH

“Anti-Cicada Policy at My Son’s School”

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
My son and I collected a few cicadas a few miles north of where we live in Hilliard, Ohio so he could take them to his elemetary school and show them to his classmates. After he came home from school the next day, I asked how it went. He said, with sadness in his eyes, his 2nd grade teacher made him throw out the cicadas before he could show them to anyone.
Apparently, she has a anti-bug policy in class and has a “zero tollerance” toward all bug bringer-in-ers. I was amazed and upset, too! So much for trying to bring the wonderful world of nature and science to thier classroom. I think his teacher needs to rethink her additude toward those red-eyed creatures from below.
For instance: “1-cicada, 2-cicada, 3-cacada, 4. How many cicadas can we get past her door?” Chris J., Hilliard, Ohio


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Kids at my school rip the wings, legs &heads off cicadas.. me, Carson, & Katie are the CSI, the cicada saving industry. I’m making flyers now! πŸ˜€ Rachel, MD

Went to Princeton today

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I went into Princeton today and as I was walking around downtown it sounded like a giant transformer. The area around where Princeton Pike, 206, and Nassau Street come together was unbelievable load and full of Cicada. Saw two that were still white, they must have just emerged. Also saw a lot on Vandeventer Ave. Leaving Princeton via Harrison Street the sound faded and by the time I reach Carnegie they could not be heard. Amazing how localized they are. Jim, nj

Not as loud as before…

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Finally, they noise from these annoying critteres appears to be tappering down. Definitely not as loud the past couple of days. I hope this marks the beginning of the end of this “emergence”.
Alan, Fairfax, VA

Finally found the mother lode of cicadas in Indianapolis!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
So I’ve been bummed because we’ve had so few cicadas… then I’m driving along 56th street on the east side, between 465 and Keystone, and I notice a loud buzzing/humming sound … it was thousands of cicadas! I had to roll up my windows for fear of one flying in the window! Holy cow!

I got my daughters and we went back… we drove through a neighborhood there and were amazed. These creatures were crawling on everything from the ground, grass, low lying plants, up tree trunks and all over houses. There are hundreds flying in the air.

The sound was unbelievable. There was a recognizable buzzing that seemed to ebb and flow in unison… and overlaying that bug sounding buzz was an eerie high pitched hum. Now I understand the references to lasers and UFOs. It’s really undescribable.

We drove past one house that had a blow up jumping toy set up in the front yard apparently for a birthday party this weekend… but I’m afraid there will be more than a few kids and adults who will refuse to go outside in the midst of all those flying monsters.

My daughters begged me to let them out to catch a few… so we got out a bag and they each brought in a captured cicada, but my oldest daughter caught a mating pair! When we got home, she transplanted the mating pair to a tree in our yard hoping this couple would populate our yard! My other daughter’s friend flew off only to be IMMEDIATELY picked off in mid-air by a bird! My daughter was more than a bit honked off.

The sheer numbers of this emergence is overwhelming. We are so happy that a) we finally got to experience this phenomenon and b) there are not this many in our yard! Yuck!

If anyone in the Indianapolis area wants to experience this – head to the neighborhoods north and south of 56th street between 465 and Keystone (closer to 465). Open your car windows a bit, you can’t miss the sound! Holly, Indianapolis Indiana

Just back from Hershey Park

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
We just spent 2 days in Hershey and there were no signs of any cicadas there yet. Christine Lisciak, PA

They are everywhere

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Just had two on my back from walking to my car and back. Store owners are sweeping live ones up like they were discarded cigarette butts. My car is covered in smashed cicadas from the beltway around DC. I left for a trip last friday and there were none and I came back to this. ARGH john, Rockville MD

Cicadas — Come Baaaack!!!!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Not a sighting or sounding for these creatures — when are they coming to South Jersey? We’re waiting!! Anneliese, Pine Hill, NJ

Cicadas in Towson!!!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
This is my second time around with these things and the first time I don’t remember it being ANYTHING like this. I work in Towson, and there is not ONE place that I’ve been to that hasn’t had hundreds of Cicadas per tree. I’ve noticed that they don’t particularly care for the pine trees, but they certainly LOVE the maple trees! I thought that I would not be seeing them near my home since I live in the city, but yesterday I had one in my front yard, then today I saw at least 5 or 6, so they are definitely emerging slowly but surely and my SUV windows are taking a lot a of misguided Cicadas. Smashed Cicadas are hard to clean off your windshield!!! Tiffany, Baltimore, MD

New Gallery and Blue-eyed Cicada

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Arlington’s in full swing. My neighborhood actually doesn’t sound as loud as earlier in the week, but there are more in the city area than last weekend.

I have some pictures and commentary at
There are two pages. Next weekend, a birthday party for my daughter with cicada pinata, cake, and racetrack (tried it out, and it’s a little underwhelming– they’re perfectly happy to sit still). Mike, Arlington


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I saw the post below about Quakertown PA. I live there and havent seen or heard anything! Mike, Quakertown PA


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have been looking forward to seeing these creatures, but I have yet to see one. Are they coming to Georgia? Jenny, Locust Grove, Georgia

Where should we go?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I am going to head up to Princeton on Thursday June 3rd in the hope of finding and documenting some cicada activity. Could any of you fine folks in Princeton reccommend some specific locations to seek out? Much obliged. I. A. Bodulait, Brooklyn, NY

Sooooo Loud

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
The cicadas are definatly here. Too noisy to be outside. We are on 2 acres just outside of dublin. My black lab thinks they are delicious! A,my, Dublin,ohio


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
My back yard is like a Hitchcock movie. The smell is getting stronger and so are the cicada’s. I saw one trying to carry off my neighbor’s kid much to my joy, only to drop him in the middle of the street. Cutting the grass is a growing adventure. Several have found me to be a suitable mate, but I guess they don’t like Italian. Can’t wait until I’m able to hear the music coming from my stereo again, but I’ll miss them nonetheless. Born in the cicada year of 1987 ties me to them I guess. Sorry for those of you not able to enjoy this craziness. It’s quite memorizing. Terp Fan, Ellicott City, MD

I found which direction they are moving in.

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Thur. May 27th, i was driving through Dublin, OH when the setting outside went from normal to erie. I soon relized that when I had crossed the Scioto River that I had entered Cicada central. I wonder when they will cross the river and arrive at my house? They are so loud. I could hear them in my car with the windows all up and the radoi playing. I thought something was wrong with my car. It was incredible. Dustin Z., Dublin, OH

Where are they???

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Sadly, none to speak of in Warrington. No one can tell me if they remember them from 17 years ago. T. Hess, Warrington, PA (Central Bucks)

Cicada songs – fading away πŸ™

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Sad to say, the cicada songs are fading in my area; presumably they’re ending their stay? I’ve rescued a few from the street over the past few days, and when I picked them up, they started “crenelating” (is that the proper word?) I don’t know if they were singing to me or swearing at me, but it’s a fascinating sound! Also, I was out walking last week and it seemed every cicada in the area was using me for a landing strip; a man was walking 10 feet in front of me, but they were leaving him alone; any thoughts on “why me?” (not that I minded, I think the Magics are just that – magic!) Sue, Riverdale, MD

Webcam with audio?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Has anyone found a webcam with audio yet in a cicada-intense area? Still haven’t had a chance to *hear* them (my mother still won’t open her window, even though she has screens…she’s completely freaked out) Debbie, Seattle

Philadelphia, PA suburbs

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Saw 2 live cicadas (one with deformed wings) and their exoskeletons here in the near western suburbs of Philadelphia on 5/25. Several more exoskeletons each day since, though no more live cidadas. Perhaps 20 cicada holes readily visible under the maple in our back yard.

Former homeowner told us there had been a relatively large emergence here in 1987. Dawn, Wynnewood, PA

Friend visiting Princeton from Seattle

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have a friend who grew up here in Seattle who’s visiting Princeton this weekend with her boyfriend for a college reunion….I did not have a chance to talk to her before she left so she may have *no* idea what she’s in for! It sounds like they are all over Princeton campus from what I’m reading here…am I correct? It will be interesting to hear her comments when she gets back.

I wonder if researchers would be interested in these special colored eye cicadas? I know the person who found the blue-eyed cicada in MD turned it in to researchers at the UM. Debbie, Seattle

Not here yet……

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have not seen or heard even one yet here in Northwestern Indiana. I thought perhaps our recent spell of cool and wet weather is postponing the emergence. I do not remember seeing any in 1987, but I vividly remember the brood in 1973, when to a child it seemed to be the coolest natural thing on earth. I am hoping that our human race has not obliterated these fascinating creatures; but I am afraid with deforestation and rapid urbanization of countryside in this area, this may very well be the case. A sad thing to happen to a harmless and interesting animal. Dan, Valparaiso, IN

Brood X Street Locations

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I was wondering if we could give more specific street locations for some of the hotspots. I just came back from Maryland and Brood X was not as widespread as I thought. I did not hear any in Hagerstown. Baltimore was incredible though. Specifically: Edmondson Avenue. The noise level was amazing. I located all three species near a middle school on that street. Septendecula sang loudly around 8 pm. I also found a tree with roughly 5000 skins underneath. Anyways, I want to see other sights but to save time (and gas)I would like specific locations. Also, I believe this info will prove useful for future seekers. Thanks cicadamaniacs!
Mike Mike, Connecticut -Maryland

NE Extension / PA Turnpike

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Nothing in the Allentown, PA area yet . . . but my daughter and I were driving down to the Phillies game late afternoon and could not believe the intensity of noise coming from the woods beginning just south of the Quakertown exit of the NE Extension/PA Turnpike. Stayed that way for several miles towards Lansdale, then — just like that — it was all over with for the rest of the trip south into the Phila. area. The wave of emergence must be making it’s way north a little each day.
Frankie D, Allentown PA

Traveling into Hillsborough

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I am about 10 miles north of Princeton and I spotted 3 fluttering cicadas on Hwy 206. None on trees yet, and nothing like Princeton! Was in Princeton yesterday, and one was traveling with me on my windshield. Set it free before I left Princeton. Can they survive if they are transported into other areas by cars, buses, etc…? Janet, Hillsborough, NJ

Smithsonian attack

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Just fyi for anyone visting the new Dulles Smithsonian National Aircraft and Space Museum in Virginia/DC — the cicadas were swarming the place. They were blindly running into the glass building, a small pile was at the front door where they had all haplessly landed. We were there on a field trip for my son’s class and had to eat outside. When we re-entered the building, one teacher found three had landed on or in his collar area and students pulled them out for him YUK!!! In general, I feel sorry for these bugs. The cicadas are about the dumbest, saddest flying insects ever. They look as if they’re struggling horribly when flying and they just run into anything. And if they land upside down, they just lay their waving their feet in agony. And half the time when you flip them over, they flip right back onto their back. Jane, Ashburn, VA

cicadas and hershey park

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
LOL to the guy asking about Hershey Park. I emailed the very same question to the park a couple of days ago and this is the LONG answer I got back: Thank you for your inquiry regarding Cicadas. It is projected to be a peak
cyclic year for these insects to mature to adulthood in the Northeastern
United States. So far I have only heard one adult within HERSHEYPARK. We do
expect numbers to increase and the projected peak breeding season is to be
mid-to-late June. One will expect to see evidence of the metamorphosis to
adulthood by the time of your visit. However, I do not expect that the
presence of these insects to impact greatly on your visit. I expect the
sights, sounds and excitement of HERSHEYPARK will overshadow the impact of
this natural, but harmless, phenomenon.

To hypothesize regarding one of your concerns, I suppose it is conceivable
that one could encounter one of the insects while it is in flight. The
likelihood seems improbable, but I suppose possible. All I can tell you is
that I’ve been an adult living in this area long enough to have been here
for two previous peak cyclic years, and I do not recall an incident of that
type happening or having had my lifestyle impacted in any way during these
“peak” cycles. As Director of the zoo associated with HERSHEYPARK, I and my
staff attempt to be aware of all of these natural occurrences. In our area
some cicada reach adulthood every year, but there are these cyclic peak
years. The sound of these insects competing for mating rites and seeing an
occasional adult in flight is expected. These insects do not bite or seek
out any sources of food throughout this portion of their life cycle. I do
reiterate that so far whatever we may see remains to happen. I have only
heard two adults so far, and only one was within HERSHEYPARK as of this

Please feel free to contact me if I can offer additional information.

Troy E. Stump
ZOOAMERICA Wildlife Park
Jane, Ashburn VA

I am 15 minutes from Princeton and still I do not see any!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Are the people surrounding the Princeton area supposed to be Plagued with these bugs? I have been in fear of these little buggers, sticking their heads above ground, for some time now. I know people who live in Princeton and they say that they are everywhere! What I am asking is this….. Is this the first generation that wants an education from an Ivy League school or are more supposed to arrive and be in the area of Plainsboro, Cranbury and the surrounding areas??? I pray that they just stay in Princeton and become graduates of 2004. πŸ™‚ Michael, Cranbury

White eyes?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I’v heard there are a few with blue eyes. This ones eyes are for sure not red. My wife says they are white? Earl, Lancaster Pa.

None yet.,

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004

Are they blind?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I have been trying to convince my roomate that these buggers are not blind. But she insists that they are.
How about it? Anyone else want to back me up on this one?
Tony Roberts, Columbia MD

Gold eyed cicada

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Hi everybody, today I found a gold eyed cicada and I’m thinking that it has to be rare so im keeping it in my room. If anyone knows about the rarity of this color, please send back a message because I’m very interested in knowing If my discovery is actually a discovery. Thanks for your time, Nick Nick Kostreski, Wheaton, MD, U.S.

can they see?? or just stupid..

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
here’s my ‘cicada’ question..are they blind?? everyday driving home on kenilworth avenue in the berwyn heights area (cicada central), they fly into my windshield..they MUST be blind or incredibly stupid..they r EVERYWHERE..very creepy and SO BIG… michelle, greenbelt, maryland

Keeping my ears open for the Magic

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I am listening closely for a sign of our Magic friends. Sometimes I’ll think I hear it, but it just turns out to be a malfunctioning car engine. How disappointed I’ll be if they dont’ visit me… I have heard an occasional sound coming from the trees, which sounds like a weed-whacker. I wonder if it might be one *solitary* cicada. Up at Green Lane last week, there were 2 different species singing. One of them made that hollow whistle that could be compared to a jet at the other end of the runway. The other breed sounded like a chorus of weed-whackers. Then I also detected the ‘howling’ or warbling– I think that’s the actual mating call. Also, the females make a clicking sort of sound when they are ready to, um, get it on. I learned all this from a web site from a university in michigan, which has .mp3 and .wav files of the different cicada calls. I think the link is here on this site. Check it out! Laura, Oaks PA


Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
They are everywhere! When will they leave?! I m going to lose my mind or not go outside until they go away! Hannah, oakton, va

how to avoid cicadas?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
i am scared of cicadas….how can i avoid them? Jan, Indiana

Cicada Attack!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I was working off the Beltway in Falls Church looking out a fourth story window Tuesday morning as the Cicadas starting bouncing around. By noon the side of the building was covered with thousands. By 6pm when I left they were 5 to 6 inches deep along the bottom of the walls crawling over each other like something off of fear factor!
We have none of these in Yorktown.
Taking the family to Hershey PA two weeks from now…can anyone tell me if it is that bad there? I don’t want to take my kids on a roller coaster going 70mph if these things are flying around!
Regards… Jeff Dixon, Yorktown, VA

Where are they?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Haven’t seen any here yet. Lots of ticks (yuk) though! David, Media, Delaware County, PA


Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I work off Rolling Road. Man, they’re invading my freakin’ job!!! They’re all over the place here! I run into them in the truck on delivery, they come into my warehouse… they’re everywhere! I really wonder how long this thing will last. Hope not too long, I’m tired of having to flash my towel when I’m walkin’ outside to ward them off, lol. Have fun, cicada lovers! Obie , Springfield, VA (Where I work anyways…)

Black Eyes

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I found a female this afternoon with grey-black eyes. Has anyone heard of this sort of anomaly before? Joyce, Rockville, MD

first live one

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I have finally seen a live one and they look really cool and they are not the least bit scared of us I still have not seen what I was expecting, I have seen about 5 shells but and one live one but still not what others are seeing. I hope I get to see that. Scott Davis, Bel Air, MD

welcome cicadas!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
the cicadas have been here for about a week. They are very “patchy” in their gathering, you can drive the down the street and not hear them, then turn the corner and hear 100s of them in one tree. You can hear their melodic droning in the distance all day, but standing under a tree where they are all hanging out is UNREAL! I always smile when i see or hear them. Paul, Germantown, MD

what a buzz!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I thought I remembered how LOUD these guys were from the last time… The buzz started here a few nights ago, but this morning – after some heavy, persistent rain moved off – the buzz is truly in the air! Amazing too how isoloated some of the noise is; even in town you can drive past a city block and there’d be a sudden and very noticeable increase in the volume. rick xaver, bloomington, in


Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
They’ve started to swarm big time in Falls Church VA. Riding home from the lunch, we saw scores of people on the sidewalk flailing haplessly at the air. It resembled a science-finction movie. It’s dangerous–a co-worker almost hit a child who jumped into the street to escape a cicada. michael, Falls Church

They’re back!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
They are all over Princeton Borough. Depending on where you are – near old trees and woods – you can see zillions of them and hear them buzzing very loudly.

I remember them from 17 years ago when I worked in town. They carpeted the streets and side-walks. You had no choice but to step on them. They were everywhere! Cyn, Princeton, NJ

Crunchy Critters invade West Virginia!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Coming home from Virginia this weekend (5/25), north on I81, my fiance and I stopped in an antique market in West Virginia. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! Crunching off the windshield as we pulled off the exit, swooping down from the trees, crushed under our feet as we walked…The shop owner said they’re looking forward to 4 more weeks of the squealing, crunchy critters! Ichhhh! Jen, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Guess What?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I saw a cicada today! I’ve been waiting for a moment like this! I didn’t think they existed until I finally saw one myself. They’re a lot bigger than I thought they were! YAY Cicadas! WEEEEEEE!! πŸ™‚ Ryan Swift, Georgetown

Flying Everywhere Heere!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Please, Please tell me when this madness will end!!!! There are BIG Cicadas flying everywhere. It must stop soon or I am going to lose my MIND. Saw a different breed this morning just a bit smaller with white wings. I am petrified!! Rock, Northwest Baltimore, MD

They’re so cool!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I live right by the water, so I haven’t seen any at home. But we were at a Baysox game on Sunday, and there were so many we could catch them in the air and pass them around. And they feel really neat when you hold them. sort of like little prickles… Mer, Annapolis, MD

Cicadas like blondes

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
One of these nasty things flew into my wife’s hair. Alan, Washington DC

Found Brood X

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Thanks to this message board and the earlier posting from Green Lane, PA.
We found the brood.

See ya in 17 years !!! Danny, Audubon,PA

Cicadas in Upstate NY?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Does anyone know if the cicadas are coming to upstate NY. I’m only 17, and curious to find out as much as I can, I obviously cant remember the last time they came, as I was born that year. Let me know… Melanie, Lisbon NY (St. Lawrence County)

Trip To Washington DC

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Yesterday I made a quick trip to Washington National Airport and had a couple of hours to collect cicadas and bring some home to Chicago. There’s a beautiful bike path that goes north from the airport along the Potomac, and it was heavily populated with cicadas. I collected a few males and females and brought them home. They’re in a big jar climbing around on a big ball of wet paper towels.

Odd thing is that they seem to have two or three distinct mating calls. Do they vary by family, mood, or both??

I’ll probably let’em go free tomorrow in the forest preserves up here. They’ll have a ball in these here woods… Philip, Chicago

On the Mall

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
There are pockets of cicadas on the National Mall in Washington that emerged late last week. Most of the trees there are pruned regularly of their low brances so there aren’t a lot to be seen up close anymore, but you can definitely hear them in patches around the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of American History.

Meanwhile, my neighborhood in Arlington has been droning for almost two weeks. I’ve had cicadas land on my shoulder and sing — it’s loud, but OK by me. The courtyard below my 7th floor apartment just became active in recent days, and cicadas sometimes land on my window screens and sing. I haven’t seen any new emergences in several days. P. Yabut, Arlington, VA

Sightings in NJ?

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
We’re on the look-out, but haven’t seen any yet! Is it possible they won’t emerge here? Chuck, Montclair, NJ

Where are they?

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Why haven’t the cicadas invaded this town. I saw one today for the first time and it was probably blown here from a storm we had the night before. Don’t get me wrong though, I am relieved not to have that rotting smell but I would like to know the reason if there is one. M.O., Glen Burnie, MD

100s [AT] Battelle Darby Park

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I took my dog on the Wag Trail. They were all over some of the bushes. The sound came in waves. I found a few dead ones on the ground. I brought them back with me, along with a couple of ticks. I got some tick spray and plan to head back out on a daily bases. Tim Hamilton, Columbus, Ohio

koo koo bugs

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Funny bugs. They’ve become part of the fabric of life. They land on you because you’re vertical. Had one on the car the other day, demurely staring with red eyes. Funny.

I have sympathy for bug phobics. Oh my God. michael, falls church VA

Cicada in NJ

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Nothing in EB NJ but I know that they will come soon. If they don’t then I guess I’ll try in another 17 years. Jason, East Brunswick, NJ


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Just wondering if anyone along the Jersey shore has seen any abundance of these buggers yet? I have my tunnel builders on standby and I want to make sure they have enough construction time! My mother went to Crofton,MD yesterday for a few days to visit and only lasted a day! She said the cicadas were so bad she was having a nervous breakdown and went back home to upstate New York! Ha-Ha! Hope some followed her… Kimmy, SMITHVILLE, NJ

need a few

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
in my middle school classes, we do a number of comparitive studys. i would love to have a few males and females to compare to the annual cicadas that we have in kansas. we are not due for an emergence until 2015, and with all of the discussion
on the news, my students are really interested.

d butler, leon kansas

white eyed cicada

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
found a white eyed cicada when I was walking up to my school so I picked it up and put it in my backpack. I can’t bring cicadas into my school so when I got home I took it out to take a picture. Then I put it in a jar with a branch.
SEAN WILKINSON M.D sean wilkinson, upper marlboro maryland

Not hear yet! πŸ™

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I’m about 30 miles south of Nashville and no sitings yet! Although I hear Knoxville, about 150 miles east of us, is covered with them.
Cicadas, come west, young bugs, come west! Sandra, Murfreesboro, TN

Boy are they ever loud!!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
These cicadas are deafening. Our house is surrounded by woods and the noise is really unbearable during the day! We have to turn up the TV to hear it and that’s with the windows shut! The end of June won’t be here soon enough! Karen, Gettysburg, PA

None spotted Yet!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Will they reach as far east in NJ as Howell? Randy, Howell NJ

I heard them over the phone from Princeton!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Nothing here in NorthEast Somerset County so far, and looking at the Brood X territory map, we’re really close to the edge of the expected emergence so I’m not 100% certain we’re in the zone. My husband thinks it’s Brood II that emerges here based on the year he remembers it, so we’ll have to wait and see.

However, my husband was on business in Princeton today and called to say he didn’t see cicadas anywhere! I told him it was impossible based on the reports on this site. He pulled over near a wooded area and when no cars were going by, he said he could hear the UFO noise. I urged him to drive closer to the noise and sure enough, it got much louder and I could hear them over the phone! It really sounded like the attack of the giant bugs in old horror movies. He only saw one cicada flying – it might be too chilly today – but they were very noisy in the tree tops. This was along the Raritan canal and just a few blocks from the older part of the University campus. Loretta, North Plainfield, NJ

looks like dive bombers

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Sitting here in clinic and looked out the window…must be a hundred i have seen in the past few minutes…7 floors up…flying through the air like dive bombers…males chasing females??…females looking for a tree branch???…in the heat and heart of a urban center…more buildings than grass and trees… health provider, Baltimore

The noise is deafening

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Even tho’ I’m 17 years older than I was in 1987 and us old folk are supposed to be losing our hearing, the noise seems louder than it was the last time.

Also, the smell of dead and dying cicadas is starting to be a little gamey.

I don’t know if I can make it another 4 weeks without going mad! Iris, Baltimore, MD

where the heck are they?!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I read your message shorty from kunkletown, pa; we’re neighbors and I haven’t seen any yet. I’m getting the feeling we may not see any, and that makes me sad! becky, saylorsburg,pa

The Maddening Noise

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
The noise level in my neighborhood is getting pretty loud. Everyone said that we wouldn’t see too many here because my neighborhood was built about 10 yrs. ago. Not true!! And now they “sing” at night, too. My husband likes the noise. He says it is soothing.
To Debbie in Seattle: Here is the web page with the article you were looking for:
Grace, Abingdon, MD

They freak me out

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They are EVERYWHERE! They fly around all over the place and they have landed on me a few times. I wanted to cry. I’m trying to accept them, I’m actually starting to like them a little bit. They are kind of cute in an ugly sort of way… Melody, Hanover, MD


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Cicadas are disgusting and thats all i have to say about that!! Amanda, MD

are they coming?

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
ARE THE CICADA BUGS COMING TO SHIRLEY?????????????? OR MASTIC?????? Brittany, Shirley

manhattan cicadas

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004

i am very excited about the prospect of seeing cicadas in manhattan. it drives me wild, in fact. when will they be in manhattan. will they even be in manhattan? does anyone remember from the last outbreak. im talking about in the parks eg central park, riverside park etc…

reply back soon,
manhattan cicadamaniac TK, new york, ny


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
So far, not any sign of them over here.
However, saw them yesterday, while driving, only 25 miles south of here. “Hope” we’ll have them soon in northern NJ. Peter, Long Valley, NJ

Washing the windshield

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They seem to be very active this week. And there lots of them dead on the sidewalks – perhaps the first to show up had done their dirty business already and can die in peace now. Anyway – driving home from work yesterday, I got quite a few killed on my windshield. And it’s not an easy task to wash the mess off – no way it would come off with water or regular fluid. Even Windex wasn’t working very well – you have to rub it and scrub it.
And boy, do they stink! I guess people who eats them consider it “delicious”, but I’m actually thinking of getting a gas mask – it’ll be much worse in a week or two…
By the way – to those, who love them so much, and say they are totally harmless: DON’T YOU KNOW THAT ROTTEN FLESH IN LARGE AMOUNTS CAN BE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH? Have you read (in history schoolbooks perhaps?) that they use to bury corpses after a battle, instead of leaving them around to decompose. And it isn’t only because they honor their soldiers – they bury the enemy soldiers as well. So – who’s gonna bury those “harmless” and “cute” and whatnot things? EIU, Fairfax, VA

Cicadas take a lickin’, but keep on tickin’

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Yesterday evening (May 25) we experienced a serious thunderstorm in Stonewall Manor with nickel sized hail stones. The hail lasted about 5 minutes and shredded leaves of trees in our community. So how did the cicadas, which were perched high in the treetops, weather this assault, you ask? This morning they were singing their usual tune, although at a somewhat reduced volume from the day before. It sounded like most of them survived. Mike, Vienna, VA

They all may have died…

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
…from all the fertilizer and lawn care products being absorbed into the ground, I feel it will be just another normal year for the Cicada.

McKenzie McKenzie, Bucks County


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004

Still waiting in NC mountains

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
We are in the northwestern corner of NC very close to TN and VA. Elevation 3400′. So far, not a single cicada has been seen. The past month has been cooler than normal, so we are thinking the soil temp has not reached the magic 65 degrees yet. We are hoping they come soon! SK, Watauga County, Boone, NC

Cicadas Make Great Models

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They’re often so slow and docile, and so large, that they take great photo close-ups. Here’s one from my back yard that sat still long enough for me to get this great shot. B. Marshall, Annandale, VA

nothing dramatic

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I found some larvae that was ready to emerge while digging the garden but I haven’t seen any adults. Haven’t heard them yet either. Last weekend near Quakertown Pa on Rt 663 they were very loud. MJB, Mountaintop pa

Egg laying

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Yesterday, I noticed that some cicadas have started to lay eggs on my 13 year old tree. It looked like thread on several branches. I plan on checking the trees at my school. I will try to take a picture to send to you. Shirley Jeffords , Silver Spring MD

Cicadas everywhere

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I live in knox county tennessee. my 2.5 wooded acres are absolutely covered with these buggers. They haven’t caused any trouble but they make a lot of noise all day and now all night. first time i’ve ever seen them Wayne, Knoxville TN


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They are here by literally the billions!! This small quiet town literally sounds like a big city now! Just one tree in my yards has 1000’s of them!! WOW! Scott, Marshall, IL

Egg laying

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Yesterday, I noticed that some cicadas have started to lay eggs on my 13 year old tree. It looked like thread on several branches. I plan on checking the trees at my school. I will try to take a picture to send to you. Shirley Jeffords , Silver Spring MD

Cicadas everywhere

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I live in knox county tennessee. my 2.5 wooded acres are absolutely covered with these buggers. They haven’t caused any trouble but they make a lot of noise all day and now all night. first time i’ve ever seen them Wayne, Knoxville TN


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They are here by literally the billions!! This small quiet town literally sounds like a big city now! Just one tree in my yards has 1000’s of them!! WOW! Scott, Marshall, IL

Cicadas a no show

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Cicadas have not shown up in the Englishtown/ Manalapan area. If anyone sees them please let me know which community. Thanks. Lauren, Englishtown, New Jersey

Another blue-eyed cicada

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Just read that a blue-eyed cicada turned up in McLean (where I’m from)….there’s an article on the WTOP web site about it. Mom still lives there…I’ll have to tell her to keep an eye out for blue-eyed cicadas… Debbie, Seattle

“The Eyes”

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I am on a message board of folks that ‘appreciate’ (to say the least) Frodo from Lord of the Rings and we are especially always talking about ‘The Eyes’….those deep blue, wide eyes that enhanced Elijah Wood’s character throughout the movie trilogy.

Well, I pulled a meanie last night and posted a pic on that board from the PA station Priscilla mentioned that shows a cicada quite up close and personal with the bulging red eyes πŸ˜‰ and called it ‘The Eyes’……had a mixed reaction on that one….LOL!!!!!

My Mom is in McLean, VA so from the sounds of what’s being posted here, it sounds like she’s inundated. Dad is in Baltimore….I asked Mom to open the weekend so I can hear them singing a couple of weeks ago (Mother’s Day) but she doesn’t even want to think about them. It must be much worse now….after the post I saw about hitting 40 or 50 of them going down the beltway.

It sounds like they are even more of them than 1970 and 87. Back then my boyfriend and I had tshirts that said ‘Cicada Invasion Summer 1987 with a bunch of cicadas all the the red eyes…if anyone sees a shirt like that can someone let me know.
Is there a news article anywhere on the woman who hit the fire hydrant? Debbie, Seattle

how far upstate will they come?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
are they coming to upstate ny. at all? i took my kids out to look for them, found a shell of one in a knothole in my pine tree, it was very old. covered in spider webs and sap. bill, modena, ny.

attracted to light?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Are cicadas known to be attracted to outdoor lighting? JLB, Louisville, KY

Still No Cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Had them in ’87, but so far I haven’t seen any here in Matthews, NC or 50 miles away at our lake cottage. They were abundant at the lake in ’87, so I’m wondering where they are now!!!
Lisa in Charlotte, NC Lisa, Charlotte, NC

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I drive an 18 wheeler, haven’t seen a live one yet. Maybe thats what the big splat was on the windshield? shorty, Kunkletown, PA USA


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Havent seen any either. I saw a lot in Bloomington. Dr. Dre, Indianapolis


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Anyone have any ideas if these things are coming to South Jersey? I think I may have seen 2 babies on my screen door the other day. They were pretty small but had those red eyes and one was making a pretty loud sound! Haven’t seen (or heard)anything since then but I’m still looking. Is it possible to have just a few and not mass quantities? I’m building a tunnel… KIMMY, SMITHVILLE,NJ

Michigan Sightings

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Have there been any reports of sightings in Michigan? sc, MI

Cicadas early arrival

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I think our Cicadas arrived early . In April we had a deafening sound in the woods behind our apartment complex. We couldn’t figure out what it was. It was so loud. It was done by May. And now we have no cicadas around like everyone else does. Our woods out back are quiet and down the road is filled with them. I think they came early. Amy Murberg, Bel Air, Maryland


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Still none here in Ann Arbor MI that I have seen. Helen, Ann Arbor MI

PLEASE Say it isnt so!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I’m in Washington NJ too Danny, and I dont have them at my house yet. I look outside every night and every morning…so far… complete relief! None here! I lived in Colonia (Middlesex County) in 1996 when Brood II was there. That was so incredibly bad I cant even imagine what this year has in store! You could scoop up many MANY handfulls at the base of each tree back then…OMG what am I instore for this year??? I’m sooo freaked out! New Jersey-ites….please keep me posted!!! B.T., Washington NJ (Warren County)

Are any hatching still?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Does anyone know where any more cicadas may be hatching still in the Cincinnati area, as of 5/26? I would like to try to watch one emerge out of its shell (I missed them in 1987, as I was in Pearl Harbor serving in the Navy). Carol Ann vivedly remembers 1987, and is looking forward to the “peak” time of this “Brood X” emergence.


Thanks for allowing us to share. Larry and Carol Ann, Cincinnati, OH

Just a few – bummer

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
My family has been waiting to experience this invasion, but, alas, we have just had a few emerge under one tree. For the last week we have seen 4-8 new shells each morning. Most of them are being eaten by birds. I can hear an occasional weee-ooohhh, but it’s just one or two at a time. Looks like we are going to have to drive down to southern Indiana to experience the big numbers. Holly, Indianapolis Indiana

Cicadas Everywhere!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Oh, if you really want to see some cicadas just come to the DC metro area and you will see more than you need. I am on the campus of my school (Trinity College) and cicadas are even flocking inside the dorms. You can here the cicadas all around you…they actually sound like car alarms. Also, can you believe that one little cicada cause a huge accident in Maryland. A lady was driving to work when a cicada flew in her car and she instinctively went to swat it away and crashed into a fire hydrant knocking out all of the water for the neighborhood. I am totally scared of bugs…if you want the cicadas come to DC and take them all because I have had enough of them. πŸ™‚ Ndara, Washington, DC

Where are They?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I live in williamson county about 15 min from downtown and haven’t seen them yet I hope they come soon! danny, nashville TN

Giant cicada!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Just saw the first cicada in our neighborhood- it’s in an oak tree on our street. It is huge! This is the first one we have seen, even though we live in a rural area about seven miles from Princeton (which is overrun with them). Hopefully, we will see more. Sue, Franklin Twp (Somerset Co) NJ

The Enterprise is here

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I live in the country and man do they like to make noise it sounds almost like a Spaceship hovering over our house. We have holes around every tree i mowed the lawn and saw about 100 holes Joe, Pennsylvania

The smell of Cicadas

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
We have had cicadas for over two weeks and the smell from the rotting shells and dead bugs was overwhelming in our back yard. We have been shoveling cicadas into trash cans and putting down lime and cedar mulch to deal with the stench….

KP, Gaithersburg, MD


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
These critters are deeeeeelish! Catch a jar full, freeze them. Next day rinse w/cold h20, pat dry. Toss in flour/salt/pepper/creole season and fry 2-3 min in hot canola oil.
Eat them like popcorn! Great w/beer or Cheerwine… ‘Hoss, Knoxegas, TN

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