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December 27, 2017

Looking forward to 2018

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At the start of 2018 Australia has been having an awesome cicada season, which should continue through to March, depending on the species and part of the country.

The best months of the cicada season in New Zealand are December – April.

Throughout the world, annual cicada emergences will follow their usual cycles.

Periodical Cicada Emergences

The World Cup Cicada, Chremistica ribhoi, will return after 4 years in Meghalaya, India.

Magicicada cicadas will return in 2018 in New York State after 17 years. Brood VII aka the Onondaga Brood can be found in the Finger Lakes area of New York.

Magicicada stragglers should also make an appearance in limited numbers.

  • Brood XXII stragglers, emerging 4 years late, in mid-east Louisiana, south-west Mississippi, south-west Ohio and north-central Kentucky.
  • Brood VIII stragglers, emerging 1 year early, in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and the West Virginia pan handle.


  1. Shelly D. says:

    Took pics of entire molting last night! Wonderful and amazing! Statesboro, GA

  2. Dale Segrest says:

    Loud in Central Alabama, June 20, 2018.

  3. jennie says:

    I’ve been hearing cicadas in Augusta Georgia for a week now

  4. Russ says:

    Hearing first soundings in the past three days here in Western PA. Today is 6/3/2018.

  5. Kimberly B Buzzell says:

    6/3/18: Cicadas are hear in Gloucester, VA as of last night. In 2011, Cicadas were in Williamsburg, VA.

    1. Dan says:

      Very interesting! Please report the details of your sighting to this site

    2. Dan says:

      @Kimberly, if you have a photo of the Gloucester cicadas, please sent to Thanks!

  6. Kimberly B Buzzell says:

    6/3/18 Gloucester, VA: Woke up last night from storm. After storm at 2:00 am heard very loud sounds in the woods next to my home. Sounded like some sort of long term alarm going on and on. Still sounding this morning. Doesn’t seem to stop….on and on.

  7. Isaac Thompson says:

    Hey I heard a periodical cicada here in Nebraska USA and I’m wondering if they are gonna be out two years in a row??

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