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May 30, 2007

Last update before Chicago

Filed under: Brood XIII — Dan @ 10:04 pm

Today I leave for Chicago! Saturday and Sunday I’ll be around the Lake County Forest Preserve Cicada Mania events. Saturday is Gene Kritsky, and Sunday is the Cicada Mania festival. Hopefully there will be time to drive up to Wisconsin because I’ve never been there. Monday, I’ll probably head down to the Brookfield Zoo, and watch the animals eat cicadas.

If you see me (I look like Lenny Clark) say hello.

Some new emergence locations: Prophetstown, IL, Wicker Park in Chicago, just east of Portage, IN, Moraine Nature Preserve, New Lenox, IL… BTW, Lake Geneva, Wi seems like a hot spot for Wisconsin.


A massive brood XIII photoset on Flickr. The Cicada photos keep pouring in to Flickr — check them out.

Ms Frack has posted another great series of photos on her blog.


It’s the King Of Cicada. Listen and download.

News and Blogs

Tips to protect small trees.

Video of teachers eating cicadas for charity.

Why is Curmudgeon driving us buggy? More cicada stuff….. Nice pictures.

Cicada Outbreaks Linked to Other Animals’ Booms, Busts. I contributed a quote to this one.


  1. James P. says:

    I actually work for Lake County at Ryerson Woods, so maybe we will run into each other. We have a fair amount emerged, but cool weather has slowed them down somewhat here, we had a pretty good wave emerge last night though. No blue eyes yet!

  2. Heather says:

    Have a great time in WI!!!! Can’t wait to hear what you see and hear in the Milwaukee area! We’re supposed to be vacationing there next weekend.

  3. Melanie Wilson says:

    Thank you for linking my Flickr Brood XIII set!

  4. Thank you for the link and the nice comments on the pictures… but the credit on the photos goes to Yvonne of Uniquely Me. She was kind enough to let me use the photos I ran… and she’s got more at her site.

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