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May 18, 2004

May 16th – 18th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Is this Normal???

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Well our little friends came out in a swarm the other night and I thought it was pretty cool, but now they seem to be following me everywhere I go….oh No why are they coming at me….they are attacking!!!! Call the national guard!!! They are eating my brain and spine!!! Helllppp!!! Jim S., Woodbridge, NJ

Cicada Sighting

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
We have Cicadas in our yard. They are on our garage door and on our chainlink fence. They seem to have just come our of their shells within the last few days. There are several with deformed wings. Mickey, Brooklyn Park, MD

There here!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
i thought we were lucking out and escaping the invasion, but then I went out in the backyard and actually started looking. There are absolutely thousands of them! The exoskeltons are all over the trees and now I am seeing red eyed buggers everywhere! Jenny, West Chester, OH


Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I saw one last night in Princeton on the Campus of Princeton University, Carol, Princeton, NJ

They’re here in force!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Found hundreds of shells and newly emerged cicadas yesterday. My irises are covered with them. No noise yet.
Betty, Malvern, PA

Can hear them, but don’t see them

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
The noise is definitely here. But I haven’t seen a single one yet. They’re probably living it up in the park just behind our community. Hopefully they won’t find their way to my house. Nathan’s mom, Chantilly, VA


Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Well, we first saw them on the morning of the 16th. There weren’t too many…..until the following morning, we saw TONS coming out of their shells all over our deck. As if that wasn’t enough, there are like 10 times more this morning!!! Iv’e been taking lots of pictures! I had nightmares last night. Sarah, Fairfax – Cincinnati Ohio


Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004

No Sightings Yet

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
An update: Haven’t seen any in our part of Cherry Hill, NJ yet. I can’t say that I remember them coming in 1987 either. We usually start hearing them in late July/early August, and see one or two of their discarded shells in the yard per year. I’ll let everyone know if we see them in Cherry Hill anytime soon! Maria, Cherry Hill, NJ

more, more ,more,

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
There were even more last night than yesterday. still metamorphazising and my building still looks like a polka dot art project!!!!! more is better. now they are on my window seal, hundreds and hundreds. some are 1.5 inches long, some are very tiny, some are medium. live adults were even on my car hood and stuck to my tires. this is great!!!!! misscube, cincinnati ohio/norwood/pleasant ridge

I’ve got a bad felling that they are coming!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I hav been hearing that they are in princton now. i am seeing more holes near my house and i have big trees in my yard. These things are going to suck.

I was just wondering if they were going to ruin my summer?? Ricky, Hillsborough, NJ!!!!!!


Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
We’d only seen one shell so far, but this morning they were all over the place — on the honeysuckle, the grass, playground even. Jade, Broadlands, Ashburn, VA

None yet

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I live in Northern NJ and haven’t seen one yet, I do hope they come out this far North. Pam, Sussex County, New Jersey

I have yet to see ANY

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I live in Gaithersburg near Great Seneca and Muddy Branch. I have not see any cicada’s yet, not even a shell. I know that the developments in my area may be less than 17-years old but even in talking with friends, no one has seen the “emergence” that was expected. Some of the areas have not been turned by construction but yet none of these vile, red-eyed demon hordes have begun to take over my part of the earth. Any thoughts? Tom, Gaithersburg, MD

will we see them?

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
is there any chance we might see them in louisians. there were here when we were children. and we loved to hook the shells on our clothes. helaine moyse, baton rouge, louisiana

Sole singer

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Heard one this morning. I remember last emergence when I was a kid…and they weren’t as interesting then, that’s for sure! It will be nice to teach my kids about these fascinating creatures to pass down the line! Carla, Amherst, Ohio

cicada emergence

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Empty shells found 5/17 and live cicadas on grass stems 5/18. No noise or flying yet. Cheryl Smagala, Milford, NJ, USA


Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I live in Leesburg, Virginia, which is about 40 miles west of DC and so far I’ve been pretty disappointed with the cicada count in my area. I was really looking forward to the hatch and so far I’ve seen one and heard maybe three. How long do they take to all come out to play? javajoe220, Leesburg, Virginia

they’re flying

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I first noticed some cicadas on Saturday, but most of them were dead on the sidewalk. There seemed to be many more around yesterday and I saw some flying. As I’m originally from the UK, cicadas are a totally new thing to me and I was a little surprised to see one fly out at me when I opened my mailbox… Oscar, Princeton, NJ

I pity my neigbors

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
So far I have been lucky not to see or hear the cicadas in my complex. I have been receiving reports from others across Maryland (specifically Baltimore) who have told me the are out in numbers.

Every day I have been peeping out of my door so I won’t be alarmed at a sighting and have made out good. This morning when I was exiting my apartment with my poncho, scarf and gloves in tow, I noticed a single shell. To my dismay on my door sill there was a CICADA!

I was so petrified at 6:45 in the morning that I started yelling “Holy Moly” as I walked all the way to my car. If this is only the beginning, I feel very sorry for my neighbors as I will be yelling, as a coping mechanism, for 6 weeks yet!

I hope it was a stray and isn’t there when I get off this evening. The hair on my arms is still standing up! scaredy, Silver Spring, MD

PA – a few more; “Big One” yet to come

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
The soil temperature almost certainly plays some part. In edges of forests with a sunny southern exposure, many are out. Elsewhere, they are just under the surface of the soil waiting their cue. Found many under rocks and logs. My guess is “any day now” for the big one. Mike Frey, Lititz PA

No Cicadas at all

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Hey, There still are no signs of these bugs in this region, maybe the lack of rain? Chris, Lehigh Valley, PA

Camping in Noblesville

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I will be camping in the Noblesville/Deer Creek area around the 23rd of June.

Are these things going to be a problem? Dude, Milwaukee

Cicada webcams?

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Hi, I posted previously about being out in Seattle and missing the Cicadas. I have found one webcam of a few on a fence through the Washington Post but if anyone knows of any other webcams, would you please post them here…esp. ones with audio….I want to see AND hear them. I made a tape of them singing back in 87 but am not sure I still have it…that’s when I was about to leave the east coast so I figured I’d miss them this time around…but they *are* mentioned in the Seattle PI! Gee wonder why they don’t like the Pacific NW….so green, lots of trees and moisture. Debbie , Seattle, WA

And I thought I Was the ONLY One Who Talked To These Little Critters!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Here a cicada, there a cicada… everywhere you look, there’s another cicada! The Northern Shenandoah Valley has it’s share for sure!

What I found really interesting is that they tend to like to spend time with you once they realize they won’t be hurt! Lol! Cute little red eyes they have! So ugly they are cute! But you won’t catch ME eating one!

Happy Cicada Mania To You All! Lauri Clapper, White Post, VA

take them away!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Marianne from Herndon – I will buy one of your umbrellas! I sit in my car when I get home from work and wait for the coast to be clear before dashing into the house. I count how many there are on my plastic chair out back – usually about 15 on one chair alone – needless to say, I’m not going to be chillin’ on the patio any time soon. The worst part about this is that I have to move to a wooded area in about 2 weeks – and by then I think there will be a lot more of them. I might have a panic attack if one lands on me – someone make them go away!! Veronica, Arlington, VA

Where Are They?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Elisa, I haven’t seen or heard one yet. Not sure what to expect here. I keep watching the ground but nothing. hb, Ann Arbor MI


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I saw one! Yes, just one, so far :o) It was just on my window screen. We were so excited and looking like goofballs examining this thing through the screen! This guy must be an early escapee since there aren’t swarms yet but we’ve had a few heavy rain showers lately and the temperature is right, so any minute now I expect to see zillions. Okay, I’ll be patient… I can wait another day or so. πŸ˜‰ Kym, Pottstown, PA

not seen in michigan yet

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
hey, elisa, i havent heard or seen anything yet either. i dont expect them near me, so i plan on heading out somewhere to find them. i hear ann arbor, or in washtenaw cty. but i dont know where exactly. hopefully someone will let it be known if any are seen in michigan. i’m patiently waiting to see it all… minda, detroit ‘burb, michigan

Something wrong with car engine?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Exactly one week after my thinking the weird noise was from a nearby house alarm, my youngest daughter came home to put oil in her car. About a mile from the house she heard a weird noise which became louder as she entered our driveway. Thinking it was the engine going bad, she left the motor running, jumped out of the car and put the hood up. She was relieved that the noise wasn’t coming from the engine. As soon as she turned off the engine, she told me the noise must be from a house alarm. I laughed and told her it was the cicada mating call, and that I had made the same mistake last week, even calling Public Safety in the gated community where I live. Joyce, Ellijay, Georgia

Where can I go in Ohio to see them ?

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
My husband and I want to take a drive this Sunday to see the cicadas and I was hoping someone could tell me where in Ohio they are emerging. Just give me a good town, and if you can, a good metro park to check out, and we’ll find it !
Thanks !
MJ Mary Jo, Maple Hts, OH

crazy neighbor

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Yes, I know. There are millions of huge, ugly bugs invading everyone’s yards. Actually I don’t think they’re ugly but pretty interesting and fascinating to observe. But, my crazy neighbor has some kind of vendetta against these creatures. For the last two nights she has been outside on her front walk smashing every cicada she sees with the flat end of a swiffer broom. The ones she can’t get with the swiffer she stomps with her shoe. Oh, did I mention she does this at from about 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM??

I just feel bad for the poor cicadas. They lie in wait 17 years only to emerge and be smashed by the busniess end of a swiffer broom. What a loon. John, Vienna, VA

Will They Be In New York

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Can anybody please verify if the Cicadas will be heading up to NY. I can’t wait to see this marvelous sight! Mark Rosen, Rye, New York

Sounds like a burglar alarm going off !

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I’ve seen several cool sites provided by mother nature but this one will be in the top 3 for a long time,at least 17 years.On May 16th my son and I turned onto the gravel road that takes us to our mountain cabin in north GA. We began to hear a noise. First I thought it was engine trouble. Then when I turned the truck off the noise continued. I could hear the “buzz” of a couple close by cicadas but this noise was constant,like it was just 1/4 mile away .Loud but distant. We went uo to the neighbors house to ask if they know who’s house has a burglar alarm possibly going off without attention.They filled us in with the news. That noise is from the cicadas. The closer we inspected the trees, they they were. Just like the pictures on this site. My son and I notice a mist-like squirt coming from them.Thank goodness it was odorless! Todd, Dahlonega, GA ,USA

Someone Please Answer Cuz I’m Scared

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
My whole backyard is wooded. I have been hearing the cicadas loud and clear all weekend. Will I definetly see a lot of these? Will they definetly be all over my sidewalk and car or will they mainly stay in the woods where the trees are? I have seen 2. Is this really the beginning? I know they are just bugs, but they really creap me out. Tiffany, Farragut, TN

Where else in New Jersey

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I posted earlier that I saw hundreds at least in Skillman in Southern Somerset County but it seems that other Jersey sightings are very rare…some in Princeton which is not far from Skillman. It looks like the enslaught hasnt yet begun. Is it possible that the ones in Skillman that I saw is the first reported case in NJ mark, belle mead, NJ

I think there are more coming

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I live in an apartment complex where birds, dogs and cats are having a feast with our cicadas. We get to see a lot of them (of whatever is left of them) around the walkways and trees. They don’t look scary anymore. They are very friendly (although clumsy at times!). I’m not sure we’re ready for the many more to come (or so we hear!). Alberto Flores, Greenbelt, MD


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
If I feed my baby ducks cicadas, will it harm them? Lexus Jarrell, Elkridge MD. USA


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I got some pesticide for my two youngest trees today and the nursery told me the cicadas have emerged so far in parts of the Highlands and Crescent Hill neighborhoods. I remember that the news folks said their expected date was May 21, so I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg. A friend of mine said the man across the street from her in the Highlands went out and shook his tree. She said it RAINED cicadas. She’s been picking them off certain bushes, etc.
Judy, Louisville, KY

Where are they?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
around where i live, there are NO cicadas around me. i think i heard one for a day on the side of my house in a tree by the street, that was like 3-4 days ago. i still have yet to see any skeletons or cicadas themselves. Andrew Freeman, Cincinnati, OH

May 15th I heard a sole Cicada.

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
They`re here. Last Saturday I heard a sole one singing. Sunday there was several more. Getting ready for the deafening sound. I live just down the HILL from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Dave Barthel David Barthel, Morganton NC

Finally Saw One

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I’ve really been looking forward to the invasion. I finally saw my first one this moring – not in Alexandria, but in Arlington. It was an adult, on the walkway from the bus platform leading to the Metro escalator on the east side of the upper bus platform I hope they will soon be in my Del Ray neighborhood. Fancy, Alexandria, VA

Cicada Muse

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Cicadas singing in the trees
Can bring a grown man to his knees.
A little insect in a shell
Creates for man a living hell.
The creep emerging from its hole
Shows man that he has no control.
And when it starts to fly around
And to emit its clicking sound,
Those few who can will move away
At least until the bug-free day
When once again he can pretend
To be in charge of fortunes bend,
To look around but not to see —
A fellow who’s a lot like me. NR Stratton, Baltimore, MD

They’re here!!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
the cicadas are all over my school T.C. Williams High School on the front steps. This weekend when I went to Kings Dominion ther were cicadas on the seats of the roller coasters. Tim Walker, Alexanria,VA& Kings Dominion Doswell, VA

When will they be gone?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
An absolute mess! They mess up sidewalks,
cars, and are a total menace!

I understand they should be gone by the
end of June, but when should they start dying in numbers? In a week, two weeks, a month?
Jack K., Arlington, VA

getting impatient

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I’ve been so excited about the emergence…telling all my friends, telling teachers and kids all about cicadas, etc. I haven’t seen one yet! A lady I work with mentioned that her friend up in Carsonville (thumb area) saw one the other day, so hopefully they are on their way. Anyone else here in Michigan who has seen some? Elisa, Metro Detroit, MI

Save Me

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
The Cicada’s are all over my house, trees, Swings…. They are everywhere.
How much longer do we have to sit in the house in fear of these alien bugs. Every man for themselves is our motto during this emergence. The kids & I (my husband too)make a mad dash for the car everyday, screaming like nuts if the cicadas swoop down near us.
:o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( Patricia E. P.Craig, Gwynn Oak Maryland

When do they Stop Emerging?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Our backyard and deck resembles an air landing strip. The cicadas line up on the deck railing and thru some silent take off order, individually flit off to the large tree in the yard. Every morning brings a new “fleet” of them. My question is, will the emergence continue for the next several weeks? And when do they stop leaving those creepy shells all over the place? It practically takes a blow torch to remove them from the bushes.

Despite all the news hype about cicadas, they’re really not that bad. And they are pretty fascinating to watch.

Carole M, Silver Spring, Maryland

Cicadas Cicadas, Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
They’re everywhere! It was so much fun as a bratty 10 year old – lighting them on fire…chopping off their heads, throwing at my older sister’s friends. I’m all grown up now and quite normal I assure you and I couldn’t think of harming one. I keep picking them off the sidewalk so they don’t squashed. I mean they’ve been sitting in the ground for 17 years waiting to get laid and then some drunk carries about and ends that 17 year dream with one drunken smash of his/her foot! Our band plays a show this Thursday and it’s very tempting to fill the drummer’s bass drum with live Cicadas. The first crack of the kick pedal against the drum head sends them into a paniced frenzy and scores of cicadas pour into the unsuspecting audience! What an opener!


P.S. ~ The mothership has landed. David, Washington, DC

Tired of Cicada Talk

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I am really tired of hearing Cicada talk.Even teachers at school talk about it.Not only am i sick of the talk.Im sick of it, its self.Every time I open my front door (on my way to the bus stop) i see dozens upon dozens of them.I know alot of people probably feel me.Right Lane, Laurel,MD

They are here!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
After this weekend’s rain, we had them everywhere…My 2 year old is quite excited, but I am not a bug person and they are creeping me out. I am looking forward to their return to their slumber! Cruzan, Princeton

major emergence in Winchester VA

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Must be millions. I remember this as a child in Fairfax VA but have been living in Shenandoah County in 1987 and didn’t see them there.

I went to vist my sister in Front Royal – she had none – this is hard to believe that they would have none at all and we are dancing with them.

They don’t appear to like bright sun at all. rox, Winchester VA

Still Waiting

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Haven’t seen them yet. I have nore hope now that I see they are emerging in Columbus and Miamisburg!! Cathy, Urbana, OH

beginning in Elkton

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Saw first one Saturday AM. Spotted about 5 in my backyard Saturday Pm. Spotted about 50 in neighbor’s tree on Sunday, 5/16. Bob Gorman, Elkton, MD

Why us?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
We got ’em en masse here in Lockland – though they are not one town over in Reading…Amazing! They must have been eager to get going because we have hundreds of molted shells on high blades of grass in our yard – not even bothering with the trees. Sarah S., Lockland, OH

Still nothing in Lexington

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I went out to the woods yesterday and still no signs. Were they in Lexington in ’87??? Ed, Lexington, KY

Brood X has risen

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Lots of cicadas emerging from their exoskeletons all over the neighborhood. Fence posts and trees are covered with them. Lots of empty shells attatched to the underside of my hostas, and other large vegetation. The noise has started. This is great. Nate Leopold, Fairfax/Cincinnati OH

No Cicadas To Be Found!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Hey everyone, so far we haven’t seen a single one of this buggers. I hope we get to see some soon since the last time they were here I was only 4 years old and don’t remember it. I hope the Northern Bucks County area of PA gets some this time around. Justin, Allentown, PA

Crackly sound…

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Do the cicadas make a sound as they are digging their way to the top of the ground? When walking in the woods lately I have heard the ground on either side of the trail “crackling”… kind of like rice krispies. I have never heard anything like that before. It seems to be especially in sunnier areas and I know ground temperature helps them know when to come out. Is it related to them? Have not seen any actual cicadas emerge yet. Julie, York, PA

Hear them finally

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
They are behind ashburn elementary school and the ashburn vol. fire dept. We can hear them finally this afternoon. They started coming out on Saturday am and the birds were really chirping back there! Jill, Ashburn Village, VA

any sightings near cleveland ohio?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I would like to find a large # of cicadas near cleveland, ohio so my family and I can experience these neat little guys. Any feedback would be appreciated. I know they are around cincinati, columbus etc. but looking for a public place a little closer. Thanks. lee chance, cleveland, oh

the invasion is underway

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
The dog and I found several exoskeletons and one adult bumbling around on the dirt lane next to our home. We haven’t heard them yet, but if this swarm is anything like the one in 1987 they will soon be deafening. I think they are waiting for a good rain to finish emerging-it’s very dry here. It’s intresting, but the little things are too creepy for me. Glad we only do this every 17 years! kim c, New Creek, WV

Here, too!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
The cicadas arrived here on Saturday, May 15. Brent Badger, Martinsville, Indiana

They’re in Indiana!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I have tons of these little buggers in my yard and trees! My son collected a bowl full of skeletons, he thought it was so cool! H, Bloomington, Indiana

Dayton Area

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Anyone seen any in the Dayton, Ohio area? I was 8 years old (1973) and then 25 (1990) for Brood XIII outside of Chicago. 1990 was also our wedding, and my fiance/wife was a bit worried. However, wedding was not until July, and all were safe back in the ground by then. I have very fond memories of those two cycles, and am looking forwards to sharing that experience with our two sons (age 7 and 12). Thanks! Jim, Kettering, OH

Came out in Catonsville on Friday, 14th

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Just an update for those of you tracking their progress. Noticed a few shells Friday afternoon……by Friday night they were all over the place! Chuck, Catonsville, Maryland

They are singing now!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Today is the first day I noticed that the cidadas were in full song. It sounds like a space ship hovering- kind of cool and freaky at the same time. It’s also a high pitched sound and warbly, but it’s constant.

Another odd observation. I live in a high rise on the 12th floor. Last night a cidada was crawling on my window screen. How did he get up so high? It was definitely a cidada- with the big red eyes and all. I went over to say hello. He hung out for a bit and then started walking up the screen and then he flew away. Lisa Jane, Falls Church, Va

dense and loud

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
have about 100+ per square yard.
sounds like a space ship or car alarm ann, potomac md

Cicada keychains

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
The last time the cicadas emerged, the keychains appeared well after they had gone. Please post where we can buy them whenever the keychains appear (even up to a year later). Someone is bound to catch on and make a batch. Thanks. R. Mead, Arlington, VA

Cicada Protection!!!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
My daughter and I are terrified of these awful-looking creatures. I know they are harmless, but unrational fear is unrational fear…17 years ago, while running into my place of employment, ducking and dodging these little creatures, one landed on my collar (I didn’t know). When I finally got to my desk, with a huge sigh of relief, my co-worker pointed out that one was sitting on my collar. I panicked, screamed and practically undressed at my desk.

17 YEARS LATER – I’M PREPARED! I’ve fashioned a cicadia-proof umbrella. My umbrella is covered from top to bottom with netting. My husband says he will not be seen in public with me with my cicadia umbrella! Marianne, Herndon, Virginia


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Our home is nestled in the mountains at the far west corner of North Carolina. The cicadas have emerged in a valley behind our house starting 2-3 days ago. Over the last two days, the noise was so loud that no one wanted to go outside. We thought we’d been invaded by a flying saucer (smile) before we heard about the cicadas. What a racket! Pam W, Murphy,NC

No Emergence Yet

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I was wondering if the lack of emergence in Pa could be due to the significant late season snowfall we had. I did ground temp readings late last week and found that about 2-4 inches below the surface the temp was 68F after reading that the temp must go above 64F for them to emerge. How deep must the temp penetrate before they emerge? Dylan Johnson, Kutztown, Pa

Cicadas emerging

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Cicadas began emerging over the May 15-16 weekend in Princeton. Tom, Princeton, New Jersey

Almost Here

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
No sightings yet, but the chimneys are present. Put netting over my new trees yesterday – we’ll see if it helps more than hurts. Dave A., Powell, Ohio

Are they here yet?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I live in a wooded area – we’ve heard them for years – the deeper into the woods you go, the more deafening the sound. Have seen the shells on fence posts around the yard for the past couple of years. Am very curious to what the magnitude of what’s to come will be! Jennifer, Ewing, NJ, USA


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Cicadas emerged after Saturday evenings rainfall – Sunday AM hundreds of cicadas were everywhere on our property. We watched as the nymphs came out of there shells in the AM. By Sunday PM the skeletal shells were everywhere. D. Baird, Upper Black Eddy, PA

Oh, no! First sighting!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I found two cicada chimneys in my yard this morning, then two exoskeletons underneath newly planted trees. The invasion is starting in Indianapolis! Help! I get wigged-out by bugs!!! Lori, Fishers, IN

Cicada Sightings

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
No one in our subdivision, which was a work in process in 1987 has spotted one yet. We walked into the surrounding wodds with some older trees, but nothing. We did see ONE cicada on a trip into Wyoming yesterday. Looks like it’ll either miss our section of Cincinnati or come later. garrett , Evendale

I Agree

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I agree with Lori from Va Sharion, BowlingGreen,Oh

Makin’ some noise

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
The ciadas are really starting to make some noise near the Howard County Court House in Ellicott City, Maryland. It’s not “crazy” yet but you can definately tell that they’re here. Interesting tidbit is that they are not everywhere. There might be a lot of noise coming from a bunch of trees and a hundred yeards away- nothing. Ian, Ellicott City, MD

They are in Princeton, NJ

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Saw numerous nymphs and adults on many trees. There were even telephone poles festooned with them! Interesting to observe the various states of emergence, as they build from white, and darken over time. None seen flying, nor were any heard. Wait… Tom B., Princeton, NJ

Won’t See Many In Neighboorhoods built since 1987

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
If you happen to live in one of the newer developments in our area, you may not see the Brood X cicadas, or you may only see a couple here and there.

The developers scrape away and tear up most of the soil and trees where the Cicada live and feed on underground roots. So if you are one of these people, count yourself lucky…or maybe not…depending on what you were hoping for.yourself lucky…or maybe not…depending on what you were hopeing for. Thomas, Oak Hill, VA

two dead, none living…yet

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I saw two squashed cicadas and 1 shell in my parking lot this morning. No holes and none on the trees though.

When does this end? sj, Calverton, MD


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I saw one when I fishing at ludlow Hill Park in a tree.
Oscar Harrell, Lawrencburg IN


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
are cicadas poisonous? i few bit my dog and now he is really sick. i really don’t like these guys. fred scott, arlington, va

albino cicadas

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
i have collected 6 albino cicadas since this morning……

we have been overrun by the smelling things !!!

are albino cicadas rare ?? John, ruxton, maryland

None here yet.

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I have been checking daily and have not seen any cicadas yet. Have not even seen many holes in the ground around the trees in my yard. Maybe they will pass us by. BG, Springfield Township, PA

Greetings from Cicada Holler

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
The Washington Post referenced this message board on their Cicada thread, and I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts.

Since last Thursday the Cicada have been in abundance in our neighborhood. They appear about first light, the woods gradually swell with their song, by nightfall all is fairly quiet, until the next day. My front porch and surrounding shrubs are full of them. The squirrels and neighborhood cats clean up any they can reach. The deer eat all that they can reach from the leaves of trees and on the grass.

Basically the bugs sleep and eat for 17 years, emerge to reproduce…that all. Nature’s ritual has distracted me from more serious news, not a bad thing. Parenthia Page, Vienna/Oakton, (Fairfax County, VA

More from Arlington

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Last week, pockets of big emergences. They finally came out in force in our front yard Sat. and Sunday night.

TONS of nymphs crawling around under the maple trees around 10pm. It was physically impossible to step on the grass without killing at least one. I stood on the driveway to videotape the writhing mass of cicadas, and it was generally about 10 seconds before they were crawling up my legs.

Saw our first mating pair (leading to intensive questioning from my 6-year-old) on Saturday.

The dog now has a breakfast buffet along our fence, picking and choosing the most tender looking ones. The hostas seem to be the favored landing pads– each leaf of our 20 or so hostas has at least 3-4 cicadas.

There’s the wonderful UFO hovering sound in the neighborhood, shutting down around 3 in the afternoon. But I’ve only heard one singing up close. Mike, Arlington, VA

United States

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I am located in southwestern Adams County, PA about ten miles southwest of Gettysburg. Emergence began Saturday, 5/15. Mating chorus building. Dan, Carroll Valley, PA


Date: Monday, May/17/2004

they’re here

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
The older trees in the neighborhood, including the one in my front yard, are well on the way to be being completely covered with old shells and mature adults. They are all over the ground nearest the base of the tree – as well as the side of the house – you hear them more often now too. Probably about half never make it very far – there are cicada parts on many of the sidewalks. Certainly not an infestation, yet, but getting there. Sarah, Columbia, MD

Mount Airy Arrival

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
We still have not seen any in Mt. Airy (Frederick County MD). We keep hoping, because I remember what they were like in Silver Spring back in 87. I will keep my fingers crossed. Jen, Mt. Airy, MD

Northeastern Pennsylvania

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Has anyone in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania (Scranton) seen any cicadas yet? I am not sure if we had as big emergence in 1987 or not. But I know for a fact we had “millions” in 1991. So no matter what happens this year, watch out in 2008. Rick, Scranton, PA

Hear them but don’t see them

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I haven’t seen any near my house in Harford County MD (did see one at our local Target,though)Our development is less than 15 years old, although the developer did leave a considerable amount of older trees behind. BTW, does anyone know which trees they prefer? I would like to know which ones, so I can take pictures. This morning as I was walking my daughter to the bus stop,I could hear them off in the distance. I was 14 in 1987 and lived in an older area of Baltimore County, so I remember how loud it was. This wasn’t that bad though:-) Grace, Abingdon, MD

Not so bad

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Thousands and thousands of cicadas have emerged from my little lot. Late last night, the newcomers completely covered the ground under my trees, and this morning, their shells were everywhere. I am happy to say that it remained pleasant to sit outside yesterday afternoon and this morning — a bunch of hilarious bugs flying around did not spoil the moment. Gaston, Silver Spring, MD

where are they???

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
i figured they would be out already?? what are they on vacation????anyone seen any??? matt, central new jersey

They’re everywhere now

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Well as of Monday morning 17 May, cicadas can be seen everywhere, every tree, weed, signpost, and light pole has 5 or more grouped together and it was hard to avoid stepping on them while I was walking my dog at 5 am. Haven’t heard any really loud noises yet though…thankfully… WSOsGirl, Wilde Lake, Columbia, MD


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Leaving for work this morning..saw about 30-40 cicadas in all stages on the ground and on the trees. I am very scared of these things but because I have to go out and live my life, I am sure my phobia will decrease as the weeks go by. Pray for me!!!!!!!!! ANGIE, PLEASANT RIDGE (CINCY, OHIO)

Dittoing the Catonsville sightings

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
It is incredible and amazing….but bordering on skeevy and creepy. They are literally everywhere…like a true Biblical plague. Karen, Catonsville, MD

The Quiet Roar Has Begun

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
We’ve only seen a few actual cicada in Ellicott City. While in neighboring Columbia this weekend, we saw about 100 but that was it.

Yesterday the gentle roar of the Cicada could be heard, from what seemed far away.

Today the din is slowly becoming a roar. It’s almost like being in a sci-fi movie.

They’re coming…They’re coming…
BenignVanilla, Ellicott City, MD


Date: Monday, May/17/2004

More and more every morning

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
And I thought Friday was bad enough… I can’t even bring myself to leave the house – it is that bad now. We have an old elm tree on the front yard – and it is covered by these stupid ugly things, every inch of it, and every inch of the grass around it – a circle about 40′ in diameter. My husband mowed the grass yesterday – he said he’d never have believed it can be that bad if he didn’t see it himself – they are “boiling” and “bubbling” in the grass. Also they already stink – and it is just the first week!
Odd enough – there are not many in the back yard, although we have dozens of old trees – mostly oaks, at least 45 years old. When we bought the house in middle 90s, the back yard was covered with ivy, which we pulled out during the years almost completely. I wonder if such ground covers as ivy prevents cicadas’ larvae from burying themselves under it.

Best regards,
Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

I feel like I’m in a horror movie

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I have them so bad that half of them are rotting away before they can leave there shell and it is leaving a odor in my yard. I feel like I am the hotel for the Cicada’s this year. My parents live next door and they dont have many at all I live on a half acrea and I know I have at least 1000 or more. After a raining night they came out so bad they were getting in my house under a small crack under my front door. Dori, Clinton, Maryland

Sandy areas

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Apparently in sandy areas, it is tougher for the cicada’s to stick around without being effectively washed away over the 17 or so year period. I think this may be the reason as to why they are not around closer to the shoreline areas now, but they could be around when they start to miander/fly into other areas. Seth, Glen Burnie, MD


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I’ve been searching for them for a week now! If anyone has seen them here in Lower Bucks, PA, please post!!! C, BUCKS CO. PA

First sighting

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Saw first sighting, just one, though! Jennifer, Evendale, Ohio

paging Dave Marshall, CT

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Follow up to your Cumberland County, NJ post…. see any signs for Gloucester County??? I’m getting married 5/22 and although I didn’t see an chimneys on the site I’m freaking out that they will be emerging!! Lisa, Gloucester Co, NJ

Helpful hints for cicada sighting

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
To those people who live in the “cicada zones,” who haven’t seen any, yet; if you live in a new housing development, or if there’s been a lot of construction in your area, you may have to go to an older neighborhood or wooded area to see the cicadas. Look on the trees and on the ground; if you see the shells, you’re on the right track! Also, listen – a bit corny, but the cicadas do sound like spaceships; so far, it’s noticeable, but I haven’t heard them as loud as people are saying, e.g., loud enough to drown out a conversation? Too, I’ve noticed that I see LOTS more cicadas early in the day (say, before 9:00 am.), and they seem to be more active; the nymphs are waddling along, shedding the shells, the wings are drying, etc., it’s a sight to see. Good luck in your cicada sightings! Sue, Riverdale, MD


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Now we have so many of them it’s just gross. Squished ones all over the sidewalks and streets. Tons in my backyard. So many, I’d say it even smells bad from all the decaying matter. They’re getting pretty noisy too. The background noise sounds like a UFO from an old science fiction movie.
Bob, Bethesda, Maryland

Nothing yet?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Havent seen a thing….nothing….im quite upset Autorush, Lansdale,PA

They are at Gram’s!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Well, we still don’t have any cicada’s at our house in Arnold, but my Gram, who lives just 1-3 miles from us, has them EVERYWHERE! My friend Molly who lives in the heart of Annapolis,(4 1/2 miles away) also has them……I wanna know why we don’t have any at our house!
Anyway, we went to Gram’s house on Sat. night, I got some really great photos, and picked them up, let them crawl on my hands, and completely inspected them…..they are so cool! Cute too! I have never experienced anything like this before, I’m so glad I can! Becky, Anne Arundel Co., MD.

The earth is moving beneath my feet!!!!

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
Heard them for the first time today at 1:30pm, at 9:30pm went to my back yard with flash light lots and lots of crawling critters on my fence and one of the larger tree’s next to our pool. It was very quiet and all I could hear was clicking and cracking from them breaking thru the ground, the earth was moving under my feet literally. Cant wait for tomorrow to get here. Lisa, Centreville, Va

No cicadas out here :(:(

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I really miss them now that I live out here in Seattle…I remember both the 1970 and 1987 invasions….I was living in Maryland then….I really think they are fascinating….my exboyfriend and I even had Cicada Invasion Summer of 87 tshirts….Called my Mom today in Virginia and asked her to open her window so I could hear them but she wants nothing to do with them….I think they are a wonder of nature and I love their song. So I am enjoying reading all these posts. Iorhael, Seattle, WA

why do i have cicada’s and my neighbor does not?

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
i am puzzled as to why i have hundreds of cicadas in my backyard, and my neighbor four houses away seems to have none? we both have trees in the backyard, and both have dogs. just curious? btw, my kids are loving the cicadas, and having a glorious time torturing their poor mother! i know, cicadas are harmless, but i am just not a bug kind of girl! πŸ™‚ gwen, fairfield, ohio


Date: Monday, May/17/2004
where are they? haven’t seen one yet! i’m not looking forward to it i am terrified. i do remember them from 1987 and it was awful! i know they can’t hurt you, but they are gross and scary! are they gonna be here soon? has any body close to here seen one yet? kerry, lyons IL

Explosion Today in Silver Spring

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
In our yard, we saw maybe a couple of dozen yesterday (Saturday). But there were HUNDREDS today — emerging, transforming, crawling, and starting to fly. Jan, Silver Spring, Maryland

So far, so good

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I have not seen one in the Annapolis area either – thank goodness! I’m hoping we’ll be spared. I heard that they are less likely to be in places close to the water. Any chance they won’t come to Annapolis or are they just not here yet? Mary, Annapolis, MD

Cicada Party

Date: Monday, May/17/2004
I got a call from my family at 9:30 Sunday night about an emergence on the underside of a dogwood. When I arived I found a bunch of people drinking and laughing, holding flashlights and taking pictures of these little red eyed bugs in all stages of metamorphasis, it was cool. So were the cicadas. Big D, Gambrills MD

mor more more

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
each day since wednesday, i thought there could not be more. each night, there are exponetionally more nimphs emerging. the sound of cicadas walking to a spot to shed is loud enough to notice inside. my yard has to have 25000-30000 right now. during the day their music is louder than anything else except the occaisional helocopter.

my street is lined with oak trees. i wonder if this makes adifference? timmy, arlington va

saw one today

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Had to go out and get a new weed eater, and while trying to start it by the shed, Saw one coming out of the ground…in MID DAY, with no rain for the past couple days. It was kinda strange. Can’t wait to see if we are gonna have tons of them around here too. My Fiance is gonna FREAK. I told her i saw it…and the importance of the sighting was beyond her. I told her the story about them coming out every 17 years…and I think she KINDA understands…but she don’t MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! JasonB, Apollo, PA 25m E of PGH

That’s no truck idling outside…

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
…that’s just the cicadas! Holy moley! My heavily wooded old neighborhood is cicada central. I really thought there was a moving van idling outside last night, and then I realized it was the cicadas. Had one fly down the back of my shirt yesterday. The front step of my building has a pile of exoskeletons and live red-eyed wonders waiting for me each morning. Yesterday, I had a cicada ride with me to the local CVS on the windshield. (Well, until I hit 45 mph, and then that tenacious in-need-of-Clear-Eye bugger flew off – probably not by choice.) I find myself uprighting the poor guys who end up flailing around on their backs. Strangely, despite the exoskeleton remains giving me the creeps, I find them pretty endearing, and the cheeeeep cheeeeeep cheeeeep is a marvelous white noise machine – I haven’t heard the guy upstairs for a couple of days! Thank you, Mother Nature!! Melissa J., Bethesda, Maryland

Were they here in 1987?

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I feel cheated. Never seen a Cicada, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. Haven’t seen any in Arnold, MD or Annapolis, MD. Were they here back in 1987? Is there a reason why they’d be emerging later than their brothers and sisters in Virginia?
Where can I find a list of the places they were spotted back in 1987?
Varda, Arnold, MD

They’re here!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
They Started emerging mostly on Thurday the 13th, and in HUGE amounts on Friday , Sat. and Sunday. They must really taste good. Our dogs are simply walking and eating. They never lift their faces from the yard! It looks magical. The nymphs simply emerge from the ground out of nowhere. Art D., Amberley Village ( Cicinnati) Ohio

found an exoskeleton in DE

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
While weeding my husband found an exoskeleton. Carolyn, New Castle, Delaware

Lots of Cicadas!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
They’re starting to catch up to speed here; I’ve seen hundreds on certain types of trees, but none on another type right next to those. Funny. They enjoy climbing me and my house wall. Took some pictures, thought they were pretty cool. Find one with blue eyes and bring it to Johns Hopkins for $1000! Jen, Baltimore/Towson, MD

“They are here by the thousands!”

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
We went away to the beach for the weekend only seeing a few on Thursday. We returned today to a yard and trees invaded. It was so neat to watch them emerge from their shells at different stages on Thursday. Now, it’s just gross. There are hundreds of shells, dead and live cicadas around each tree and you can’t walk in our back yard without stepping on them. Is this only the begining? If less than half have emerged, I’m heading back to the beach. For those who want to see them and haven’t, come on over to catonsville. I heard they were ankle deep 17 and 34 years ago. I don’t look forward to that! Trish, Catonsville, MD

where are they

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Where are the Cicadas in Richmond? Relatives out west want to know what the infestation is like but I can’t tell them. Steve Dixon, Glen Allen, VA

They’re here, too!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Walked around the neighborhood this afternoon and after yesterday’s rain the cicadas are finally emerging–one tree (Emerson and Gray Ave.) had hundreds of live cicadas and the sidewalk was covered with their skeletons. Waiting for more! Sallie, Hamilton, Ohio

Chip Curley’s moth

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Chip, that’s a moth. πŸ™ Dan, Cicadamania

Is this a cicada?

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Saw this heading up a tree today when I was cutting grass. Had the beady little red eyes.
Chip Curley, Nashville, Tennessee

First sightings

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
First sightings late this afternoon. Only a couple and quite small from my recollection from 1987. One neighbor said she saw some approximately five days ago about one hundred yards down the street. I play golf at Ivy Hills golf course (in Newtown and walked 18 holes this afternoon and saw or heard none although the course was built after the last brood; the surrounding woods was for the most part there. Dr.John McDonald, Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Ohio

Come out, come out wherever you are

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
The cicadas started coming out en masse early this morning (May 16) just south of the National Park at Gettysburg. I am not a big “bug” fan, but at a distance, I can appreciate the fascination these creatures hold. I’m sure when I return to the National Park over Memorial Day they will be everywhere! Leslie, Gettysburg, PA

None here.

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Haven’t seen a single one in the inner harbor area. that’s good because yesterday was my daughter’s wedding and it was outside at Pier V.

Paul, Downtown Baltimore Md.

Saw one

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
OK, I saw my first Cicada today. It was in new Greenbelt. I went to Silver Spring the other day, and oddly enough, I didn’t see any. But I’m glad that I finally saw one. I think I’m gonna have a heart attack when there are thousands of them flying around! Hisham, Greenbelt, MD

Cicada Damage

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
They say cicadas don’t cause damage but I beg to differ. They are all over our newly planted rhodies and azaleas. They have already broken the limbs of the new growth and they haven’t even gotten started. Will they eventually go up into the trees or will they stay on the shrubs? I don’t care if they ever come back!
Jane Jane Branch, Clear Spring, MD USA


Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I remember the last invasion! It was awful! I did not leave the house and was scared to death!! I did not realize that this was the year. We have a family vacation planned for June 19th at Kentucky Lake. I am thinking of canceling. Any information about emersions in Marshall County KY or when they will leave will be helpful. Thanks Sandi, Orland Park, IL

still waiting

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Reily Township is just south of Oxford, Ohio and about 20 miles north of Cincinnati Ohio.
We are still waiting for them to show up.
I thought with the rain we had over the weekend that they would come out.

Maybe soon
Teddy P Teddy P, Reily Township, Ohio

Waiting for sighting

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Living in Southeastern PA just west of Philadelphia. Would love to hear about a sighting in this area to take the kids. David, Bala Cynwyd, PA

cicada sighting

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I had my first sighting of cicadas as I was mowing the lawn today, Sunday May 16th. They were sitting on a mum plant in my front yard. Bruce Wolfe, Hidden Valley Lake Lawrenceburg,Indiana

One Cicada shell reported

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Only one so far Andy, South Riding, VA

Lots in frontyard, very few in back

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
After wondering what took so long, I now see many of them in the front yard. (They are particularly prominent in a squashed state on the street, but that is another story.)

Curiously, there are very few in the backyard. I have a huge tulip poplar in the back yard. I suspect they do not like that species of tree.

Love the UFO sound they make. Well, I assume the sound is from the cicadas πŸ™‚
Dennis, Silver Spring, MD

A cicada-free zone

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
We are in the mid-shore area of MD’s Eastern Shore. We have seen and heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It’s very strange to read about what’s going on in the rest of MD and the Mid-Atlantic. When I cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tomorrow to go to work, I think I’m in for a rude awakening! My 3 dogs are VERY disappointed. Kati, Centreville, MD

Arrived Thursday Night

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Thursday night we saw out first cicadas emerging. We are having so much fun watching them. Dalit, Silver Spring, MD

Will I see any

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I took a nice long walk around my yard and the neighbhorhood and didn’t see any. I am kind of disappointed. Has anyone living in South Jersey seen any?

Rich Simmers, Burlington Twp. NJ

Thousands in our backyard in Govans

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Friday during the day I found about 25 adults throughout the yard, but it took over an hour of searching. Saturday there were dozens to be had. Now today there are thousands upon thousands of adults clining to just about every bush and tree in the yard. I easily collected over 100 in the course of fifteen minutes. We’re planning to try some of the recepies, however even I will need a little bit of “liquid courage” to take my first bite. Nate, Baltimore, MD

Angelic Inscects!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Wow.. God is amazing in his creativity! I am not afraid of very many things. But I am not accustomed to picking up inscects either. I can’t help the strange urge to play with these little guys though! I Love the white ones with long translucent wings and dark markings. They look like little angels. I keep looking around to make sure my neighboors aren’t laughing at me! No really I could care less. I am an artist and a nature lover anyway! I have been helping little cicadas find the tree in my backyard and rescuing some of them from the wet ground when there wings get stuck! It’s funny! I deffinately feel a connection and have a respect for a creature that hibernates that long! It’s Amazing! Heard some songs today! Can’t wait til the whole chior wakes up! No plans to eat any! I like em’ too much! Think I am going to draw some fantasy pics using Cicadas! Inspiration!! Remember! Have fun and Respect all creatures! They are our responsibility!

-Justin Justin “Davinci” Whye, Baltimore, Maryland

tons in the front yard

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I was beginning to think maybe they weren’t coming … but this morning I spotted one on a hosta. I thought that was it, but the more I looked – they were EVERYWHERE! Sue, Mount Pleasant Washington, DC

ATTN: Eating Cicadas Can Cause Severe Allergic Reaction!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
While N. Kentuckians are still waiting for the Cicadas to appear, Indiana has apparently had a flood of them. According to today’s Cincinnati Enquirer, one unlucky man there decided to saute’ 30 of them with butter, garlic and basil and later found himself in the emergency room. Turns out he was having what the doctors described as a “severe allergic reaction.” It’s important to note that the man already suffered from asthma and allergies to shellfish. Hmmmm. You’d think he would’ve been a bit more careful considering. People … don’t try to be cool man on the block by eating these things. Let them have their sex and die. Believe it or not, they’re not here for our enjoyment, but theirs. If you’re desperate for protein, for Heaven’s sake, eat an egg! Lisa , N. KY

First one spotted

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Found one cassini male near his empty shell while checking milkweed leaves for monarch eggs on 5/15/04 at Blendon Woods Metro Park. First of many I’m sure! Sarah Dalton, Columbus, OH

It’s beginning

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
We found the first of the skeletons and live cicadas this morning – 30 or so in the back yard mainly on hostas and lillies. This is fascinating – I’d like to see some actually emerging. We’ve noticed the holes in the ground for approximately a week – varying depths of up to 6 inches. Julie, Western Loudoun County, VA

Cicada Sighting

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
May 13 we spotted several holes in the ground in our yard. That evening we started looking in some of the trees and spotted several shells. The our first cicada. Vicky, Aurora, Indiana, U.S.A.

where are the cicadas?

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
The cicadas aren’t here yet! We live in oxford,Pennsylvania right near the maryland border line. Do anybody know when they are coming here. I have been waiting for a long time for them!! Nicholas Rifon, Oxford P.A

Hope Springs Eternal!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Okay, emergence appears to be definitely slowing down. At least I THINK it’s not just my imagination or wishful thinking. I am beginning to have a burgeoning hope that this won’t reach Biblical proportions in my neighborhood. (The noise level in the park across Rt. 50, next to the Sunrise Assisted Living complex, however is deafening) They can go up in the trees and make all the noise they want as long as they leave my person alone! I’m originally from SC (Hi Robb!) and the noise doesn’t faze me as it is everpresent in my home state during the summer.
What I really want to know is, though, when they finally die, will they start dropping out of the trees on my head? What about the new nymphs? How big are they and will THEY drop out of the trees onto my head? As you can see, I am extremely concerned about these things getting tangled up in my hair and me looking like a total idiot thrashing about and screeching, “Get it off me! Get it off me!” I have my dignity to preserve, after all. πŸ™‚
One last thing: what motivates someone to voluntarily eat these bugs? Is it a macho deal? Are there people who don’t have laundry to do or lawns to mow? Or do you just wake up one morning and think, “I’ve got a real hankerin’ for a nice batch of fried cicadas today!” I wonder if there are any women in these households? The greater sociological implications of cicada-eating are worth a government funded study I think. πŸ™‚ Laura, Rt. 50 and Nutley, Fairfax, VA

I’ve never seen to many….THOUSANDS!!!!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I now know that I DO NOT remember 1987 AT ALL! Sort of fascinating at first, but now a really big nuisance. All over the house, the grounds, the trees, the cars, door and window screens – flying EVERYWHERE including getting inside the house. I’ve actually had to pick some of the live critters up and move them – I really didn’t want to kill them! Haven’t had one land on me yet and really don’t want one landing on me – you can duck out of their way pretty easily – really clumsey fliers. And the noise! You can hear it grow louder by the hour. I can even hear it with all the windows closed! The dogs definitely do not like them at all. They are getting really spooked by their singing. I can’t imagine it getting much worse, but I’m sure it will! Linda, Catonsville, MD

Sightings and link to pictures

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
A few cicadas in our garden yesterday, lots and lots today (16th May).

Some pictures at

Dave Dave, Princeton, NJ

I found a cicada today!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I found my first cicada. We saw lots of them this morning behind our house. One jumped on my little sisters leg and she screamed. It was really loud. Daddy said that was the loudest time Leah ever screamed before. I like cicadas because they are not really around for much, and that’s why I like them. And they look good. I’m going to bring one to my school. We can hear lots of them in the woods but my bug dictionary says they will be as loud as jet engine later. Bye. That’s all I want to say about cicadas. Madeline Peloff (age 5), Olney, MD

This is horrible

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
the loud mating calls of the cicadas sound like some alien machine…its neverending even with the air on blast…i dont know if i’ll to make it for another six weeks…they are covering my entire flew up and landed on my foot and i screamed…i grew up in ny and i remember 1987 and how they were all over the place..but no where near the extent of this…dc area is horrible Jessica C, Bethesda, MD

Brood X Emerging

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Brood X emerged in our area [AT] Burnett Woods yesterday afternoon during the most recent rain. I witnessed several still crawling in their shells, a bunch of empty shells, and two drying themselves on blades of grass after sheading their skins. Neil, Cincinnati, Ohio.USA

Finally out in Centreville

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I saw one flying around the backyard this morning and can hear them singing in the wooded area in the distance. Our neighborhood is barely 17 years old, which explains why there have been so few near the house. Susan, Centreville/Chantilly, VA

Sight and Sound in Ashburn

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Went for a ride on the W&OD trail from Ashburn Village to Leesburg and saw them on the trail as well as heard them in the woodland. Amazing! S Kenney, Ashburn

PA and NJ emergence

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
ANYBODY in southeastern PA or NJ seeing LARGE numbers of nymphs, chimney holes.
Or found large numbers of nymphs under boards, logs, etc. I would like to travel to an area in PA or NJ where there will be a large emergence. PLEASE POST if anyone in those areas sees evidence of a large emergence.

THANKS! Jeff, Lancaster, PA

Sunday – May 16, 2004 – First Emergence Noticed

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
They are walking all over the rails of my deck and the floor of my deck has about 50-100 dead ones. I do not hear any “singing” nearby, but I do hear it in the distance. Does this mean I’m surrounded by females who will lay eggs? Peg, Germantown, MD

My new respect for Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Bugs, in general, give me an advanced case of the “willies.” Spotting a spider on my wall or a centipede scuttling across my floor can cause my heart to skip a beat. So, naturally, it was with a nameless dread that I anticipated the cicada onslaught. But now they’re here en masse, and I must say that – although I still find them physically repulsive – I have a new respect for the little fellows, and I go out of my way to avoid treading upon them. I find their background song to be rather soothing, and they have a certain dignified majesty about them. The next few weeks are, quite literally, their brief moment in the sun, and the upcoming days will provide us humans with a rare chance to witness a brief stage in the cicadas’ lifecycle (a lifecycle which is truly close to miraculous). So if this is being read by anyone from far away who shares my general distaste for bugs and feels pity for we poor souls who are being subjected to cicadas, you may rest assured that things aren’t altogether bad. In fact, I rather pity you for your inability to witness this rare and curious natural display firsthand. I maintain, however, that if one of these things lands on me I will scream with reckless abandon and run for cover. Ken Ramsey, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

They’re fantastic!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
While I can understand a fear of spiders, I cannot understand the fear of these amazing creatures. To emerge for a couple of weeks, after 17 years underground, sing a mating tune, do “the thing” and then die, only to have one’s offspring appear in another 17 years – well, I think it’s something worth experiencing. Compared to tent caterpillars, the cicadas are a wonder to behold AND hear.

Mireille, Bethesda, MD Mireille, Bethesda, MD

Cicadas in southern NJ

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Cindy –

I’m pretty sure that there will be none out in Cumberland Co. NJ this year — the soil is pretty sandy there. Still, there are some old records from the region so you could get lucky (in which case I would like to hear about it). The closest populations will be in northern Salem County. In two weeks or so, once the cicada are all out, you can call around to people in that area to see if they have heard of any populations out. Dave Marshall, CT

One spotted near Mount Vernon

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
We spotted one on our doorstep last night. When we awoke, his shell was attached to our brick house and the adult was still on the doorstep. Here they come! Susanne, Alexandria (Mount Vernon), VA

Cicada shell

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I was out putting wood on a burn pile this morning when I noticed a strange insect shell. I brought it inside and started searching the web to identify it. I have come to the conclusion that it is a cicada exoskeleton thingy. How cool! I havent seen any of the adults or heard any of them sing either. Hope I see some soon. Do they work well as bait for fishing? I’m an avid fisher”girl” and would like to use them if I ever find any. Ashley, Mercersburg PA

Old Lutherville is LOADED with them!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Went to church in Old Lutherville this morning. Cicadas everywhere! Lots of them on trees but also on outdoor railing, telephone pole and the handicap parking sign.
Saw 1 with a deformed wing. Lea, Lutherville, Md

emergence-Suburban DC

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
continuing to accelerate in Bethesda/Chevy
Chase MD area. Still areas with huge numbers waiting to emerge mostly in wooded park areas. Deformed wings are mostly caused by being disturbed during emergence IMO. This happens when they fall, get trampled by another cicada or touched by a human. David, Bethesda

I hear them!!!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
This morning for the first time, I can hear the cicadas but the sound appears to be in the distance. Have not seen any flying around as yet, but like Lori in Va. I plan to stay indoors….I would have cardiac arrest if one landed on me! Eeewwwww is right! Ellen, Baltimore, Md


Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
first sighting 5/15 evening jeff, Anderson, Cincinnati, OH 45244

Not here yet

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I thought the rain we got last night might encourage them to come out, but my AM yard check shows nothing yet. South Jersey seems to be behind, but I’ll report back as soon as we have them! Lori, Mullica Hill, NJ

Emergence in Gaithersburg, MD

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
We started to experience the first wave of emergence this week in the Washington Grove area of Gaithersburg. Yesterday (Saturday, 5/15) we started to hear the first low buzz of the cicadas. It was still at the level of background, much like traffic noise, but you could already hear the modulation. John Bradfield, Gaithersburg, MD

tree bark

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
The last 2 nights so many have appeared
at dark that the tree bark looks like it’s sliding up the tree. We have had thousands out since thursday the 13th. These poor guys only seem to make it to about noon the next day with wings, and body parts found all around. The birds and squirrel are just waiting each morning for thier next meal.Just as the singing and flying start, it’s over that quick. Any one else seeing the same? Thomas S., Fallston- Maryland

The bugs are arriving

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Saw two empty nymph shells and one adult cicada today. I have been checking everyday for a week and a half looking for signs of them coming out and finally saw the first one. I’m sure the rest will be following shortly. Cindy, Pr. William Pkwy, Virginia

where best to record cicada song within radius of Asheville?

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Hello! A colleague and I are organizing an expedition to record the song of Brood X using wide-format analog tape and good microphones… where is the best emergence zone within a few hours of Asheville North Carolina? Would we do best to head north, to the NC/TN border, or farther east towards Virginia? Thanks for any replies.

North American Institute for Psychoacoustic Research Amos, Asheville NC

They’re here…!

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
Apparently, I jumped the gun the other day in declaring that the recent development in the area had prevented any emergence of Brood X.

Walking… er, stumbling home tonight, there are at least 200-300 nymphs and some white adults on the trees, bushes and street signs in front of my apartment building – Potomac at River House. (And here I am posting about it at 3am, how dorky.)

I feel a little less masculine saying so, but these bugs are creepy — I was up at a friend of mine’s house in Silver Spring today and his yard was literally teeming with them. And apparently, they seemed to think that my shoes were a good resting spot, even while I was standing in them (they’re tenacious little buggers and wouldn’t let go). Dan, Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginia

They have started emerging

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
I noticed a few on Friday, maybe 10-15. Today (Sat.) there were hundreds in all stages all over the yard. My dog had a field day. Needless to say she didn’t touch her food in her dog bowl. I’ve been telling my kids about the Brood X envasion for a few months now. They were totally freaking out today thinking this was it….I told them “IT’S ONLY JUST BEGUN…JUST WAIT” they can’t believe there will be more….I’m sure the sound will be WAY more than they expected too. It’s quite cool tonight so it will be interesting to see if many more emerge tongiht. The temp is below 65. Jan, French Lick , Indiana

First nighttime sightings

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
We had thunderstorms roll through the area tonight, and I decided to go out after the storm (12:30 am) and see if I could find any Cicadas. I’m excited to report that I saw three white nymphs on the lower bare branches of some oak trees. I’m excited! Neighborhood (Loveton Farms) is just barely 17 years old, at higher elevation. We’re late, I guess!

Greg, Sparks, Maryland

Haven’t seen one yet….

Date: Sunday, May/16/2004
My neighborhood is relatively young. To put it in perspective, my house is only 17 years old. We’ve had an enoromous amount of new construction right behind our communicty, so I’m thinking…maybe we won’t get hit that hard. I’m not ruling it out though. I’m bracing myself. I’M TERRIFIED OF BUGS!! I’ve been conditioning myself for a face to face confortation with one of these things by looking at every picture possible posted on the web. Co-workers that live in Beltsville and near College Park have seen hundreds of them. Is it possible to such concentrated pockets of activity only a few miles away? Ayanna, Laurel, MD

no cicadas yet…

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I have not seen a single cicada at my house yet. I live on a 1 acre lot that is 1/2 wooded, so this area would have been all woods 17 years ago. Somebody said they don’t like sandy soil? Could I miss out on all the excitement? john, pasadena, md

Sightings in Odenton, MD

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
Have seen many cicadas in the lawns of Odenton, but none in Crofton, MD. Eileen, Crofton, MD

Cicada sightings

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I saw the first one Thurs.5/13 and tonight,5/15, when I got home from work there were hundreds of them in the trees,on my house and anything else they could climb on. I think they are fasinating! Mike O., McCoole,Maryland

Maybe they’re staying in MD and VA??

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
Haven’t seen one critter yet..maybe the thunderstorms are keeping them away.. fine by me ! Kay, Enola, PA

more emerging

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I thought they would come in one big swoop, but everyday as I walk I see new emergence sites. Tip for those looking, look low. I thought they would be up higher on the trees, but they are low in the bushes and tall grass. I pointed them out to many people who were walking by and never even noticed them. I hate bugs, but these guys have me morbidly fascinated Jane, Ashburn

They are here!

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I’m really hoping they come to York. My mom only remembers a few here. We are 30 miles for the PA/MD border and it seems PA has nothing and MD has everything. I went to my grandma’s house in Timonium and brought some back to satisfy myself by placing them in our yard! Now we have cicadas! Yay!!! Ed, York PA

They’re coming!

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
AM chilly and rainy. While walking the dogs I saw dozens of nymph shells. Also several nymphs walking around, sluggish. Emergence is spotty. For example, our neighbor’s yard next door had a bunch of nymphs on grass, with cicadas molting, but I see none in our yard. I took one cicada home and took pictures. When you put them somewhere, they go ‘up’. Probably a lot of cicadas high in the trees. PM. Rain stopped. Saw numerous cicadas in the back yard. There were also more emergence holes in the ground. We gave the dogs their second walk. Some trees and telephone poles had 20 shells/nymphs on them, others no signs. Tom Cpp[er, Miamisburg, OH

Cicada are here!!

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
Woke up this morning and there must be 1 million of those things all over my house, car, yard, trees and that nosie is annoying

Great pics Sean, Springfield VA

found one cocoon

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I found one cocoon under a rock this morning, put in jar. Anyone in northern morris county having an emergence? rikikitty, succasunna nj

Seems to be starting

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I was starting to get worried…no sign of cicadas in Leesburg, but I found my first exoskeleton yesterday. Found 10 more in one tree in my front yard today. I can hear a few singing off in the distance. I guess we are about to get it.

It’s raining right now, so I expect a serious emergence tomorrow.

Gary, Leesburg, VA

Importing Wheaton Cicadas to Flower Hill

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
My kids and I live in Gaithersburg and have been disappointed with our lack of cicadas. My husbands house in Wheaton is submerged in cicadas. We packed up a bowl of them and imported them to our apt. here. We taken tons of photos. So far the cicadas have been on the toy train and remote control car rides and lots of cicada races. Oh yes, the cicadas also hung out with my daughter’s Barbie’s on the little beds and tables and fridge. Our cat has snacked on three which rather upset my son. We’ll play with them a bit more then release them tomorrow or tonight. We put a boy and a girl on our plant on the balcony and wished them luck. Yes, we’re nuts, but they are rather cute with their red eyes and their little growls. We liked reading all about them on the nicey-nice’s. Thanks for the info! Amy Israel, Gaithersburg, MD

Poor Bloomington Guy

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I hope this isn’t the “Keith” that’s been posting from Bloomington;
None seen yet in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, IN. Joe, Noblesville, IN

Emerged cicadas here on May 12…

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
We are in the middle of a 500 acre forest near the Tennessee border west of Murphy, NC.
We really don’t seem to have that many and no sound yet except off in the distance to the east of us for some odd reason we hear cicadas singing loudly during the day.
We have bird feeders and usually feed hundreds of birds but they have been gone the last few days…very wierd.
Pictures here:
Cicada skins
Very exciting!
Hope Hope, Murphy, NC

First cicada sighted

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
Found one this afternoon while checking milkweed plants for monarch eggs – newly emerged, still next to its shell — a cassini male. Sarah Dalton, NE Columbus, OH

OH MY GOD the cicadas are here

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
When I woke up this morning and I stepped outside, I took a deep breath, and I said “oh my”. Things were looking, a little peculiar. So I saw cicadas, OH MY GOD did I see cicadas, I SEE THEM ALL THE TIME! IT’S A REVOLUTION!!! So I said, “Hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey” I said, “hey, what’s going on?” Ryan J, Oakton

Any NJ sightings yet???

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
Are there any confimed NJ sightings yet? I did read that one person saw some in Somerset Cty, but would especially like to know if cicadas have emerged any further south in the state. I read that Salem County was a likely emergence area, and am dying to know if any there have been seen or heard. I CAN’T WAIT!!! Debbi, southwestern NJ

cooking cicadas

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
My Mexican neighbors visited my yard late last night to collect several hundred newly-hatched cicadas for cooking. They say they soak them in water and remove the shells & legs, fry them, and wrap them in tortillas. They will bring me some tonight & I may try eating one of these tortillas, or at least see how they look. I was afraid there would not be any cicadas left but there are lots more…Hyattsville Maryland. mahala, hyattsville maryland


Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
they are everywhere, in the tree’s the pond,and they are nasty can’t wait for them to leave,on the other hand my grandson like’s them and he is only 2 1/2 so we are getting picture of him with them elizabeth, severn maryland

Crunch crunch crunch.

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
Must be thousands that have emerged in my neighborhood, Parkside Condos near the Grosvenor Metro stop. Went for a walk this morning and they are all over the trees, sidewalks, sign posts, fire hydrants…felt bad about stepping on them but I tried to avoid that as best I could. Not too many are actually flying though. A lot of them seem to have messed up wings, and many seem to have died shortly after emerging. Makes me wonder if something is wrong with my local population. As for the healthy ones, they’re fascinating to watch. See Evan, North Bethesda, MD

If I were just about to graduate from high school…

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I would plan my next 17 years so that I will be able to come up with a working pesticide to kill this X brood before it invades our living space again. Nothing but disgust to the people it brings – everyone I know would prefer never see it. They don’t even “taste just like chicken” – according to those who are curious enough to try. MY DOG IS WEARING A MUZZLE since Monday – because just a though of her eating those things make me sick, thank you very much. I’d rather compensate her need in proteins with beef or lamb.
Best regards,
Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

They are singing!

Date: Saturday, May/15/2004
I spotted my first adult cicada this morning on my balcony. Well, my cat Layla did. Luckily enough the window was closed hehehehe. Laura from Fairfax, I agree with you. If one of those things landed on me, I might die!!! Ewwwww. I’m not going out for the whole cicada season. Anyway, they are clearly visible today here across from W & OD Railroad Trail Regional Park, and they have been singing in the wooded park since this morning. Lori, Arlington, VA


  1. Millie says:

    They are everywhere. The trees, cars, everywhere. I saw one on my trash can this morning and my sister told me that it was called a cicada. The noise is ear-splitting. SO ANNOYING!

    1. Dan says:

      @Millie, send us a photo at

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