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May 25, 2004

May 23rd – May 25th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Giant cicada!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Just saw the first cicada in our neighborhood- it’s in an oak tree on our street. It is huge! This is the first one we have seen, even though we live in a rural area about seven miles from Princeton (which is overrun with them). Hopefully, we will see more. Sue, Franklin Twp (Somerset Co) NJ

Cicadas are up in eastern PA!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I dug up a cicada a few weeks ago while planting trees, so I knew they were coming. I went out today to take some pictures and they’re everywhere! Still not as noisey as I remember in years past, but I don’t think they’re done emerging yet. Jon, Zionsville, Lehigh County, PA

Unsuccessful Hunt

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Searched through Setauket, Old Field, Stony Brook and Lake Grove in Suffolk County without success. Not a single shell or chirp. Getting hungry and jealous after reading all those cicada recipes! AJay, Long Island


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I visted this site for more info on them since we have people calling our landscaping business worrying about their plants. Its all very interesting. Nothing here as of yet as I am anticipating will will have many at our home which is a few acres of untimbered forest land. We do have an unusual amount of mosquitos this year though, and are HUGE! Looking forward to hearing and seeing this phenomenon, hopefully our young nursery trees are not too hard hit!!! Anyone near us see any??? Susan, Elysburg, PA

Emerged 5/22

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
They’re heeeere. JOhn, Downingtown PA

blue eyes

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Are you still looking for the blue eyed one?

Got it. Bryan , ft thomas


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
people at my school are trying to kill them they have killed 70 bob, U.S


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Are Cicadas blind? Jay Schultz, Silver Spring MD

When will this end?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
There are thousands, they’re everywhere, and they’ve been here since the 8th. They were cool to look at and photograph for a while, but I’m so over this… they are really stinky, loud and annoying now! Donna, Rockville, MD

17 Years Ago

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have not yet seen them in the suburban Philadelphia region, but understand they are around. 17 years ago, I remember them quite well. For a few weeks, I was qondering what that constant din outside was — they were not in our neighborhood, but quite heavy in the surrounding area. Then one night, I saw a piece on the news about them. Much different today with all the TV & newspaper coverage and Web sites dedicated to the emergence. I’ll have to keep an ear open on the way home. GFE, Glenside, PA

They’re heeeere!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Yep.. we have cicadas here in Bloomington, Indiana! I have some photos I took on 24 May 2004 here:
I hope to get more as the season progresses. I love these bugs! Janee, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

They’re DEFINATELY here!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Have been watching my trees and finding scads of exoskeletons. The awful noise started over the weekend…can barely here myself think and I can’t close the windows because I don’t have central air! Ugh.. Jeanne, Perkiomenville, Pa

No Sightings Yet

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Where are they??!! I want to see these little critters… I hope that I haven’t missed them yet. Mike, Hanover, PA – near Gettysburg

It’s Like a Science Fiction Movie!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Carcasses are everywhere as nymphs transform into adults and a constant cacaphony fills the residential forest community known as Spring Hill Acres (near Mt Gretna), Lebanon Co., PA. I ran through the woods along the Horseshoe Trail up to Gov. Dick Lookout last Sunday and could hear the “courtship songs”, even though listening to Smooth Jazz on my Walkman!! Stan, Spring Hill Acres, Cornwall, Lebanon Co, PA

Cicada’s coming to Hagerstown??

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
It appears the Cicada’s are everywhere around Hagerstown, MD, but not in the city. They have invaded all surrounding towns, and rivers but not here yet. Are they coming here??

Marcia McKnight Marcia McKnight, Hagerstown, MD

“There Back!”

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
My boys had me outside in the woods looking for them. This morning while looking out the window there they were, three of them in a white birch tree still in the shells. I cannot wait to see the boys faces after school today! Raquel Lutton, Schnecksville, PA

They’re Heere!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have only seen little to none in the city. Will they be in Englishtown, New Jersey? I am going on a trip there on June 12. Andrea, Baltimore, MD

Hoards of Them

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I got attacked on the ear by one this morning, nearly broke my glasses. Freaked out really bad! When are they leaving already? I hate the eeery sounds too. Enough! Enough! I am ready to leave home and stay with my Aunt. How many more weeks of this terror? Shelly, Gwynn Oak, MD

OMG that’s loud

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I’m here on the Ohio/Kentucky border near Cincinnati, and they’re everywhere. My brothers and I were out working on a car and they kept landing on us.

In some parts of Hamilton, Ohio (where most of my family lives) they’re so loud you can’t hear anything else!

BTW – these things seems to have pupils. It looks like when I hold one in front of me and move around, it follows me with it’s eyes. Or am I just seeing things? John Davison, Florence, Kentucky


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
We have them…BIG TIME! There is a swarm on our ridge in the woods. I can hear them starting as soon as it’s warm enough in the morning until it cools down in the evening. They’ve been here for about 2 weeks (first emergence was the morning of 5/15/2004. I have a question for anyone, however. I keep hearing something that sounds like crying, wailing, or lasers in addition to the buzzing that’s like a machine or water running. Does anyone know what this sound is? THANKS! Sharon Heller, 7 mi. west of Newport, PA, USA

There Here!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Since last Friday (May 21) they’ve really invaded Princeton. It sounds as if the mother ship has landed and is beaming everyone up! Marjory , Princeton, NJ


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
they are real thick in the vineyard but nowhere else Mitch Boatman, Hillsboro, Ohio

Our cicadas make great “scarecrows” for our cherry trees

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Typically we don’t get a chance to enjoy the fruit of the cherry trees in our back yard because the birds beat us to it. Not this year. We have thousands of cicadas and lots of delicious ripe cherries.

We figure the cicadas’extremely loud call is scaring the birds out of the trees.

Anyone else getting the same results? Will, Mary, Cindy, & Jim, Ft. Thomas, KY


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
My oldest son and I have been waiting anxiously for them. We heard the noise (finally!) early Sat morn (21st) and went on a walk to coleect some Sunday night. It’s very cool, exciting and GROSS! It must be a BOY thing!!! Shawn Marie & Michael T., Belcamp, MD (Harford County)

You can have some of ours!!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
For everyone who hasn’t seen or heard any cicadas yet, consider yourselves lucky…They are so loud, they started this morning at 4 am, and of course the ones my daughter has in a “critter keeper” started singing as well, so I had to take it outside. I let them go & catch her new ones every day. It would be a shame to just have them live 17 yrs underground & die without doing what Mother Nature made them for……I have seen birds feasting on them, red ants eating them, my cat even ate one yesterday….YUCK! They are kind of interesting, though, I got a pic yesterday of a pair mating on my tree. The only thing that really bothers me about them is their smell, it stinks outside, I can’t imagine how bad it will be when they all start dying off & laying under trees in mass piles…. Staci, Beltsville, MD

They are learning to fly better!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I think the Cicadas are learning to fly better after the two weeks of practice they have had since emerging from the soil. If you drive for about a mile on the DC Beltway, one should expect to hit between 40 to 50 Cicadas. They are flying everywhere. Watch your head!!! Jared, Arlington, VA

Finally Found An Adult

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
After several days of finding about 6-8 empty cicada shells in the grass under the same tree, I finally encountered and adult. It seemed to be caught up in the tall grass so I scooped it up and off it went up into the tree. If your in Wilmington, De and haven’t seen one yet, keep looking they’re here! KJ, Wilmington, DE


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
we have TONS of them… everywhere!! traci, new jersey (princeton)


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I wanna see some, but no luck yet… Joe, Long Island

They are in MD/DC area

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Was down at the Potomac River fishing this past weekend and heard them just south of Rt. 95 bridge that crosses the Potomac.
Also heard them on the way home while stuck in traffic on Rt. 95. Had the windows up and radio and A/C on and could still hear them. Just glad I don’t need to sleep through that, YET! JON, PA

Anxiously Waiting

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
There are no cicadas in Tennessee yet, as far as I’ve seen. I wonder if they’ll even get down here this year? I can’t believe I’ll be 42 when they come back… Marijean, Nashville, TN

The emergence pattern is not what I was expecting

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I thought that we would see maybe 1-3 nights of mass emergence, and the subsequent mating & dying. Instead, it seems like they are coming out little by little in my neck of the woods. When will they STOP emerging? Chrissy, Mt. Pleasant, Washington, DC

They are most definitely here!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have been amazed at the sheer volume…both in numbers and in decibels! They are all over the Miamisburg-West Carrollton area of Dayton but are not downtown as of yet. They were out in great force this weekend at The Srping Fling in Miamisburg. You could hardly walk 20 feet without one dive-bombing into your hair or landing on your arm, back, shoulder…etc. Watching people scream like little school girls and flail about was a bit entertaining (including yours truly). I’m trying to get “used” to them…really….

For all you cicada enthusiasts…enjoy!

PS: the birds are getting fat! :-> Kharis, Miamisburg

Every Where

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I never saw so many in my life. We have to watch were we step, and shake off our close before we come inside. Theres shells all over the trees and on the ground. Wesley, Delaware, Oh

Where are they

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I want to photograph Cicadae. I live in Providence RI. Does anyone know where some are that are close to me? Scott Lapham, Providence RI


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004

They’re Here

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Found my first shell, followed by about 20 more scattered around the base of our huge Pin-Oak. I’m sure there is many to follow. Hope to se a live one soon. J Stauffer, Columbus,Ohio

When do we get them?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I live in Atlanta, GA. Do they come this far south? If so, when? I haven’t seen a one. Sheree, Atlanta, GA

In Princeton

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
They’re in Princeton CB, Princeton


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Here in Bell Buckle (40 mi SSE of Nashville), ther are no cicadas yet. Everyone that was here in ’87 says that there were plenty, so by all accounts they should still be in the ground……planning. Hopefully I’ll see some when I go backpacking in East Tennessee at the end of this month, I’ve never experienced an invasion before and I feel like a child before his first Christmas. Jake Stringfellow, Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., Tn

First noticed them Thursday May 20

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have only seen one and it was dead, have only found one shell. The woods across the road sounds like there are millions. They are real loud till way after dark. L:inda Napier, Winslow Indiana

the plagues of Egypt? Nothing compared to what’s coming!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Why has God decided to torment us this way. Have we come to the end of our time. We’ve boarded up our house and only have enough supplies to last us for a month. Save yourselves!!!!!!!!!! the Booher’s, Quincy, MI

They’re everywhere!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They are all over the College Park, MD area. There must be thousands around the house and in the trees. The noise is AMAZING… it’s like being on another planet… I feel like the alien here! It’s absolutely incredible! I’m in cicada heaven! Scott, College Park, MD

None here yet

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Magicicadas have supposedly been spotted near the Delaware-Maryland state line, but none up here in the northern Delaware hills near Pennsylvania. Not even a hint of nymphs crawling out of the ground.

We’re all eagerly awaiting their arrival here…

Michael Sensor, Hockessin, Delaware


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Driving home from work this evening with the windows down I heard a buzzing sound. I pulled over in Warwick Park to check it out. As I walked into the woods the noise was rather loud and I saw a few dried shells, but I never did actually see a cicada. Hopefully I will find more in the days to come, but they are finally here. Dave Fuertsch, North Coventry,Pa


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I have experienced a true natural high!
At Clark Park, about 2 miles from my home, I experienced Cicadamania, up close and personal!

I found by the roadside,
A small tree with a chrous of MagiCicada septumdicem…
Unearthly beauty…
Absolute calm…
No fear…
Is there any other creature on earth that has NO FEAR of humans?
They bumble through the air
They do not have a care
They sing … Delightful!
Landing on me, they linger
Sitting on my finger!
Calling, chourousing, tumbling
Ruby eyes looking,
Cellophane wings flicking
Their clocks are a-ticking
Phhharrrooohhh! They cry!
Soon we will die!
But we will be back
You can count on that
Thank You, Oh Magic Ones
You may outlive me
But you will always be with me. John DeMelas, Oak Ridge, TN

Still going strong

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
It seems they’re still going strong here and at Tysons Corner. The parking lot where I work looks like a little cicada cemetary. We’re almost “attacked” every time we step out of the office. You have to do a cicada check before going back in to remove the unfortunate ones that bump into you and stick! I saw more today dead, dying AND flying around than I have in the last few weeks. I saw new ones still emerging at Wolf Trap over the weekend as well! Entertained, Vienna, Virginia-Fairfax County

First sighting of the year.

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Tonight I went out on the patio and in flew a rather large flying bug. I don’t know anything about these, but I caught it and looked up a picture and sure enough it was a Cicada! It’s the only one I’ve seen, scared the **** out of me. Matt, LaFayette, New York, USA

Our cicadas arrived May 11th! Love ’em!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hey, they are so exciting! I saw them in 1987 here, too. Each day there are hundreds of new ones in our yard. I love to see them fly like tiny red-gold helicopters. I like to get them on my hand or arm and take them for a walk – they just sit quietly. My cats enjoy stalking them, too. I have named some of them – Loretta & Isabel sit on the back screen door. Susan Burkhalter, Bethesd, Maryland, USA

Just a few of them are here!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
There are abot 10 of them in my backyard! Daniel KIm, Franklin Lakes, NJ


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Because of previous West Carrolton posting, we went there to see them (drove down fron Canada!!). Took exit 44 off of Interstate 75, and they are everywhere. High concentrations (perhaps millions) in Sycamore Trails Park, West Carrollton, Ohio. Joe Minor, West Carrollton, Ohio

they’re everywhere

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Wow. It’s humbling, really. They’re everywhere. It’s their party, and we just need to avoid having them bump into us.

Fearless little things. Zen bugs.They didn’t start flying until this weekend, and now they’re flying everywhere, going about their business. Today it struck me that it’s lucky these things aren’t inherently malevolent/poisonous. The early colonists wouldn’t have had a chance. michael, falls church, va

White Cicada’s?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
My son found a white cicada. Has anyone ever seen a white or albino cicada? It still has red eyes…. Kelly, Columbus, Ohio

Sitings but no singing

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Drove 75 miles from Toledo and camped. On May 18 saw 1st skins and adults, hundreds more each day till I left Powell Creek Camprounds on May 20. One or two sang. The proprieter called May 23, said they are now coming out in woods in camp but still not real load yet. Gary Lovell, Ayersville, Ohio Route 15


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
cicadas creep me out…there r some in my yard, but TONS in the crescent hill area…my friend says theres some in her house…EW…there arent any cicadas by the summit shopping center…probably bc it was farmland b4 and then they covered it with cement, mulch, and sod…and killed any trees that r there and planted new ones…well, at least theres 1 place where im safe lol rachel (again), louisville, ky

cicadas everywhere!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
there r cicadas everywhere, especially on my school campus. one got in my shirt 2day…it scared me 2 death…i got it out and i didnt kill it! rachel, louisville ky

They took the city

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I live in downtown DC (Dupont Circle). So far, I haven’t seen more than any other year…until today. It’s full of them. And I am sorry, I don’t like them. I am scared even of walking on the street. Pablo , Washington, DC

Camping with Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Cicada’s everywhere. Spent a weekend camping at Big Bone Lick State Park. Averaged about 5-600 cicadas on the tent at any given time. Had to use a broom to sweep away the cicada’s from the tent entrance. The sound of Cicada’s crawling around on your tent at night sounds very much like a gentle rain. I thought my memory of these little guys from 1987 in Cincinnati, Ohio was bad……this definitely tops that!! Neetz3t, Big Bone Lick State Park, KY

no live ones

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I have not really heard any cicadas here in my area I have seen a few shells here and there but no live ones or sounds that I know of yet. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll have a better chance of hearing them at night. Scott Davis, Bel Air, MD

where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Where are these creatures? I don’t they are in my area? mark, N. Royalton, Ohio

The big bug invasion

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I saw a single hole in the back yard today. No dought it was from brood x. I think the ivasion is about to start. J.P., York,P.A.


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Cicadas, where are you? I so desperately want to see them around here so that I can show my foreign born boyfriend the craziness that are Cicadas. Back when I was in high school there was a different brood going about and though I hate bugs, it was still really neat. Does anyone know if they’ll be headed up here eventually or should I drive my boyfriend (who doesn’t want to see them at all) down to Princeton? Thanks! Tiffany, Edison, NJ

so curious…

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I will be in the DC area this upcoming weekend, and I’m really looking forward to the cicada experience. Can someone tell me when and where is the best time to experience them in their most …annoying? ๐Ÿ™‚ BigMac0420, Jacksonville, FL

great there here

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
yup there here, saw the first one today sunning itself on rhododendron flower. Big ugly and many more to come I’m sure…….. Ryan, Brookline, MA

Crabapple Trees and Cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Evidently, cicadas love crab apple trees. I have one in my front yard and it is covered completely in cicada. I don’t mind, except when they chatter at me for stepping out side my own house. Rachel, Cincinnati, Ohio


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Ok guys. This thing is getting intense. I really don’t like leaving my house because there are sooooo many of them now. A few weeks ago I thought I was lucky b/c we really didn’t have that many. Well that was then, this is now. Does anyone agree that they seem to be less active at night?? Or is it just me? I know that they are supposed to be leaving by late june, but does anyone know if this week and the next are their peak times??? I’ve heard that from my mom and a friend and I’m just praying that it’s true. simone , Silver Spring,MD

Where they this noisey?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I don’t remember them being this loud the last time during the day. Meg, Bedford, PA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They were gross from the beginning, but now they are actually flying around. There are hundreds of them within a hundred foot radius. I have already been unfortunate enough to see about 4 explode upon flying into my windshield. I drive with my windows up, the air on, and music, and they are still loud enough to slowly drive me insane before getting to where I need to be. I’m sure there are many people in baltimore and surrounding areas wondering who the nut is running around with a hoodie on and a tennis racket. yes folks, it’s me. I take all necesary precautions before venturing out into the land of the cicadas. For the next month or so, they are in control. I, personally will be thrilled when they go back to ruling the underworld!! Kee, Randallstown, MD

Still no sight of them!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We’re close to Phoenixville and Malvern – both locations have representatives on the message board. And yes, there’s little if any activity here. When will they show up? Elaine, Oaks, PA

None Spotted

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We have nothing but woods surrounding our home and have yet to see a single one here is Harrisburg. Jeremy, Harrisburg, PA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Okay, the cicadas came slowly, but now they are in full effect !! Man these things are a pain, but fascinating. I don’t want to kill them but when they in sorrounding my apartment I have todo something. I’ll be glad when this is over. My biggest worry is going to work with one of these things in my hair. Felicia , Arlington, Virginia

Nothing where I am

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I’m 20 miles or so north of Princeton. Nothing by me yet. Maybe tonight. Jim, Bridgewater, NJ


Date: Monday, May/24/2004

They’re Heeeeeeere

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Baltimore is now experiencing a cicada invasion. Over the weekend they finally started appearing in mass quantities in my neighborhood. Wherever I go in town, I can always hear the alien-like hum of the cicadas in the background. It is quite loud here and the smell is already pretty strong. Every time I walk to my car, at least a handful of them fly right at me. This morning one flew down the collar of my dress shirt. I think I invented a new dance. I heard on the news that only 25% of them have emerged which is staggering. I can’t imagine how there could possibly be MORE in a few days. They are already everywhere, hitting the windshields of moving vehicles, climbing my house, in my bushes. Amazing. Chris, Baltimore, MD

None here yet 5/24/04

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Nothing here yet. Last evening was quiet, no casings around. D.F., Medford, N.J.

Cicadas Are At Or Near Peak In Elkridge Md.

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They emerged on May 13 and have been as loud or louder than I have ever heard them since Saturday. This is my fourth time around with them since 1953. George, Elkridge, Md, USA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
None None None.. Nowhere to be seen here. Yeah!! Carrie, Allentown, PA

None here yet!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Not a peep! I love the sound of the cicadas – they are truly the sound of a lazy summer day. I heard they have arrived about 1/2 hour from here in Green Lane. Karen Romano, Conshohocken, PA

All Over!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
The Cicadas are every where!! Disgusted With, Reston, VA

Cicadas in full tilt

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They’re here, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of them. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. We moved to this house about 5yrs ago, it’s in a heavily wooded neighborhood. The sound is intense. I can best describe it as rushing air, something like air escaping from a valve. It’s loud and the cicadas are flying everywhere you look. What happens to the carcases when they die? I heard the stink as they decompose…like land-shrimp. Alex, Downingtown, PA (40 mi west of Philly)

There are everywhere!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Any very very loud – like someone vacuuming in the next room! Jen, Baltimore, MD

Cicada Experience

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Just thought I’d relate a story about my 1st cicada experience. Back in 1998 I was camping with a bunch of fellow geology students in Providence Canyon state park in east Georgia….we did the back country hike through the canyon and we camped overnight down in the canyon. A bunch of us slept out under the stars that night….meanwhile, while we were sleepling and unbeknowent to us, the cicadas (13 year variety)were emerging…when we woke up we literaly had hundreds of hollow cicada exoskeletons all over our sleeping bags, hundreds more in out shoes and a large nearby tree (maybe 5 ft. away) had thousands of exoskeletons ont it…needless to say we were alittle freaked out knowing that thousands of creepy little bugs were crawling all over us and our stuff. But it does make a cool story to tell. thanks. Gristlejaw, Flroiduh


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We are very excited that this is the year the cicadas are emerging. We are busy learning about all aspects of their lives. Daeshawn found one on his oak tree last weekend. Patrick found one on his apple tree. It was head-down, four feet above the ground. We are waiting to find more! Mrs.Moynahan’s Third Grade Class rade, Coquillard Primary Center, South Bend, In


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I thought the worst was over, but boy was I wrong! There were so many cicadas on my patio on Sunday morning that my boyfriend had to come over and sweep them up just so I could get outside. I’m just an innocent person trying to live my life. When will this be over? Heather, Falls Church, VA

Yippee! Cicadas at last

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
After much anticipatory dread, I had actually begun to get into Cicadamania. But there were no signs of the little buggers in Owings Mills while surrounding areas got tons of them. They finally began singing on Saturday. Can’t see many, but the sound is just awesome!!!!! Kathy Valentine, Owings Mills, MD

Mmmm mmmm good.

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I haven’t seen too many in Germantown, but I did gather about 100 post-teneral female cicadas. Over the weekend, I made about two dozen dry-roasted, chocolate covered cicadas, which five co-workers tried today! I’ve got a few more recipes I want to try. The verdict? So far, so good. Not exceptionally delicious. But, not bad either. Mike K., Germantown, MD

Still looking

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I’ve never experienced the Brood X cicadas but have heard stories. Someone said that they won’t be in Union County, NJ this year! Say it ‘aint so! Anybody hear this? SMC, Summit, NJ

Cicada clear for the 28 approach

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Like a blink of an eye they are flying all over the tarmac….just yesterday there were none JP, BWI

Cicadas in Full Force

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Went camping/horseback riding this past weekend at Fair Hill, MD. Large pockets of Cicadas everywhere. You could hear them from the barn constantly. I enjoyed listening to them–although others did not. Sometimes when riding through the pockets they would be flying everywhere and landing on you and the horses. It was amazing how loud they were. The horses didn’t mind the sound but didn’t like when being hit in the head by them. It was a pretty neat experience. They are quite amazing. Barb, Fair Hill, Maryland

Faster than a speeding cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I went for a bike ride yesterday from my house in Stonewall Manor to Reston via the W&OD bike trail. It was a challenge to avoid hitting these flying creatures while zooming along at 18+ mph on the bike trail. I happened along a cicada flying parallel to the trail, so I slowed down to match its speed. It was flying at about 9 mph into a slight headwind. So, for anyone wondering how fast these little buggers fly, my empirical evidence suggests about 10-12 mph without any wind resistance or wind assistance. Mike, Vienna, VA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hello –
Cicadas began emerging here in Arlington 2 weeks ago. Since they came out so early here, will they leave sooner than other areas. It is unbearable. David, Arlington, VA

They’re Heeeeeeeeeeeeere!!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
First spotted Saturday, 5/22. Noticed a few “shells” on a row of short lilac bushes while cutting the grass. Closer inspection revealed TONS of them on the undersides of almost every leaf, often piggy-backed in bunches of four and five. A few hours later, heard the first sounds, like the string section of an orchestra warming up. Sounds and sightings of adults wobbily making their way to the trees is steadily increasing. vbert, Kintnersville (Upper Bucks County), PA

Merrill Creek Reservoir

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Went for a walk at the Merrill Creek Reservoir. Cicadas were everywhere. Pretty awesome to actually walk through them, and to hear them. Danny, Washington, (Warren Co.), NJ

Indiana Cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Haven’t seen any Cicadas here at home in Hamilton County, but I spent the weekend camping at McCormick Creek State Park in Southern/Central Indiana (~60 miles south of Indy). As I drove south, the chorus began. At times the noise from trees on either side of the highway was just plain creepy. At camp they were everywhere, in various stages. Many little holes on the ground where they had emerged. Many shells and living Cicadas on the trees. Shells all over the ground. Many carcasses of those that didn’t make it as well. Lots of “music” from the trees until dusk, when it would quiet down until morning. Angela, North of Indianapolis

Still Waiting

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Still no cicadas in Damascus. Still waiting patiently. I think they are cool looking, but not in such large quantities. Donna, Damascus, MD


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
The Cicada are everywhere even inside the metro rail cars. Doreen, Forestville, Maryland

They’re Singing in Crownsville!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We have a constant concert going on in Crownsville — they are plentiful, large and LOUD!

CM, Crownsville

Nothing yet

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I am anticipating a most enjoyable show of the cicadas,but as of now 5/24/04 I have been disappointed. When should I expect this 4th of uly explosion of Brood X? Jim, Hamburg,New Jersey


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
i was visiting Dayton for the weekend and it’s incredible on how many cicadas there are! It’s hard to believe, and they are so loud! It seems like Chicago is still a couple weeks away from this adventure! Christopher Byczko, Dayton, Ohio


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They are so bad in my neighborhood, particularly my house with the most trees on the street, hovering over it. I moved out this weekend to go stay with my mother. I can’t handle it, the noise is deafening. My daughter screamed, “I CAN’T THINK”. It’s terrible. I don’t know how I am going to survive this. MzTJones, Baltimore, MD

Still not too bad

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We have them… but not real bad. I hear them (how could you not!) and see them, but they are not as bad as other ares. My sister lives on the other side of Delhi and is confined to her home. I cut my grass yesterday!! I am really waiting on being hit hard-my kids are going to FREAK!! Cindie, Delhi Twp, Ohio (Cincinnati)

Where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I understand that York, PA should be in the thick of it, but so far, nothing. I am not especially fond of bugs, but I am fascinated by the life cycle of these particular insects and can’t help but be excited. Anyone in my area seen any? Karen, York, Pennsylvania

Found a few

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Went in search of cicadas this weekend. Heard or saw a few in Harleysville, Pa. A fair number reported by friend in Spring Mt. area. A large number (maybe a few thousand to ten thous./acre)in area west of Quakertown, emergence began around 15th of may. Andy, Montgomery County, PA

None Here

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I have been looking, but I haven’t seen or herd any at all. It’s probably to cold and rainy. There are a few wholes in my garden. Maybe it’s the nymphs getting ready to emerge???

I went to Toledo on Saturday May 22 and didn’t see any there either. Mark, Washtenaw County

Where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
i live in Beavercreek, Oh, Just east of Dayton. I found one shell on my sidewalk yesterday. That has been it!! No more to be found.

Roger, Beavercreek, OH

they’re here

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Yesterday, there were thousands in my back yard. Extremely loud even when I was inside with windows closed. Outside it was almost deafening. Jeff, Dublin, OH

Are we getting them???

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I live in Ringwood N.J. and have seen one shell,I work in Suffern, New York and there aren’t any there either. Will we be getting them? My sister who lives in Baltimore, M.D. has been freaking out about them being everywhere for 2-3 weeks already. Lori, Ringwood New Jersey

The smell of the Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hi! I came to this site to see if anyone else smells this “gargbage in the heat” or “dead animal” smell..I hope it’s coming from them..I thought my sewer system was backing up!

I’m sorry,I don’t like them and when are they leaving? ๐Ÿ™‚ Maysa Leak, Baltimore

Nothing in Pottstown, PA

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I’m in the North Western Philadelphipa suburbs. We’ve got holes in our yard but haven’t seen or heard any cicadas yet. We’d like to see a few but don’t want the numbers that others are reporting. Vic, Pottstown, PA

will I see them???

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
My niece is having an outdoor party for her 5th birthday. She is NOT a “bug-lover”, to put it mildly. My sister is freakin’ out….do they show up in Manhattan or Brooklyn? We are native Floridians so we are completely ill-equipped (emotionally) for cicada swarms/sounds/urine-mistings. lissa, brooklyn, NY

I’m going crazy!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I thought I was petrified of spiders, well not anymore! The cicadas are everywhere! They were exceptionally loud between 5 and 6am this morning. I opened my door this morning to dead and dying cicadas all over the breezeway! I was horrified! They were all over the hallway stairs and were flying everywhere! I had a couple fly at me and buzz me – I was screaming like a lunatic! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO GO AWAY! Lynne, Alexandria, VA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I was walking around outside and they just seem to fly from one place to another. One flew into me and I was walking.Are cicadas blind or is it hard for them to turn directions? Kanika, Washington,DC

Where Are They?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cicadas. I thought I heard one last week, but none since then. Where are they? I’m jealous to hear that there are other people in PA that are experiencing them! I’ve been patiently waiting, but now I’m getting worried I might not see them or I’ll miss them! Becky, Saylorsburg , PA Monroe


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Last week we noticed a few skeletons in the trees (about Thursday, May 20). Saturday morning, we went outside and could hear the eeriest sound. We thought someone had left a pump on somewhere. Then we realized it was THEM!!! Yesterday, May 23, we went to a nearby woods and they were EVERYWHERE. Thousands of skeletons and the noise was so loud we could hardly carry on a conversation. Awesome! Paula, Newark, DE

Where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I live in a Detroit metro suburb and haven’t seen or heard one little cicada. And none of my other family members scattered throughout the area have seen them either. Has anyone else seen a large siting of them anywhere in Michigan? I’m patiently waiting… Peg, Plymouth, MI

Cicada sighting

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They’re out, but certainly not in the numbers I expected. Our weekend house is in a wooded, rural area; most of the cicadas are at the edge of our property on trees and shrubs, but not many near the house. Maybe the big invasion has only just begun. Linda, Upper Bucks County, PA

Cicadas in Montgomery County PA

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They’re here in Green Lane Reservoir, Montgomery County PA, sounding like a million weed whackers running at once. They are so pretty. When you pick one up it squeeks! Mary A. Phalan, Philadelphia PA

Albino Cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
This morning (May 24) a co-worker told me of an albino cicada. My first thought was he saw a newly emerged one and mentioned that to him. He said he knows the difference between a “soft” one and a “hard” one — this one was hard and had fully expanded wings. His wife is a photo buff and I think she planned to take a picture of it. I will post a picture if possible. Ron J, PA 17339

Hey Priscilla from Smithville

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I teach at Smithville Elementary School and did a short unit on the cicadas. We are anxiously awaiting their arrival but I am getting a bit nervous! The kids and I will be totally bummed if they don’t show up. Please let us know as soon as you see one! Thanks and happy hunting! Kim, Smithville, New Jersey

TAKE THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
As I left for work this morning I had to wake my husband to make him walk out with me. There were probably 1,000 walking on my decks and the other door (sliding glass) the doors were totally covered with these nasty, creepy, noisy critters. The security light above this door attracted them and my whole side of the house was covered. GO AWAY – GO AWAY – GO AWAY Missy, Lexington, Indiana

Cicadas in Delaware?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Has anyone observed the emergence in Delaware? My daughter is graduating from UDel and I was wondering if they were present on campus.

Yesterday, Sunday 23-May, I went down to Princeton University. Some realy intense “outbreaks” down there. Really cool.

Jim jim occi, Cranford, New Jersey

To Kristen from Rockville, MD

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Answering your questions – “DO THEY SMELL?” INDEED THEY DO!!! My husband killed hundreds of them on the ground cutting the grass – and now they STINK. The smell which some call “peculiar” is really terrible – so we better prepare ourselves for the end of June, when they will be going back to hell by millions… Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

Cicada Feast in Tennessee

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I saw a newsclip from Tennessee tonight where they had a Cicada feast…they had all different types of cicada dishes, though not the Choco-Cicadas that I saw a recipe for somewhere.

Priscilla, thanks for the info…I couldn’t get the video but did see the images…love that last closeup shot of “the eyes.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Debbie, Seattle

How long do they live

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
How long will the cicada’s be here? There are billions of them. -Shelton KY Shelton, Louisville, KY

Cicadas around Princeton, NJ

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hey Alan:

Re your post maybe Cicadas like the upper crust of the earth but not society. I’d stay underground if I were near Princeton also! Go Rutgers! Pete , Bridgewater, NJ

NJ Cicadas Where are You?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Funny to see all the messages from Central NJ. We were plagued 17 years ago but nothing yet here in Bridgewater. Maybe tonight or tomorrow (Monday) after a few days of hot weather. I see holes in the lawn and think that might be them but we also have chipmunks and a lawnmowers that could do that. Can’t believe that we could miss it all. Do these guys actually migrate? I thought they lived straight underground a foot or so down.
Maybe the wet spring weather (not more than usual-we’ve had worse springs) has put a damper on it. My guess says any day now if not tonight. Pete, Bridgewater, NJ

PA – emergence picks up steam

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
In the woodlands along the Lancaster / Lebanon / Berks County lines, sightings have gone from “a few” last week to “dozens” on Friday; now thousands tonight. I watched (and took pictures) This afternoon, you could hear them singing. Not really loud yet. Mike Frey, Lititz PA


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
after hearing what sounded to me and my girlfriend like a cat being murdered, i found a HUGE “casing” of some insect ive never seen on the post of our front porch, it had a big hole in the back…after looking on the internet i have found out that these are cicadas!! I guess the season has begun!–gotta admit, i hope they stay outside! Josh Crager, Lexington ky

Awesome sound

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Spent a weekend getaway in the country in Clinton Falls Indiana and those noisy things were everywhere. It’s like being in a twilight zone. God’s nature is awesome!! Cindy Towne, Clinton Falls, Indiana

I’m gonna cry!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Oooooh, I’m so jealous! I’ve never seen a live cicada, only mounted. I’m a bug afficianado and am so envious of you guys that get to hear the calls and see such an amazing event.

Heck, I’m jealous that other states even have TREES. Those are a rarity in freakin’ LA. Enjoy the cicadas! I’m seething with envy. Alie, Los Angeles, CA

Cicada Sighting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I was at my cabin on the Ocoee River about a mile outside Copperhill on May 16th and heard the Cicadas singing and they were still singing on the 23rd. Carlton Williams, Copperhill, Tenn.

They’re Here!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Cicadas arrived in my neighborhood yesterday (Saturday) in mass, but they do get quiet and disappear at dusk, till the a.m. Briana, Abingdon, MD

The Hills are Alive!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Visiting N. Georgia from Atlanta. As we pull into the drive way of the farm, I see what I thought was a small hummingbird. As I step out of the car, the sound was so intense I thought a house alarm was going off. Turned out to be the sound of meellions of Cicadas. They are awesome! Gavin , Blairsville, Georgia

Cicadas spotted in Clover SC

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
2 yrs. ago I lived in Clover SC on the border of NC and my daughter and I found 3 in our backyard,we knew they were different so we watched them from day to day,,but I realized today what the bugs were Cicadas, my daughter was so excited to learn about them,they must be good to eat because my cat jumped on this big brown one and tore into him,Ive since moved but we’re on the lookout in Lumberton NC,,,Good Luck! meltripper, Lumberton NC

Crawling back yard

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004

They are eveywhere in my backyard. My family and I have had the priviledge to see them coming up out of the ground in their beetle shells to the final transformation. What a great sight. One night at about at 9PM there were hundreds of beetles crawling up the tree. At 11:45PM several of them were hanging from the leaves clutching to their formal shell as their wings dry out and expand and their fragile white bodies strengthen as they also darken. Our back yard is full of them so that no step can be taken without looking down to see that you’re not smashing one. The background noise is
similar to the strange sounds used in old science fiction movies. I thank God for creating such a fascinating species and for the invention of the video camera. Pete, Timonium, MD

Attack of the creepy crawlers!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
May/23/04:Been watching these amazing but creepy creatures for a few days.Increasingly getting more abundent.Don’t really mind them because i know they are harmless but they still make me scream.I have to say the noise is amazing!Somewhere between a horror movie scream and a machine running badly.I like the UFO sound comments.Nothing too much but except alot more,Alot more.Have fun:)
michele, mohnton,PA

cicada sounds

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Has anyone else noticed that there seem to be different layers of cicada sounds? There is a general din that has been getting louder and louder for days, and then there are the cicadas right near us that seem to go up and down in pitch in unison, so that it sounds like waves. How do the cicadas coordinate their sounds like that? How do they all go up in pitch at the same time and then all down at the same time???

P.S. My wife looked pretty funny trying to get the cicada out of her blouse, believe me. John , Louisville, KY (Crescent Hill)

a cicada down my blouse!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
My husband and I were eating lunch outside, enjoying the cicadas (he was encouraging them to go ahead and try flying) when a cicada hit my face. I screamed and threw my yogurt across the grass—and the cicada ended up down my blouse! How do I describe what happened next? I went through a lot of contortions to get that cicada OUT of there! Tamara Meinecke, Louisville, KY (Crescent Hill)


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
There are hoards of cicadas in my yard, they are bouncing off the windows, and the house. I have a tree that overhangs my second floor balcony and there are so many that I can’t go out back without being hit by them. My 12 year old cat isn’t paying attention to them, but my dog is crazy for them. He’s eaten a couple but I’m making an effort not to let him eat any more. I still feel freaked out a bit by them but they are pretty cool as long as they don’t land on me. Liz, St. Bernard, Ohio

Still Waiting!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Well, I’ve yet to read or hear about any cicada sightings here in NC!!! I remember them from 1987. Now that I know more about them, hopefully they won’t seem as gross and scary!
Lisa in NC Lisa, Charlotte, NC

Still waiting…

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Haven’t seen any here in Frederick, MD yet. Got off a plane at BWI (Baltimore, MD) this morning and it sounded like a UFO was in the area. Maybe the “UFO” will land this week in Frederick… Tony, Frederick, MD

cicada sightings

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
lots of cicada’a… Lisa, Kettering ,Ohio

An Unwelcome Alarm Clock!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I spent 3 nights with the critters watching them emerge last week, and then spent the next few days observing and enjoying. We have a lot of cicadas in the neighborhood, but not so many that they’ve become a nuisance.
I was so disappointed when the droning began in the distance, but none were singing in our yard. Where were the little guys (and gals) I had sat up with all those late nights?
Well, a few days later they began to sing in the neighborhood – an even steady drone, nearby but faint. When I told my son I was disappointed that the cicadas had left our yard he replied, “You have to be here at 3 in the afternoon. They sure are singing here then!”
Turns out I was looking for the song when I came home from work, late in the day, after the singing wound down. Sure enough, on the weekend the droning and chirping was IN the yard and created an incredidle din. Like other message posters, I’d describe it as a combination between a buzz and the throbbing whine of a 1950’s UFO movie.
It begins at about 4am and continues only until late in the day. By sunset, there’s no sound from them at all. I hear only a very occasional chirp as I write this now, after a very constantly noisy day.
Well, its been interesting waking to the buzz each morning for the past few days, but today took a new turn. I’m sound asleep whe I’m startled awake by a tremendously loud WEEEEEEEEE-ooooooooo! I bolt up out of bed only to realize a single cicada must have been sitting in the tree right outside our bedroom window. I look at the clock and it’s 3:05 AM! My single songster must have taken off after that because I shortly fell asleep again to a sleep-inducing soft buzz off in the distance.
But the “song” had begun for the day, and it became a rousing chorus that lasted all day until about 7:00 pm! Pat, Gaithersburg MD

there here!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Saw my first cicada on Saturday. What a surprise! What a racket. It was amazing how the dead exoskeletons hung on to the bottom of the leaves while the adults were on top feeding

onemoremile, Oley, pa

Cicada Urine

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Have you felt unexpected drops of liquid outside where cicadas are present? I read an article in the New York Times that said:

“A passer-by may experience the harmless mist of cicada urine if there are enough of them in a tree overhead…”

Today I was taking photos, trying to get a shot of flying cicadas. I did, and also got some added value… Dona, Bethesda, Maryland

they are here

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I am a recent transplant to this area (from Fl). My son-in-law was telling me this would be happening soon. I arrived in Md. from a trip to Fl. Sat. w/ my grandson- turned the car off and we sat trying to figure out what the noise was!!! Opened the doors and realized it was the cicads. They are EVERYWHERE and very loud but quiet down around sunset.
How long will they be here?
Sandi, Chevy Chase, Md.

male and dead female

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Hi.I’ve questions. Why do cicadas loves my car tires? They always there. Second, I caught a male cicada trying to mate with a dead female.Why don’t he understand its dead? There are many lives cicadas around? His sex organ inside her and he attached himself and apparently can’t get loose. any reason to mate a dead female? sezai, springfield, va

Emergence in Kingwood Township, NJ

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Emergence in Kingwood Township -Hunterdon County.
Many dozens seen flying and hundreds of shells in trees. Mostly seen at forest edges adjacent to crop fields. Chris Arthur, Kingwood Township, NJ


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I’m still waiting for these creatures to arrive. I really don’t want to see what they look like in person. I’ve heard that they can be ankle deep in some areas. Now with a big back yard like I have, and lots of trees, knowing my luck there going to be EVERYWHERE! I’ve listened to recordings and now I’m even more scared. Can’t wait to see how I’ll be able to sleep or even get out of the house! Rachael, Green Brook, NJ

They’ve Taken Over My Neighborhood!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
For those who haven’t seen them yet – come to Maryland. The trees in my backyard (and neighborhood) have come alive with cicadas… Quite active and noisy from 7 AM – 7 PM and flying all around. My kids are intrigued, my wife was fine until one flew in her ear while walking the dogs. Saw hundreds (perhaps thousands) of nymphs crawling in the stree last night as they continue to emerge. Definetly a seen from a B-Movie. Cheers… BJ, Ellicott City, MD

miss the cicada’s song

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
originally from north central ohio, now in north central texas…miss the song of the cicada ๐Ÿ™

just thought you’d like to know i’m thinking of y’all. ๐Ÿ™‚ karla, burleson, texas

Upper Bucks (by the Delaware river)

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We spotted our first cicadas yesterday, on the tires of our car. They seem to like the hotter black surface to hang and molt off of. Since he racket has started further out in the terminal forest that surrounds our house, we hope more will be visible soon. At the time of the previous brood X emergence we were in Chester Springs PA, and it was a non-event. Kurt, Upper Black Eddy PA

Their everywhere

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I go to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. They are Everywhere and they are very loud!!! Last week I must have seen about 200 on the wall of a ramp leading up to a building. Every step I take im stepping on a dead carcass! They are everywhere, loud, and gross!!!! Annie, Bloomington, Indiana

We are INVADED!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We have THOUSANDS in our back yard–but at my parent’s place, a mile and a half away, they’ve had not a peep!

My husband and I stood in the back yard under the trees, and they were so loud we had to shout to be heard!

This is incredible! Beth, Spring Mount, PA

They are all over here!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I have millions of them in my yard, on my trees, covering the side of my house and barn. Any one that wants them can come get them. The noise is deafening! Kathy, Southern Indiana

Yay Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas of Brood X are special to me because they came out when I was born and also when my mother was born. There are a lot of them here now, and their beautiful (and loud!) music is drifting into my room as I type. I am on a mission to help ciacadas in need! If I see a cicada struggling on its back I will help him/her onto a tree. Long live the cicadas (no pun intended)! Allison, Washington DC


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
there are cicadas everywhere, i cant go outside without being divebombed. and they are loud too. i actually kind of like though, people dont know what to do. pete, cincinnati


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I have been watching and tracking this message board for the last three weeks. Watching and waiting for the cicadas to come to my town. THEY ARE FINALLY HERE. I am so excited. I hate bugs but these things are incredible. missy, Topton, PA

Population is fragmented

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
There’s a lot of cicadas in several parts in the princeton area, including my backyard and the cemetery near the Princeton Public Library. Some parts of princeton though do not have any cicadas. The cemetary smells real bad due to the fact that millions of them are dead crushed on the little roads and baking in the summer heat. Quite a lot of them have wing deformities. There’s cicada shells everywhere around the large trees. Right now the noise volume is not too bad but it’s definately quite loud, although in southern France, every summer, during the month of july, the cicadas can get extremely loud. Right now you can easily hear Magicicada septendecim in the background, seems like there very high up in the trees. In my backyard you can hear Magicicada cassini and seems like Magicicada septendecula is also present. For those of you in other parts of Jersey, seems like brood II (last seen in 1996) is much more of a nuisance then Brood X. Alex, Princeton, New Jersey

First Evidence of Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We were in the yard doing some yard work today and we found about 6 or 7 cicada shells on various trees. We even found one poor soul who didn’t quite make it out of his shell before a spider got him! Still, no live cicadas to be seen, or heard…yet. John, Anderson, Indiana


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I stood under a pear tree in my yard, and the cicadas were so loud my ears were vibrating. There are thousands in that tree. The cicadas closest to the house have a shrill screechy sound, in the distance they have a more humming type noise. Both are at a very high volume. I’m enjoying them while they are here, but also glad we don’t have them every year. Trish, Silver Spring, MD

they’re nearby…

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
After days of rain, we’re now having hot humid weather. We live on the edge of a forested area a few miles north of Elverson,PA and we started to hear them in the distance yesterday, today the noise is louder but still seems to be coming from quite far away. This morning I found two dead adults and one empty nymph skin, but so far haven’t seen any live ones. S.B., Southern Berks County, PA

P U!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
It’s official. They STINK! I thought it was only happening at my mom’s because she has so so many of them. But as of this afternoon, it stinks here too. This is truly a bummer. I was really starting to enjoy them. Why do they stink so badly?

Lori Lori, Herndon, Virginia

cicada sighting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I have seen about a dozen adults, starting yesterday, in my yard. robert fulton, Scio Township, Michigan (near Ann Arbor)

Cicada shells smell

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
An earlier posting asked if there was a smell to cicada shells. Yesterday I was standing under a big tree that was very popular with cicadas and there was a very strong smell; similar to crab shells that have been sitting in the sun for a couple of days. There were a lot of shells, cicadas that fell off the tree and were attacked by ants and those that were unable to emerge from their shells. When raking up the shells (preparing for a party!) it was clear that this was the source of the smell. Joyce, Columbia, MD

A strange question…

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I know this is an odd question, but I have a little bug cage so my 3 yr old can watch these creatures up close, and when I picked up a female cicada this morning, it expelled two drops of liquid on me…..Do they do that when they are frightened??? I had no idea…Last week, I thought we would not be getting a whole lot of these insects, but they are EVERYWHERE now & I have noticed they have a strange smell to them… Staci, Beltsville, MD

THER’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas are here they came to Rising Sun first and covered the trees with shells and we go around picking them up and collecting them. They’re coming everywere!!!! BEWARE OF THE INVATION Keep young trees in cheescloth so mothers can’t lay eggs and kill them!!!!! Samantha, Dillsboro Indiana

All three kinds!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I’ve been observing how these guys spread over my backyard woods the last few days, and as of this morning can now say I’ve heard all three Magicicadia species. The ‘buzzers’ were first (five days ago), then the ‘spaceships’ joined in (two days ago), and now the ‘phaaa-roahs’ started up. The cats think they’re fun (they think the females are tasty and the males – that chirp – are nifty toys), but I’m keeping the cats inside now, much to their annoyance. Like I want to step on cicada hairballs in the dark, if you know what I mean! …I don’t want to think about what this is going to smell like when they rot – like the garbage strikes in NYC I remember, probably – ick. Feel like I’m in my own episode of the ‘X files’. Kat Nell, Bloomington, IN

Holy Molting, Batman!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We took the kids to Batelle Darby Creek Park in Central Ohio yesterday, and boy did we pick the right day! There were hundreds, thousands of cicadas just emerging from the ground and shedding their skins. The trees were absolutely covered with cas-off brown skins, and milky-white, newly-emerged cicadas were working their way up the trees. The kids were astounded. DuffyMoon, Columbus, Ohio

Yee Haw!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I drove out to my mother’s in Alexandria/Franconia last weekend (5-15) to see the cicadas because there weren’t any at my house, 25 miles west of her.

But I got up the next morning and I could hear them very faintly in the distance. Each day they got louder and louderand more and more of their little armor suits appeared. And now it’s official, I have cicadas!!

This is my 2nd go round with them for my lifetime to date and I don’t remember them being this loud 17 years ago. I can hear them from inside the house with the air conditioner running and the music playing.

They start their day with their consistant humming sound and as the day grows, they get louder and louder and more high pitched. It actually sounds like they’re mating when they really start shreeking. But the constant hum is always present in the bachground. I am truly amazed at how loud they are!

I love it. I’m sure it’ll grow old in another week or so, but it happens so rarely in a person’s lifetime that I think we should enjoy them while they’re here.

Lori in Herndon Virginia Lori, Herndon, Virginia

They’re here!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I found a cicada ‘shell’ yesterday, and today have seen several cicadas, but not swarms yet. We are located near Hellertown, PA. JenniferP, Easton, PA (Williams Township)

Southern Indiana

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Here in Bloomington, Indiana, they’ve been coming out in earnest for about 12 days, and, at least in the cooler places, there seems to be no end of them yet. This morning I again saw hundreds of new ones in my backyard that had emerged during the night.

The sound, which is of course still getting louder every day as the numbers increase, is awesome. You can easily distinguish the calls of the three species, though septendecula sometimes get drowned out by the other two, which are apparently more numerous. Mike Gasser, Bloomington, Indiana

What an amazing thing! Like a giant car alarm

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas have been here for more than a week and my dogs are in snacking heaven! I have to keep an eye on them or they will get very sick. The noise is unbelieveable, so prehistoric and wonderful. Today they are thicker than ever and yesterday while cutting the grass (I hear they are attracked to the lawn mower noise) one flew into my mouth. Yuk! Today they are flying around like crazy, bumping into everything! I have to make a run for my car to go visit family that don’t have the cicadas yet, about 5 miles away. Weird huh? Mary, Louisville, Kentucky


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I cannot believe how loud these things are….they really hit their stride yesterday afternoon, when the temp. reached near 90. Still loud in the house with all the windows shut. And this morning at 5:45, I could hear that metallic hum starting. Cathy, Cincinnati (Silverton), Ohio

None here

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I remember hearing that cicada species don’t overlap on territories, so I don’t know if western Prince William County is home to another brood, but in my neighborhood which is heavily wooded, there are no cicadas, but when I head eastbound into Fairfax County, there they are! Andrew D, Haymarket, VA

full swing

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas are loud, proud and many. The community and surrounding area has been extensively developed in the last 17 years, but has swaths of untouched land, so we have quite a number of cicadas. Some of our pre-invasion worries have not come true and I thought I’d share in case anyone else is still awaiting their emergence and has some similar worries.

So far kids’ soccer games have not been impacted. The bugs usually stay higher up in the trees and at least in our area there aren’t many old trees left by the soccer fields. My daily walks have not been affected. I thought I’d have to curtail walks as I hate flying bugs hitting me, but none have hit me so far. I do have tons flying around in my backyard as I back to woods, but I don’t think they would interfere with a barbecue if I were to have one. I’ve found three on my deck, but they’ve just flopped around helplessly. And while some dogs like to eat them and my boss’s cat has gone nuts wanting to go outside all the time to catch them, my finicky terrier won’t eat them. He does like to torture them (poor things), but that’s it. Jane, Ashburn, VA

1st sighting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I didn’t really see them. What I found were a couple of their shells they left behind, plus the holes they came out of. I looked on the trees and didn’t see them. Coulda been there or coulda got eaten by something. I’ve been checking regularly and this is the 1st sign that they are on their way. It rained 4inches on Friday so ground is very soft. Tim Hamilton, Grove City, OH


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
none yet.. Anybody see them on LI? scott, Eastern Long Island

Ivy League Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
If it were not for my friend Lori, I wouldn’t have known what this HUGE bug was that flew by me in downtown Princeton. That afternoon as I drove home, I heard this constant humming sound which I thought was a saw from a construction site but as I drove further out of town, the sound did not go away. Perhaps they’re looking for a better education!! Cathy, Princeton

Still waiting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I thought maybe I heard one today but only one. A cicada expert at the University of Michigan (now retired) says that Washtenaw County should see millions this year, especially in the northeast and northwest parts of Ann Arbor. Maybe now that the storms have passed, they’ll come out. Neil Richards, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“They’re on our doorstep!”

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
None in Ephrata, but went hiking near Mt. Gretna and they’re out, noise and all. Can’t wait! Tom Wettach, Ephrata, Pa.


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Just wondering if anyone around here has seen any….i’m starting to think this is some kind of orson welles deal because i have not seen any hordes of insects…let me know! Tracy, Dover, DE

cicadas everywhere

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Already a stinking mess in Cincinnati plastered on the pavement and piled corpses at the bases of trees. They are just emerging in the northern Centerville and southern Kettering areas. found none in the sugarcreek area yet. What a sight to see I have been watching and photographing the emergence for the last week from cincy to Dayton Larry Hill, Kettering Ohio

None Yet!!!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Kinda want to get it over with! Alan, Hauppauge. Long Island

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