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June 17, 2006

Magicicada Straggler Watch 2006

Filed under: Magicicada | Periodical Stragglers — Dan @ 2:55 pm

In a few weeks you might see some Magicicada stragglers in areas that saw the Brood X emergence back in 2004. If you see any, let us know.

Update: some exciting news in the comments (before I accidentally deleted the original article):

Our 2006 straggler hunt has been very successful— much more successful than our 2005 Brood XI hunt.

Our group found M. septendecim (XIII), M. tredecassini (XIX), M. tredecim, M. neotredecim, M. tredecassini, and M. tredecula (XXIII), and unidentified nymphal skins, as well as a possible M. cassini (X) straggler— all on a 3-day Midwestern trip. Although most sightings consisted of isolated or small numbers of individuals, two emergences— one at Moody Cemetary in Greene-Sullivan State Forest, Indiana (mostly M. neotredecim), and one at the Vectren Energy plant entrance, near Yankeetown (east of Evansville) IN (mostly M. tredecassini) were substantial enough that there were periods of continuous calling. Not bad for an “off” year!

Complete records will be incorporated into the Magicicada database on Cicada Central as soon as some server issues are solved. If you have records that you’d like to put in the database, send the details (species present, approximate numbers of individuals), the complete locality info (including lat. and lon. if you have it), the date, and your complete name to me at the University of Connecticut (email is just

John Cooley

Cicada Central.


  1. Julie says:

    We had the periodical type here in northeast Indiana in 2004, I believe. But, just TONIGHT, I observed a pretty greenish-with-black-eyes cicada on my deck. This must be the annual type??? Oh, her belly was an iridescent PEARL…. …. GORGEOUS! I have a [poor-quality]digital photo of it…. it was at dusk.

  2. Julie says:

    We had the periodical type here in northeast Indiana in 2004, I believe. But, just TONIGHT, I observed a pretty greenish-with-black-eyes cicada on my deck. This must be the annual type???

  3. Audra Jasukaitis says:

    We found a lot of cicadas in our back yard. We constanly hear them. They have a pinkish belly and their
    wings are slightly green. They also have green stripes on their heads. We can’t remember if we had them
    last year though. What kind of cicadas are these?

  4. Audra Jasukaitis says:

    We found cicadas in our backyard. They have slightly green wings and the belly is pinkish. They are
    about 4 1/2 inches long. They have green stripes above their head. We don’t think that they were here
    last year. We constantly hear them. It looks like we have a lot of them. What kind of cicadas are these?

  5. lauren in boston MA says:

    I found a cicada today in my hallway. I put it outside. It was green and black. what kind of cicada was it? It didn’t have any red or orange on it.(8/5/06)

  6. John D says:

    Got a few here in Clermont County, Ohio.

  7. Barbara says:

    July 20, 2006

    I found a dead cicada today. It is black with black eyes with the underside all white. On the
    back, there are two white patches on either side where the wings fold over. A little green on
    top of the wings and clear on the remaining of the wings. It appears to be a male.It measures 5cm.
    (in length) Could this be Diceroprocta apache cicada? I live in Camden, Tennessee.

  8. Marie says:

    I saw a cicada on my back porch yesterday night, at like 1am. It was sitting vertically along the wall. I believe it was what you call the magicicada. It was black with clear wings, and two bulging red eyes on each side of it’s head. I live on Nellis AFB, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sorry I don’t have the lats and long. Hope this helps.

  9. Tracy says:

    Tonight, while on my balancy a cicada landed right in front of me. I live just north of Baltimore MD. I went to take a photo of it but it was gone by the time I got back outside.

  10. Rick Kohne says:

    I have an infestation of cicadas in my back yard how can I get rid
    of them, every year about this time they come out and make life
    outside non exsistant.

  11. John Andre says:

    Shouldn’t the “substantial emergences” be recognized as a new broodrather than as straggler emergence? They may reappear in 17 years.

    There have been no emergences in Northern Virginia, as expected. We are starting to hear Tibicen.

  12. Kelly McFarlane says:

    We saw a cicada today July 1 at Ft. Myer, VA.

  13. Matt says:

    jessica allen, you have a species of tibicen. Its not a magicicada. they come out every year. the tibicen never come out in numbers even close to emergences of magicicada. looks like you will next be hit by the magicicada brood XIV , a 17 year brood, in May of 2008. Then you will have ALOT of cicadas. the magicicada are smaller than tibicens and they are red and black. They only emege every 13 or 17 years depending on the brood. looks like you could also get hit by the 13 year Brood XIX in 2011. Then perhaps again you might see some from 13 year brood XXIII in 2015.

  14. jessica allen says:

    Full size adult. Greenish w/ blackish eyes. 6/26/2006 Nashville, TN.
    Please tell me it’not that time yet! What are the years that they’re
    bad? Every 7 years? And what else? Thanks!

  15. Paul Krombholz says:

    I heard a few M. tridecassini in the Jackson, Mississippi area around the middle of May, 2006. I always hear a few of them every year. They are easier to hear than the other two 13 year species. I saw one M. tridecula female.

  16. Matt says:

    I heard a few M. cassini in my backyard a few weeks ago. I also found the wings of a freshly eaten one.

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