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October 6, 2007

Magicicadas in the Fall? Experts say it’s possible

Filed under: Magicicada — Dan @ 8:19 am

We received a report of Magicicadas being heard in the fall. Normally Magicicadas appear in the spring of course, but they might be tricked into emerging later if a dormant tree is revived.

My speculation: maybe the warm fall weather has tricked them into thinking it is spring.

I have no visual or audio evidence for you.


  1. Matt says:

    I got an audio of a Magicicada cassini on my cell phone, but i think the quality is so poor you probably cant even hear it. I have heard 3 Magicicadas cassini here this fall. 1 on september 12 and 21 and now just october 18!

  2. While on vacation last week in Michigan’s upper peninsula, I heard a single Tibicen singing high up in a tree. It seemed to me that it was a little late to be hearing cicada’s especially in northern Michigan where it gets cold much earlier.

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