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June 9, 2007

Mating Magicicada

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Here’s a picture of two Magicicada mating from Michael Fiorenzo. Photos taken in LaGrange.

mating Magicicada

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  1. Patsi says:

    Love these insects. We have just been outside amongst thousands of black ones. Never knew they sprayed a liquid either doing a pee or is it to attract a mate. When my four kitty’s were small I was for ever rescuing them from their mouths but now they eat them. Last night I had two cicadas one in each hand, they became quiet so I was able to put them in a high place away from kitty’s. I love their bug eyes.

    A few years ago was really noisy when we had golden ones and really huge, I have a dried one amongst some silk flowers. Have been told that different species come out at different times and that year was no exception, very noisy. I call them my little Troubadours as they sing songs of love to attract a mate.

    We live in SE QLD Australia

    Patsi Amor

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