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May 19, 2016

Keeping cicadas for a short period of time

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We previously discussed raising cicadas from egg to adult. How about keeping adult cicadas for an hour, a day or more?

If you plan on keeping cicadas for a few hours, many containers will do. Just keep them in the shade, make sure the container is ventilated (has holes so air can flow in and out), and add a moist paper towel for a source of water & moisture.

I prefer to use Butterly Pavilions, which are small, expandable, portable enclosures. You can reuse them for other insects once the cicadas have gone.

Any Longer than a few hours, and you should make sure the cicadas have a source of fluids — the best source is a tree branch.

Temporary Cicada Enclosure

Cicada researcher & enthusiast Elias Bonaros shared his secrets for keeping adult cicadas alive. His record is 28 days for a Neotibicen auletes.

I usually used oak branches for above two species. I placed them into a butterfly pavilion. I used a small spring water bottle into the enclosure and placed the end of the branch into it. Be sure to place some paper towel or cotton in the open spaces at the mouth of the bottle because I had some specimens walk into the bottle and drown! Our beloved cicadas are not too bright.

I have never tried the sapling although that would seem the best as the tree can generate its own xylem pressure.

I change the branch every day vs every other day. Every third day is not good.

Takes a lot of work.

Another idea is to surround a branch of a live tree with netting, and place them in that — the same type of netting you would use to keep them off a branch will keep them on it.

The advantage of a Butterfly Pavilion is you can keep the cicada inside your home or lab.


  1. brayden says:

    i put netting on the top instead

  2. brayden says:

    i put my pet cicada in a clear crissont box then poked some holes, i got a few tree branches and put them in along with a moist paper towel will it work?

    1. Dan says:

      Poke a few more holes in for good measure. I usually use a butterfly pavillion, and keep twigs alive with floral vials.

  3. privet says:

    hey i found 1 hurt cicada and 1 that is fine but it wont fly in total 2 cicadas but how should i take care of them, i’m just a cicada loving kid?

  4. Cameron says:

    I have many Magicicada septendecims and septendeculas in captivity. They are mating and laying eggs. I’m here in NJ. So Brood IX should be here in 17 years!!!!!

  5. Dody Augustein says:

    how long do they live when out of tree?

    1. Dan says:

      3-4 weeks.

  6. david emery says:

    We used a small tree growing in a large pot and place double-speced netting (about 3 cm space) on a wooden frame over it. The spaced netting was to stop birds attacking cicadas which were crawling on the inside netting

    1. Cameron says:

      We did that too!

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