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September 8, 2007

Many new Cicada Videos from Phoebe

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Here’s some cicada videos Phoebe found on YouTube:

cicada singing, then crawling:

cicada singing, good side view:

Cicada mystery movement: What are they up to?

And from Japan セミの生態: cicadas mating:


  1. Paul Krombholz says:

    Re Minuscule: The ladybug (almost) always wins. Don’t mess with the ladybug! The worm also always wins, usually by eating all the food. (belch!)

  2. Gerry Bunker says:

    What an excellent series of videos of male Tibicen pruinosa (or Tibicen pruinosus if you prefer).
    The mystery movement that you are questioning are two males investigating each other for mating.
    You can clearly see the male genetalia exposed in the “aggresive” specimen but the other one was
    having none of it. The urge to procreate is so strong in male cicadas that they will often try
    to mate with each other. I have witnessed this in many wild-caught Tibicen species when they are
    confined to specimen jars but I have never seen this out in the open before. Magicicada males will
    do this as well.

  3. Phoebe says:

    None of the videos were recorded by me. The 3 Tibicen videos were recorded in Kansas by YouTube user
    acejackalope. I thought they were the best videos of singing Tibicens I have ever seen.

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