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June 18, 2004

June 17th – Nov 26th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Found nymph in shallow soil

Date: Friday, Nov/26/2004
Earlier this month (November), while digging for worms in the backyard, found a large nymph (almost certainly a Tibicen) in the soil. He was shallow, within five inches of the surface.
Eric, Missouri

thanks Lindsay

Date: Monday, Nov/22/2004
Thanks for that address change Lindsay.
I can also say that the cicadas in New Zealand are starting to emerge.
I have 4 species for the season so far.
Kikihia subalpina, Rhodopsalta sp, Amphipsalta strepitans and Maoricicada hamiltoni.
Things here are a bit behind you Australians, give us 1-2 more months and we will be fully into our season. Kees, Dunedin, New Zealand

Australian cicada website moved

Date: Wednesday, Nov/10/2004
Hi all. The website “Cicadas of central eastern Australia” has moved to Please update your bookmarks. Southern Hemisphere cicadas will soon be in full swing. Extensive rain across the east of Australia should bring the big ones out over the next few months. Lindsay, Australia

just sayin hey

Date: Wednesday, Nov/10/2004
Just stoppin in to say hey and howz it?
See ya later… Cicada x, In.

About the microhabitat selection of the emergence of cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Nov/3/2004
Most papers study in the adult cicadas,e.g.,sound. Is there any study focusing on the nymphs emergence to eclosion? Lin, Y. H. , Taiwan

Because they don’t

Date: Saturday, Oct/30/2004
Cicadas don’t emerge in 12, 14, or 16 year cycles because they don’t. Occasionsional cicadas will emerge a year late or early, howeever for the most part they emerge in intervals which happen to be prime numbers. Cicada Mania, Cicadatown


Date: Tuesday, Oct/26/2004
Why are there no 12,14,or 16 years locusts? tb, sc

found cicada

Date: Sunday, Oct/17/2004
sighted a green and black cicada, we thought it was dead or almost dead so we brought it home it was warmed up and is now crawling ang flying around, were not sure to release it just yet because of bad weather. -anonamous, canada, hamilton, ontario

Want that sound

Date: Tuesday, Oct/5/2004
If you’ve ever seen any Anime cartoons, you will hear that distinctive intermitant sound in the back ground – kind of 5 or 6 electric sounds, short, then a long one. I believe this to be a type of Cicada, but can not find any info with that sound. Do any of you know what makes that sound? Trent Kuver, Federal Way WA

NH sighting

Date: Thursday, Sep/30/2004
I have NEVER ever seen a Cicada before. Sunday there was a HUGE bug on the deck of my home where it remained for an hour or so and walked around and apparently flew away at some point………Did this guy take a wrong turn and wind up in NH? KP, Tuftonboro, NH

Cicadas in Il

Date: Sunday, Sep/26/2004
I found a cicada in our yard about a week ago. I had never seen one and have just found out through this sight. It was on our tree trunk, seemingly drying out it’s wings, and it’s old body was not far. I was going to get it, but I think the neighbor’s dog got to it first. Jay, Vaugh

Howz it.

Date: Monday, Sep/20/2004
Dan, hows your cicadas doing, are they still singing or have they all gone…in my area, I havent heard any since the first week of aug. Cicada x, In.


Date: Sunday, Sep/19/2004
Thanks Cicada X and Laura from the Yahoo! magicicada group. Dan, Cicada Mania


Date: Friday, Sep/17/2004
If you did not get enough 17 year cicada shells, look on the underside of leaves. Up to about 2 weeks ago, I still found them clinging to the leaves. I am trying to get as many as I can before the leaves fall. I have collected many to show in my science classes for the next 17 years. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

It was a GREAT cicada season!

Date: Thursday, Sep/16/2004
Well, I was sorry to see Brood X go, but then the Annuals started coming out (Tibicen Chloromera), and it was an awesome season for them… more than I have EVER heard in my life. So many of them it almost sounded like a periodical cicada brood, the sound kept flowing like ocean waves. That’s why I got a minidisc recorder and became a Nature recordist. The crickets and katydids were phenomenal too. It must have been because of the abundant rain, more eggs hatched than usual. Whatever the reason, it was an incredible summer! But now, regretfully, the cicadas are gone. Fall Happens! Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

They say there is a monster underneath the bed…

Date: Wednesday, Sep/15/2004
Oh my GAWD!!! I had a cicada underneath my bed and I almost fainted from fright. They are HUGE. I wouldn’t mind if they slept for another 17 years. Maria, Montreal, Canada

welcome back!

Date: Tuesday, Sep/14/2004
Welcome back Dan, hope ya had a great vacation! cicada x, In.


Date: Tuesday, Sep/14/2004

cicada season

Date: Tuesday, Sep/14/2004
I arrived in Bhutan in summer and suddenly only last week the cicada sound was there from morning till late at night. I am told they herald the start of autumn. Is this true? kleen, bhutan

found cicadas in yard

Date: Monday, Sep/13/2004
A fifth grade student found two cicadas in his backyard. Since I have never seen one, I looked it up on the internet. I didn’t think that they were around her and especially in Sept. Sharolyn, Minneapolis, MN USA

Cicadas are everywhere

Date: Sunday, Sep/12/2004
The cicadas are all over. My cats are constantly bringing them inside! (which is okay since I’m doing a bug project for school!) Sara, Olathe, KS United States

What’s that noise?

Date: Saturday, Sep/11/2004
I just moved here from Southern California about two weeks ago (don’t ask why) and I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen a cicada before. Is that what I’m hearing? At first I thought I was hearing a power tool or weed whacker from a distance but was told it was an insect and the person didn’t know what type. I also heard that from a Jamaican woman the when she heard them in Jamaica, it meant that the coming day would be hot. Is this true? Denny, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada


Date: Thursday, Sep/9/2004
Good to see you guys back.
Well its about another 6 weeks or so before us cicada enthusiasts here in NZ can expect to hear our first cicadas for the new season. I cannot wait, make the most of the time you guys have left in the northern hemisphere.
Kees Green, Dunedin, New Zealand

Cicada on my window!

Date: Thursday, Sep/9/2004
I know nothing about the Cicada but I went to go make lunch and noticed a hige insect on my window, I thought he looked like a locust so I checked online at pictures and came across the Cicada and it’s a definite match. He is massive! I looked at the chart stating when they should be in MA and this guy is about 4 years too early…he must have got lost somewhere along the way! Stephanie Joyce, Everett, MA USA

Back from Vacation

Date: Wednesday, Sep/8/2004
We’re back. Dan, Jerzey

cicada sighting

Date: Thursday, Jul/29/2004
I’ve lived in Washington state for 33 years and have never seen a cicada, (locust)until today! I had one land on the side of my face while weedeating. To say the least, it freeked me out. I’m not sure what species it was, but I know what it is.
I’m originaly from Texas, and lived with the noisy little creatures for 17 years. I can’t say, that I’m pleased to have them here. I have a small apple, cherry, and grape orchard. I know how distructive they can be. I’m also an organic grower.(no pesticides) So, for all of you who enjoy their presence. I won’t be spraying, and will be purchasing some net covers for my trees and vines.
I just thought I’d leave a sighting message, and see if anyone else in Washington has seen any locusts.(cicadas);>) Bo, Graham, Washington. USA

It isn’t over until the last cicada sings…

Date: Thursday, Jul/29/2004
I couldn’t believe it! I was eating a bowl of ice cream and latently listening to the chorus of dog day cicadas when in amongst them – all by itself – one little cassini calling. Unbelievable – but it was there! We had only 4-5 in the woodlot earlier this spring that I could count by their calling. It was a delight to hear that ratcheting sound one more time today. Hopefully, he’ll be there tomorrow. Michele, NW Ohio


Date: Wednesday, Jul/28/2004
I had given up, but today they are finally here! I think our weather has perhaps delayed them, it’s been very cool with lots of rain this month.

Our elevation here is approx. 3,400 feet, so that might have had something to do with it too.

I have only seen one so far, but their song is filling the forest! S, Boone, NC

Deer Tick = LYME

Date: Monday, Jul/26/2004
Ajay, I read your post and can’t stress strongly enough to you, to please, please, please get checked for lyme disease!!! The rash only occurs in 50% of people who were bitten by a tick. THe fever indicates an infection, which is probably the lyme bacteria. You MUST be evaluated by a “lyme literate” doctor. My daughter has been battling lyme disease for about 12 yrs now. She is only 22 yrs old. Don’t assume that just because the fever dissipated quickly that you are free from lyme. The symptoms could be varied, and can appear much later. It is best if treated early; late stage lyme can be very difficult to eradicate. Sorry for the alarm, but most folks don’t know enough about this devastating illness to know how to proceed. I hope you don’t have it, but don’t just assume you don’t. My daughter was treated at 10 yrs, and 12 yrs later still has it, even tho we thought it was eradicated then. Don’t mean to be an alarmist, but this has been a nightmare in my home. If you need further info, or want to discuss, email me.
“during my fruitless June cicada I brought back a deer tick from Connetquot State park which I extracted from my lower leg with difficulty. Last weekend I suddenly developed a high two day fever which exceeded 103.5. It vanished as suddenly as it appeared. With no rash, or joint pain I do not think it is Lyme but there are other tick borne diseases. I hope my LI cicada was not even worse than I suspected. — AJay, Stony Brook ” Marilyn, Great Neck,NY

lots “o” cicadas!

Date: Monday, Jul/26/2004
hey! theres tons of baby cicadas at my house in Arizona. atleast every morning I wake up and go to my back yard and find 5 to 6 baby cicada shells. Ive seen how a nymph is born into a cicada, it was pretty cool. sometimes i find dead cicadas with there wings preformed, the neighborhood cats might like the noise they make when you BUG em. Collin, Gilbert az ,america

LI cicada sightings!

Date: Monday, Jul/26/2004
I live in Great Neck, but currently go to school in Valley Stream. I hear them every morning as I walk to class from my car. Haven’t heard any in Great Neck though.

Marilyn, Valley Stream, NY

Brood X: the Next Generation

Date: Sunday, Jul/25/2004
I’m overjoyed–I finally saw some Magicicada Brood X eggs! I went to the groves and picked up branches with oviposit marks, that had fallen onto the parking lot. I discovered you have to break the branches open to see the eggs. They look like miniature grains of rice, hardly bigger than a grain of sand. I had expected them to really BE the size of rice grains–hadn’t seen them before because I never thought of breaking the twig open! I planted them in a bucket with dirt & water…now I’m hoping to see hatchlings in a few days or so. How exciting to be witnessing the next generation of Brood X! The cycle is completed!

Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

saw first cicada

Date: Saturday, Jul/24/2004
A cicada flew into our kitchen last night and spent the night on the window sill. This is the first one I’ve seen. Julie, Nashville, TN

They’re here!

Date: Saturday, Jul/24/2004
Saw several cicadas in the yard today. Can’t recall ever seeing them before. Incredible little creatures! Hope to get a photo of them soon so I can identify which exact species we have and find out how often they come topside. They look like little hunters dressed in green camo. They need some flying lessons though — seem about as coordinated as my wife. Joe, Karnes City, Texas


Date: Friday, Jul/23/2004
The hatching nymphs wont have any wings that are visible or even formed…as for photos of hatching eggs, I dont have any or know where to find some,, if you were asking about molting photos, I have plenty of those.
Howdy Dan, Im still around and watching your site for new stuff on cicadas. Im glad you have this site, its awesome. cicadax, In.

I’ve got at least one

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
How common are cicadas in California? I found one in my back yard today (loud sucker!) and now he’s perched on high on top of a tree making his noise.

I didn’t see CA in the Cicada calendar. Mark, Los Gatos, California

where are they

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
charlotte nc,,,, none at all yet. wondering if our weather the last few years delayed them dave, charlotte nc

A huge one fell into my pool

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
My mom told me to come outside real quick, because the birds dropped something huge and buzzing into the pool. I took it out with a skimmer, put it in my killjar and now I’m waiting to add this one to my collection. Its body is about 3 cm long, a dark green color. I am officially creeped out! Ivanna, Warren, MI, USA

Baby cicada

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
There’s a picture of a freshly hatched baby cicada on this page: Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Waiting for Hatchlings, and Remembering a Long Hunt

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
I brought many egg branches back from Princeton and festooned the trees around my property in Stony Brook LI with them. I do not see any hatching yet, but I do not know what changes to look for. Sadly I suspect that this will be the only tiny Long Island emergence of Brood X in 2021. Perhaps there will be thousands but unfortunately, there must be millions to overcome the invasive bird predators. Wherever I am that spring, I will post the precise location and perhaps some rescuers will arrive with bird proof netting to provide small safe havens.

I am sorry that I did not save far more dried specimens for my display. They dried so nicely that with a little red nail polish I think they will look almost alive. I even have one female decula. While I hear a few Tibicens outside, they just are so less interesting than the Magics. Meanwhile, during my fruitless June cicada I brought back a deer tick from Connetquot State park which I extracted from my lower leg with difficulty. Last weekend I suddenly developed a high two day fever which exceeded 103.5. It vanished as suddenly as it appeared. With no rash, or joint pain I do not think it is Lyme but there are other tick borne diseases. I hope my LI cicada was not even worse than I suspected. AJay, Stony Brook

Nymphs Hatched from Eggs: Clarification

Date: Wednesday, Jul/21/2004
cicadax, In. pointed out that “only when they emerge and molt for the last time will their wings be fully formed.”
That’s exactly the stage I saw—maybe my earlier message wasn’t clear—nymphs hatched from eggs prior to heading downward for the next 17 years. Here in Maryland, we are in that stage about now. Do you know of any photos of this stage? Ann, Chevy Chase, MD

No Brood X’s live in Texas

Date: Tuesday, Jul/20/2004
As an FYI: only cicadas belonging to the genus Magicicada arrive in Broods. There are no Magicicadas in Texas, so there are no Broods in Texas. Plenty of other species of cicadas though… Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Cicada Brood Unknown

Date: Tuesday, Jul/20/2004
Played golf Sunday in Universal City, Tx (Sub of San Antonio), the cicada singing was so loud it hurt my ears. I really mean that they were really loud. Guess since we’re in the 95 plus temps now, they are in full glory. During the day time hours today in the city, I can hear them as if there were no other sounds.. Bill Rain, San Antonio


Date: Monday, Jul/19/2004
Magicicada hatchlings have no wings out and durring nymph stage, they have none out as well. only when they emerge and molt for the last time will their wings be fully formed. You may have seen Aphids or young leaf hoppers, which both are related to cicada family. cicadax, In.

Hatched Nymphs: Think I’ve Finally Seen Them?!

Date: Sunday, Jul/18/2004
Yesterday I saw what I think are the cicada nymphs that have hatched, but would like some verification. They were of two ages, I think: the smallest were tannish grey and the larger were all white. Wings folded like a very narrow tent over their bodies and three pairs of legs. They were crawling on a box elder tree near areas where eggs had been laid. If these are the nymphs, I’m excited!
Ann, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Very last septendecim?

Date: Saturday, Jul/17/2004
OK, it wasn’t alive, but today I found a freshly dead septendecim that still LOOKED alive. The annuals have been chirping away for a few weeks now. And here’s to the possibility of a few Brood X stragglers next year! Phil, Arlington, VA

I got pictures!

Date: Saturday, Jul/17/2004
I took pictures of a newly emerged cicada on the frame of our back door last night! The aqua-blue veining in the wings was spectacular (I never realized they had that color), and the entire body shimmered with a metallic gold sheen. This is the first time I’ve seen a newly emerged one. I’m so excited! MrsJennings, Tulsa, OK USA

first one tonite

Date: Saturday, Jul/17/2004
hadn’t planned on seeing any in this part of the country, but found one on our patio earlier tonite! mikee, conway, sc

they are hatching!

Date: Friday, Jul/16/2004
Magicicada are hatching in full force here! I just watched several within a few moments! Look closely though, hard to see! Best to watch right where the ovipositing took place, you can see the nymphs slowly exit! ENJOY! cicada x, In.

They are here!!!!

Date: Friday, Jul/16/2004
After reading several reports expecting very little or no activity this year on Long Island. I stepped outside my office today to the wonderful sound of the Cicada! There are many singing their songs and buzzing through the air! I will try to get some visual evidence this evening! mikebober, Little Neck, NY (Long Island)

brood x in 2005?

Date: Thursday, Jul/15/2004
brood x delayed til 2005? is that possible? has that ever happened before? if so…i wanna know; that way i can experience the beauty i did this year all over again…..let me know! cicadia cruz, puerto rico


Date: Thursday, Jul/15/2004
Cooooooooool! They are everywhere! :):) cicadax, In.

Wait Till Next Year?

Date: Tuesday, Jul/13/2004
There is a slim chance that the awful cold spring and summer of 2003 may have delayed Brood X on Long Island. I am not very hopeful but next May on the first hot day I will be searching Connetquot River State park once more. I hope to find the exact location where they were seen in Ronkonkoma also. Meanwhile, my empty terrarium which I had hoped to populate with local Brood X specimens will have to be the host of far less interesting Tibicens. I wonder what will be the effect in areas of Brood X emergence of cicada tuned predators now hunting the “Dog Day” species. I suspect this will not be a good year for them. Maybe they should also wait for next year! At least I have some dried Brood X specimens to glue to a branch for an unusual wall trophy. AJay, Stony Brook LI

another Brood X location on Long Island

Date: Tuesday, Jul/13/2004
I received a call yesterday, in response to the recent Newsday article “Fearing the worst for cicada brood”. It was from a Ronkonkoma resident who was very surprised to read the article. At the end of May (she wasn’t sure of the exact date), she witnessed an emergence at her residence. She had just assumed that everyone else in the area was seeing the same thing. She first noticed emergence holes all over her lawn and property. Then, she found multitudes of skins littering the trees, bushes and grass. Finally, she saw live cicadas flying between the trees, which she sometimes had to dodge. Unfortunately, she never heard them calling. She remembered the deafening noise in 1987, but this time not a sound! Ronkonkoma was one of the hot spots for Brood X in 1987, but there had been no confirmed reports for this year, up until now. Once again, the birds must have been on the scene right away. Anyway, she’s going to call me back if she notices any flagging in the area, but I’m sure the cicadas never made it that point. So, I don’t know if it’s important, but here’s one more town to add to the list. It may be of interest only for the fact that these may be the final emergence locations ever listed for Brood X in New York State. Lenny, Sound Beach, NY

They’re Here!

Date: Monday, Jul/12/2004
I can finally hear them! I’ve been waiting all summer for the song of the cicada, but until tonight, July 12th have not heard them!

I don’t think there is anything unusual about the volume (such as there are millions of them)!

I know that summer has finally arrived in Michigan! Patty Thompson, Redford, Michigan

Cicada siting

Date: Monday, Jul/12/2004
Lots of Cicada in my backyard! I kept wondering what these brownish looking shrimp like shells are that are hanging on my kids jungle gym. I checked it out on the internet and found out about these marvelous bugs! I suppose the live ones are still in the trees. It truly is a phenomenon.

-Anna Anna, Bergen County, NJ

Christmas in July

Date: Sunday, Jul/11/2004
That’s what it looked like along Rt. 322 just west of Harrisburg PA. It appears that our Magicicada friends must have been busy there, flagging the trees so that lots of orange branches hang down like Xmas ornaments. No one reported a cicada emergence there, and I wasn’t even sure if it was in their range, but while everyone in the cities was bemoaning their absence, it seems they were quietly going about their business in more remote areas. Perhaps there is hope for their survival. Long live Magicicicada! Laura, Oaks PA

Comic strip

Date: Sunday, Jul/11/2004
Check out todays ‘JULY-11’ strip of “Over the hedge” Looks good! Jeff Jeff, waterford,NJ

Don’t expect questions to be answered on the message board

Date: Sunday, Jul/11/2004
But here’s a bunch of Tibicen sound files: Dan, Cicada Mania

Tibicen soundfiles?

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
I’m definitely hearing annual cicadas around now, but I can’t tell the difference between species. I know I can hear more than one species, but I’m not sure which is which. Does anyone know where I can get soundclips for the various Tibicen songs? Mitya, Falls Church, VA

2004-07-09 ARIZONA /TUCSON /CHERRY ST /(Just So. of UofA)

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
The Cicada’s are plentiful in this area (for the Desert Southwest). About 2-3 for every tree in this section from 6th down to Broadway St. Perhaps 2-300 or more there. They’re still humming along despite the 100 degree temps. Most of the trees they’re in are Mesquite. The ground out this way is cement-like. I wish them lots of luck digging into that! Rich B, Tucson, AZ

cicada fairwell

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
The sun, warm in the trees and a breeze rustles the leaves as the last cicada finishes laying her eggs. She turns to take one last look at her own brood, the part of her life she lived for in the ground 17 years. She then flys away, knowing they are safe, she lands on a stone at the base of the tree and sits in the warm sunlight, knowing she has finished her job. With a flap of her wings and a touch in the air, she says goodbye to the world around her and slowly she begins to fade. She is happy, she has spent a lifetime in a day,a day in a life and lived in a huge world of wonder and excitement. Now, it all fades, but she isnt dying, for she lives on in her children and our memories….to brood x a cicada fairwell untill next we meet again. Cicada x, IN

Cab i cicada???

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
Can a Cicada ever fight back agianst a cicada killer wasp? landon, Batesville ark.


Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
I was under the impression that the cicadas would not be this far south, but tonight my husband and I spotted one on our patio screen. We had heard an evening sound that we had not heard for a long time and a friend from Minneapolis was visiting and said he believes the sound was the cicadas and after tonight we believe.
The Cabeza’s, Greer SC
Pandora, Greer, SC

They are invading Vegas

Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
OMG….I saw these huge shells of a bugs on the side of all the houses where I live and I had no idea what they were until i read about it on a post somewhere came here and saw the pictures and realized what they are. They are all over the place. My dogs like playing with them. I think I actually saw one fly by my face when i was walking yesterday. EWWW. Angela, Las Vegas, NV

First Chloromera

Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
I heard my first chloromera yesterday. Also, I’m starting to hear increasing numbers of canicularis (at least, that’s what I think they are). Ah, the sounds of summer! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Cicadas…in Goethe’s Faust!

Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
I’m reading Goethe’s Faust just because I feel like it, but in the very beginning–the “Prologue in Heaven,” Mephistopheles relates the “small god of the earth” to a cicada. The quote (as translated by Walter Kaufmann) is thus: “He seems to me, if you don’t mind, Your Grace,/Like a cicada of the long-legged race,/that always flies, and, flying, springs,/And in the grass the same old ditty sings;/If only it were grass he could repose in!/There is no trash he will not poke his nose in.” Mitya, Falls Church, VA

Cicadas in Texas

Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
So I have looked at pictures of these things and have read up on them. This morning my roommate has me go outside to see these (what he calls) big bugs on the side of the house. After looking at it for a moment it dawned on me that it was a cicada and its shell. Looking at the tree out front I found more shells. I didnt think they were suppose to be in Texas. Has anyone else seen them down here. I have a picture but its on his telephone…what good that does me. Jenn, Celeste, Tx, USA

Finally Arrived!

Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
They are emerging in my yard as I write(9PM). Two shells are on my tree and two live ones are climbing the tree to emerge. I’m going to try and video tape some of it. It rained last night. Dylan Johnson, Kutztown,Pa

lots of cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
We’ve heard and have seen them for about a month and a half and they usually stay through September. You know when winter’s coming here in Pflugerville and the hot summer days on the flip side. It’s kinda lonely when their sound disappears for the winter. My mom used to fly them like airplanes when she was a kid in Oklahoma. Not many toys. Drema, Pflugerville, TX., USA


Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
I have seen several Cicada Bugs in the Columbus, GA area! Why so early? CeeCee, Columbus, GA

First Tibicen!

Date: Tuesday, Jul/6/2004
Well, brood X was a flop on Long Island this year, but summer’s here and the tibicen show is beginning! I heard my first one today at Blydenburgh County Park in Smithtown (Suffolk County). I think it was a canicualris. It definitely wasn’t a chloromera. Lots of great dragonfly activity as well! Can’t wait to get my fill of Magicicada when brood XIV comes around in 2008! I’ll be counting the days! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Cicada Protection And the Endangered Species act

Date: Tuesday, Jul/6/2004
I think that we may be able to use the Endangered Species act against those disease bearing feathered vermin, sparrows and starlings. The seven species of periodical cicadas, divided into the 15 broods of 13 and 17 year species and incipient species are a unique North American phenomenon which are evidently in serious jeopardy from the invasion of sparrows and starlings. The extinction of Brood X on Long Island and the total extirpation of Brood XI are warning signs that Periodical cicadas may be less secure than many people realize. When predator satiation is not reached, the total destruction of entire populations can be nearly instantaneous. Certain native bird species such as the bluebird are also under great pressure. I propose that the invasive exotic species in effect constitute a form of environmental degradation and pollution which can and should be controlled. (Certain potentially deadly fungus diseases such as histoplasmosis are also spread by the massive excrement deposits left by these invaders) Avitrol for example is not only very effective but in addition, predators feeding on affected “feathered rats” have been shown not to suffer any deleterious effects. I Propose that as many people as possible (especially cicada fans) contact the appropriate Federal agencies to undertake feathered vermin control measures as expeditiously as possible. AJay, Stony Brook LI


Date: Monday, Jul/5/2004
I have 2 cicada’s sitting just outside my back door and am terrified to venture out there. What is all this talk about their beauty and myth? They are frightening looking and give me the willies! Donna, Bayport, LI, NY

First Cicada

Date: Sunday, Jul/4/2004
Just heard cicada last night. Old timers in the neighborhood say there was a huge brood here 17 years ago… Russell Young, Summit, NJ

A cicada in our yard

Date: Sunday, Jul/4/2004
I found a cicada hanging from our car’s tire that had just been parked on the grass overnight! What a beautiful creature.Does that mean there should be more of them nearby? Bob Doolittle, Memphis, NY

The Very Very Last Magicicada Septendecim!

Date: Saturday, Jul/3/2004
Greetings! People have been talking about “the Last Cicada” for about 2 weeks now. So here’s my very last word: I went hiking at the Green Lane Reservoir today. Did not expect to see or hear ANY Periodical Cicadas. Picked up a few tree branches that had been heavily oviposited…didn’t see any eggs. If they hatched, they fell onto concrete. But there we were, hiking along the lake, when we began to hear lone Cassini’s here & there, cranking up their “rr-rrr-bzzz”. And suddenly I heard it: the very very LAST Septendecim. I couldn’t believe my ears. He sang clear, long drawn-out notes lasting a good minute each…there seemed to be lots of wind and life left in this heroic holdout. They were all supposed to be gone by the end of june and here it is July 3. What an inspiration! Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

One cicada heard Friday am, July 2

Date: Saturday, Jul/3/2004
After a long silence all week (at least in the early am and evening), I heard one single cicada on Friday around 8:30 am “whoa-ing” in the woods in Princeton. Nobody was answering.

Haven’t heard any since.

Fairfax Fairfax, Princeton, NJ

Lack of sightings on Long Island

Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
Hi fellow cicada enthusiasts,

I’ve written several stories in Newsday about Long Island’s Brood X representatives. Sadly, they seem to have fizzled out twice – first in East Setauket after a very brief showing and more recently in the NE part of Connetquot River State Park, where a Parks Dept. employee heard them in scattered locations, but only for a few days. Then nothing. The experts I’ve talked to so far are at a loss to explain it, since there are no obvious differences in the areas where the cicadas emerged in 1987. I would welcome comments from anyone who had been looking forward to seeing the cicadas and had actively sought them in different areas around the Island. You can contact me directly at Newsday at 631-843-2583.

Bryn Nelson, Melville, New York


Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
Finding many Tibicens and hearing them more often. Got up this morn and couldnt believe my eyes, found one female cassini hanging on a limb, she looked as if she hadnt mated or layed eggs, ovipositor was still tucked away and she was quite active…..I held her for a few and then she flew away. I havent heard any males so she will die unhappy…..guess nature has its reasons. cicadax, in.

Cicada eggs and nymphs

Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
I am interested in seeing pictures of the nymphs that emerge from the eggs that were recently laid. IF any one sees these little hatchlings please photograph them.
Well, here in NY looks like we missed the Magicicada. I heard a Tibicen cholomera singing on this early humid morning! Elias, Queens County New York

Lonely cicada heard

Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
I was walking in the woods at Schooley Mill Park in Howard County in central Maryland around noon today (July 2) and I heard one cicada calling at the bottom of a little stream valley. The last time I saw or heard one before that had been June 22. Jim Glenn, Clarksville, MD

Magicicada e-group

Date: Thursday, Jul/1/2004
If anyone has questions or would like to discuss something at greater length, you can try my e-group at I changed the settings so that anyone can view messages and post. (the default is “members only” and that’s kind of a turn-off.) I think you have to create a Yahoo login first, though. See you there, maybe! Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

heard one

Date: Thursday, Jul/1/2004
heard one at 2:29 pm in a tree in front of my house. luis, tucson,az

Heard one

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
Periodical cicada was heard at the Shady Grove Metro near the new garage on June 30, 2004, around 3:30 PM, loud and clear. Hadn’t heard any for at least a week. Beth, Laytonsville

Eggs – part 2

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
Ooops, just went to the “Gallery,” saw photos of the eggs…. will try to find some! Sue, Riverdale, MD


Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
I think the idea of an “egg rescue” is great; so what exactly are we looking for, something tiny IN the branches, on top, or? Sue, Riverdale, MD

Alas, absent in Ann Arbor

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
Larry from Detroit: Went in the Dixboro area yesterday, to see the Magic Cicadas (just south of Ply-Ann Arbor street)where the Botanical Gardens are. There was a huge showing here in the begining, but unfortunately they appear to be all gone. No singing and no flying..not one live soul spotted…and it was 80’and sunny. This is unusal as their life span was short of 3 weeks. Last week they were hardly singing (on July 24th)and the birds were plentiful, squawing,flying wildly and picking them out of the trees with ease. I suspect these predators, plus the cooler than usual nights (46’to 52′) and the days in the lower 70’s (with hardly any sunshine) wiped out alot of their numbers way too early. I will miss the Stars of Brood X (their air acrobatics, those pretty eyes,and friendliness) and hope their little ones make it safely back into the Earth. And thank-you Dan for this great board. Deborah, Westland, Wayne County, Mich

X Files

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
An X Files Episode tonight on TNT dealt with strange predatory humanoids living in a Florida Swamp. They had glowing red eyes and the only sound they produced was that of Magicicada Cassini! I thought I was gong to have to wait till 2008 for Brood XIV to hear that sound again! Ajay, Stony Book LI

Some cicadas still around in Western PA

Date: Tuesday, Jun/29/2004
We just returned from a trip to Kentucky. There were no cicadas left in Cincinnati but there are still some singing away near Bedford, PA – easy to hear if you are on the PA turnpike. I work in MD and commute along I-95 every day. The flagging starts just north of the DE/MD line between DE 896 and DE 273 – there is no singing left here. On 6/21 we heard lots of singing in Catoctin State Park. The heavy concentrations I saw this year seemed to be along old MD 924 in Bel Air and at the North East exit of I-95. I will sorely miss these fun insects and look forward to 2021. I was so disappointed they didn’t come out in my area. Joan, Chadds Ford, PA

Cicada Wedding in 1987

Date: Tuesday, Jun/29/2004
Hi I was looking at my articles on the cicadas from 1987 and I have
one about a lady who got married then and had a cicada-themed
wedding. Her name is Liz and she was married in the DC area.
She was born in a cicada year (1953) and graduated in another
cicada year (1970). So it was fitting that she got married in
1987…her third cidada year.

Liz, are you by any chance on this board? I would love to hear your
perspectives 17 years later on the cicadas and your wedding πŸ™‚ What
life event did you celebrate this time around? The article even has
a pic of the invitation and pic of Liz’s sister with a cicada
wedding cake topping that she made (not a real cicada).

What an incredibly creative idea….I am so glad I kept this article.
Debbie, Seattle

Cicada Display

Date: Tuesday, Jun/29/2004
I have a half dozen dried cicadas on my microwave and they still look quite good; some have reddish eyes still. I plan on carefully gluing them to a small branch and spaying them with some plastic coating for as lifelike display as possible.
It is sad that this has all come to an end so quickly. I suspect that there still might be some left in NE PA. I remember years ago finding Brood II singing loudly in that area on a small mountain around July 1. I was training for my first NYC Marathon and stopped my run to enjoy the amazing sights and sounds. I was sure “Them” ants as big as busses would shortly come crashing out of the forest! When I brought some home for my yard in Flushing I found how quickly those vile starlings can appear out of nowhere. They were devoured within two minutes of release πŸ™
AJay, Stony Brook LI

Rainy days & Resin

Date: Monday, Jun/28/2004
Someone asked about rainy days. The cicadas were definitely quieter on cool/cloudy days and I don’t think they would sing at all when it rained. As to the resin-cast: I haven’t tried it yet, I’m letting my specimens dry out more. The newest ones are 2 weeks old. I experimented w/ red nail polish to bring back the red in their eyes, and clear nail polish on other parts to get rid of that ‘dried-up dead bug’ look. On the resin can it says “to avoid trapping air, dip embedments into catalyzed resin.” See for information about resin products. Very toxic stuff. Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

Singing, Flagging, eggs

Date: Monday, Jun/28/2004
Someone asked about singing in cold, wet weather, they don’t sing. We had some weather like that and I noticed that they were on the trees but under leaves and no singing. The singing became less and less and one day it did not happen. We have alot of flagging in my area. In fact, I saw a lady today with a leave blower out because her yard was covered in small batches of leaves. It looks like fall here because of the brown leaves on the ground and on the trees. I still have not seen any eggs drop. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Egg Rescue

Date: Monday, Jun/28/2004
Areas with large Magicicada populations now are littered with huge numbers of egg laden branches. I hope that some of the cicada fans out there can rescue as many as possible from lawnmowers and trash piles and place them in wooded areas, especially those with relatively small populations. A large garbage bag could hold lots but done forget it in a close car. The unnatural predation by starlings and sparrows is already putting severe pressure on these amazing species and we should all try to preserve this amazing beautiful natural resource for future generations to enjoy and marvel at. If I had thought of the idea earlier, I would have obtained some of the protective anti cicada mesh and used it to provide a safe haven for my Princeton cicadas by putting them inside out of reach of the disgusting disease bearing starlings and sparrows which quickly annihilated them. (I have a perfect peach tree for that too and extra compost could have compensated for any use of the trees’ resources) AJay, Stony Brook LI

Periodicals quieter, Annuals making some noise

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Noise has really dropped off in the last two weeks in the Fairfax/Clifton areas. Only hear a few lonely souls at a time now, instead of thousands. Last Friday I was surprised to hear some and see flagging SW of Clifton and along Yates Ford Rd east of Manassas. It seemed to stop as soon as the road ends at Prince William Pkwy. I’ve found cicadas north and east of Manassas now, but they disappear as soon as I get to town. Haven’t actually seen one in person since 2nd week of June. We must get the brood that comes in 2013. Interesting how they’re spaced 8 and 9 years apart from each other. BTW This morning was the 1st time I’ve noticed the song of the annual cicadas. It’s officially summer now that I’ve heard them!
Kenny, Manassas, VA

Nearby sighting, for the record

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My location, near Atlanta, GA, isn’t within Brood X’s range, but it’s close enough that I decided to try to drive fnorth to see it. My first attempt, at the end of May, was a drive through Gainesville. Nothing.

My second attempt, a few days later, went up 515 and took me as far as Ellijay. I didn’t find anything, but on the way back, about two miles south of Ellijay I stopped at a rest stop named “Scenic View”. There were about a dozen dead cicadas there; I spotted a single live one flying around the trees. A map tells me that this is probably the southernmost extent of the entire brood, so maybe this information is useful to someone.

My third attempt was a trip to Amicalola Falls State Park at the start of June. It was raining and I didn’t walk very far down the trails. I spotted the occasional dead cicada here and there–maybe 6 or 7 total–but nothing live, no singing (not unexpected given the weather), and certainly nothing even vaguely swarmlike. Ken Arromdee, Norcross, GA


Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
i caught my first cicada today at 2:00 he was a crawling one with no wingsand at 6:45 he molted grew wings and at 7:51 i set him free i have never experienced them coming out of their skins i have seen the skins and full grown but never the transformation it was a cool transformation i will have to catch another one and watch him too. Lex, Sanger,TX

First annual (Tibicen) cicada heard today!

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My family & I visited the Cincinnati Zoo this afternoon & I finally heard my first annual cicada there. It was a “Tibicen linnei”….my favorite of the annuals. Hopefully I will find an emerging nymph soon! I have heard no periodical cicadas since last Tuesday. Roy Troutman, Batavia, Ohio

Are they still singing around here?

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Need some help – the emergence was large west of me, in the Ann Arbor area, but I heard it was spotty. Any reports of these wonders still singing?
Must hear more, a wonderful sound.
Larry D
Larry DiVizio, Detroit, Mi. USA

Periodicals quieter, Annuals making some noise

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Noise has really dropped off in the last two weeks in the Fairfax/Clifton areas. Only hear a few lonely souls at a time now, instead of thousands. Last Friday I was surprised to hear some and see flagging SW of Clifton and along Yates Ford Rd east of Manassas. It seemed to stop as soon as the road ends at Prince William Pkwy. I’ve found cicadas north and east of Manassas now, but they disappear as soon as I get to town. Haven’t actually seen one in person since 2nd week of June. We must get the brood that comes in 2013. Interesting how they’re spaced 8 and 9 years apart from each other. BTW This morning was the 1st time I’ve noticed the song of the annual cicadas. It’s officially summer now that I’ve heard them!
Kenny, Manassas, VA

Nearby sighting, for the record

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My location, near Atlanta, GA, isn’t within Brood X’s range, but it’s close enough that I decided to try to drive fnorth to see it. My first attempt, at the end of May, was a drive through Gainesville. Nothing.

My second attempt, a few days later, went up 515 and took me as far as Ellijay. I didn’t find anything, but on the way back, about two miles south of Ellijay I stopped at a rest stop named “Scenic View”. There were about a dozen dead cicadas there; I spotted a single live one flying around the trees. A map tells me that this is probably the southernmost extent of the entire brood, so maybe this information is useful to someone.

My third attempt was a trip to Amicalola Falls State Park at the start of June. It was raining and I didn’t walk very far down the trails. I spotted the occasional dead cicada here and there–maybe 6 or 7 total–but nothing live, no singing (not unexpected given the weather), and certainly nothing even vaguely swarmlike. Ken Arromdee, Norcross, GA


Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
i caught my first cicada today at 2:00 he was a crawling one with no wingsand at 6:45 he molted grew wings and at 7:51 i set him free i have never experienced them coming out of their skins i have seen the skins and full grown but never the transformation it was a cool transformation i will have to catch another one and watch him too. Lex, Sanger,TX

First annual (Tibicen) cicada heard today!

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My family & I visited the Cincinnati Zoo this afternoon & I finally heard my first annual cicada there. It was a “Tibicen linnei”….my favorite of the annuals. Hopefully I will find an emerging nymph soon! I have heard no periodical cicadas since last Tuesday. Roy Troutman, Batavia, Ohio

Help with casting…

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
I found this link on a taxidermy website last night…
That page is specific to what we’re trying to do but it’s a whole leaflet so to speak so you can read the whole thing if you like.
Looks like some things that I didn’t do were wait till the resin was gelled before I put in the cicada, I didn’t dry him out first with silica gel or something like it…
But that link should be pretty helpful and I’ll probably try again soon. I’ll probably try with one of the not so hot looking dead cicadas that are still outside rather than the “good” ones that I picked.
I hope this helps!!!!
Karen Karen , Catonsville

Resin Bubbles

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
I had the same experience as you — lots of little bubbles, even this cloudy mold like stuff. This was my first try without talking to anyone, so I’m not 100% disappointed. If I let the cicadas dry first, and then poked a hole in their abdoments so the air would get out sooner… maybe that would have helped. Or maybe it would have hurt… I should have practiced on roaches! Dan, Cicadamania

Haven’t seen one

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Was checking the site because I was excited about the 17 year brood. Now I am disappointed that they have been here and gone. Not in North Jersey. Eric, Saddle Brook, NJ

Casting In Resin…

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Anyone tried this?
I tried today and although it was easier than I thought, my cicada ended up looking like she was covered in carbonation or covered in ice. No other air bubbles in the mixture except for around the cicada.
When I put her in, it didn’t appear that there was any problem.
Anyone have any suggestions?
I’ve seen a few casts on ebay and none of them look like what mine did.
Here’s a link to all of my cicada pics. At the end I’ve uploaded the pics of my cast.
By the way I took some photos of some eggs that I found. To get the full effect, there’s an option to view the original picture which will take up more than your screen but will show great detail if you’re interested.
Forgive the monotony of the pics, I just kept snapping in the hopes of a few coming out well πŸ˜‰
It’s just a test and looks like a huge ice cube πŸ™‚
Take care,
Karen, Catonsville

A few straggler Cicadas still going in Princeton

Date: Saturday, Jun/26/2004
They get a late start now-10:30 am as opposed to 4:30 am-but a few stragglers are still going. Suspect they’re the Cassinis. We call them the “ratchets” as they wind up their calls. They will be sorely missed. They’re the only insects that make alarm calls if I’m disturbing their habitat (low key agitated buzzes) or down right scream when I inadvertently close a barn door on a Cicada leg stuck in the door jam. They’ll be sorely missed. Fairfax, Princeton, NJ

Cicada singing

Date: Friday, Jun/25/2004
To all of you who have had the privilege of living with cicadas, I have a question I haven’t found on any site yet. Do the magicicadas sing on rainy days? Cloudy days? Cool days? Just curious if they are like the Dog-days. Also, when they start dying off – what does it sound like? Does the whirring and buzzing just get softer and weaker until there are only the sounds of individual singers? I had to drive 1 1/2 hours from where I live to enjoy them. Two trips I made were a weak apart and the second time I noticed that the decims weren’t as loud and many were dead. The cassini’s were still going strong. I went to Highbanks Metro Park in Columbus and it was freaky because just in one parking area I found numerous decims infected or dead with that gross fungus. Just in that one area! Gave me the creeps and I got out of there. It was kind of dark and shaded there too, which made it more creepy. Appreciate your comments on my questions and “dying” (oops) to know. Love this site and all the input from everyone since I wasn’t blessed with their presence. Michele, Ohio

New Search in Connetquoit Park

Date: Friday, Jun/25/2004
Connetquot State Park Today. Park Employees including Gil Bergen who has been
there for decades, told me that there definitely were a small number of periodical cicadas
in the tree tops a week ago. They disappeared quickly it seems; I suspect starlings and
sparrows wiped them out. I went on a long hike toward the North east section of the park
where the sounds were heard. I saw no trace of our ephemeral friends and had to cut my
expedition short when I found one of those nasty deer ticks embedded on my leg. I also
circled Lake Ronkonkoma, Again lots of great cicada habitat, but no trace of cicadas.
Gil promised to keep in touch and admitted that he was not absolutely positive about the
exact years of long ago emergences but will look through old records. I had prepared a
really nice terrarium with live small maple trees growing in moist soil but sadly have no
little red eyed singers to fill my living room with joyful sound. A disappointing day.
AJay, Stoy Brook LI

A cicada carving

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
I just finished carving a cicada today.It turned out good, I think Ill make a necklace out of it. Im starting to see more of the green cicadas, the ones I get every year and the funny thing about them, they seem to tune up their tubas in practice…then begin to sing a little in the evening. They are a pretty cicada and faster than brood x.
Once you catch one though, they are quite tame and like being petted on the back. The one I held and petted leaned from side to side,the side I petted is where she would tilt. I placed her on a leaf, but she flew back to me as I headed back to the house, so, I had to carry her around a while, she stayed on my shoulder, even in the house. I guess Ill call her Kayla. She finally allowed me to put her on the tree, guess she was thirsty for some tree sap. Way cool bug. Went back out before going to work and she was still in the same tree, flew to me and landed on my forehead. I placed her back on the tree. will check on her in the morn. Cicada x, In.

Patapsco State Park Cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
I saw about a dozen monday, and heard some in the trees, but for the most part not more than one at a time. Today I heard a few, but didn’t see any. I was in the park from the swinging bridge south on both the sides of the river. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

patapsco state park?

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
Which part of the park have you seen cicadas? I know at the tire park in Catonsville they are probably gone; they arrived more than 6 weeks ago now.
If I could see another live one that would be so cool!
karen, catonsville

thanks to marie

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
Thank you Marie for the info about the poem, it was very good and thank you for the touch….thank you Dan for the info on the resin and thank you for this wonderful site. i will visit often and hopefully get to read new messages.I do apologise for the shouting, i never knew all caps meant that. To all cicada lovers and haters, take care and be safe. πŸ™‚ cicada x, in

Waning cicadas and messages

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
The cicadas seem to be waning and so do the posts on this message board. Thank you so much Dan for setting up this message board so all could share their cicada experiences. It has been really wonderful for me to relive another emergence through hearing about it through all of you, even though I wasn’t there to experience them in person this time. And thanks for those of you who offered to send me wings and for those of you that posted awesome pics. I may go the web site that’s been set up and post my display of the wings Joyce sent me there. I have really appreciated being able to share my love for the magicicadas with all of you….. Debbie, Seattle

Long Search At Connetquot State Park

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
I ran and walked close to 10 miles in and around Connetquot State Park today, carrying a new 3 CCD Panasonic camcorder. A woman at the gate described her daughter seeing “hordes of disgusting insects” around her home on Connetquot Avenue near the park. I missed Gil Began the resident expert and will try and go back and talk to him tomorrow. Unfortunately I saw and heard not one Magicicada. I had found cicada wings miles from Princeton last week but saw no wings, no exoskeletons and no exit holes during my long exploration today. The park was very beautiful, however, with mid 80s tomorrow, I will make another investigation. I still am hoping for some success. AJay, Stony Brook LI

New Yahoo Group

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
Laura, who “noticed that it is hard for people to communicate directly with each other on this message board”, started a Yahoo! e-group . Check it out: Dan, Cicada Mania

Don’t go to Cincinnati

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I just got back from a couple of days in Newport KY and Cincinnatti (well, north at the King’s Island amusement park)… I believe the cicadas are finished in that area. We spent a lot of time outside, and there were none to be heard or seen. An employee of the natural history museum told me she hadn’t seen any for a few days. Sadly, the magic seems to be mostly over in the midwest. Holly, Indianapolis, In

Forget about periodical cicadas LI

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
If they haven’t shown up yet it is because they are dead and gone. Today I heard the first tibicen of the season and no doubt those creatures like soil temperatures a good bit higher than 64 degrees. It’s past that point – if they were going to come out they certainly would’ve been here at least 3-4 weeks ago. In fact, the tibicen is about 10 days earlier than usual which would point to above normal soil temperature.
Joe, Long Island

Cicada Time Line for Elkridge Md

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
May 12: Zero.
May 13: Cicada entrance.
May 15: Started singing.
May 22- Jun1: Approx peak.
Jun 18: Cicada exit.
Jun 19: Zero.

There are still a few in the Patapsco State Park. George, Elkridge, Md, USA


Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I have seen eggs and a few hatchlings today,tiny white bugs…cute…they seem to wait till evening here to come out of the eggs, they drop from the branches almost like a feather falling slowly.Very interesting to watch. if you see any its best not to handle the hatchlings. Very fragile, but enjoy them when you can. cicada x cicada x, in

Anyone know when they will be gone?

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
For over a week now things have been dying down in the Princeton area – although the mornings are quiet, in the afternoons I still hear the cassini “singing”/screeching and from time to time have seen them. Does anyone know how long until they are “officially” gone for the next 17 years? Day after day it seems that they are but then they reappear. (I thought by late June they were gone but guess I was wrong.) Also, when the eggs start dropping will they be apparent or is it something most people don’t even notice?
Thanks in advance. Jennifer, Princeton, NJ


Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I haven’t seen any hatch, but so many branches have fallen to the ground where eggs have been laid. The little dude and I were at the park yesterday and decided to investigate to see if we could find eggs. It was really easy to do. If you find a branch; there are tiny scratches in it. Break it apart where the scratches are and you can see the eggs inside; like little grains of rice. We didn’t see any that had hatched but then again I’m not sure how you’d see that. I’m sure as soon as they hatch they probably fall to the ground.
I think I’ll stay away from sitting under trees for a while πŸ™‚
Karen Karen , Catonsville

How can you tell when the eggs are dropping??

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I see lots of scratches on the branches of the trees in my yard. How large are these eggs or larva going to be when they “drop”?? I’d like to see it happen if possible, just want to know what I am looking for…..All cicadas are gone here, have been gone for 2 weeks now, I miss their songs & watching them interact up close. Staci, Beltsville, MD

Any eggs dropping yet?

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I really want to see the eggs hatch and drop to the ground. Anything like that happening yet. There is a lot of flagging on the trees where I live. Some big trees are completely covered. I am surprised at how high these little bugs climbed to lay their eggs. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

CICADA Sightings and Hearings

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
U say they are just now coming out ? got news for you dudes, they are hot an heavy in our yard and make noises every year. OUr back yard is full of wonderful trees for them to play their tunes in. Tracey, East Prairie, Missouri USA

PA – still a few

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
(Middle Creek) I can still hear the UFO sounds, but it keeps sounding farther away and you can pick out individual ones. Cassinis still chattering away. I got the chance to observe several up close while singing (the cicada, not me). Dead bodies are littering the ground but the frequent thunderstorms are washing them away Mike, Lititz PA

A Magicicada Mystery on Long Island

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
I drove around the perimeter of Connetquot River State Park yesterday morning and there were no Magicicada to be seen or heard. I think the Brood X cicadas are playing games with us on Long Island. To AJay in Stony Brook – the cicadas in Connetquot River SP were reported by the regional environmental education coordinator for NY State Parks. He is extremely knowledgable and was at the park in 1987 for the last Brood X emergence. So, I’m sure they were Magicicadas. We just have to hope they didn’t pull a quick disappearing act like they did in East Setauket. To Michele in Ohio – Thanks for that info! Plum Island is a concern to a lot of folks here. There are a great deal of stories and rumors going around. I just hope the spotty Magicicada activity here can be attributed to natural causes, like AJay pointed out. Time will tell! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Fruitlless Search Tonight In Suffolk Co. LI

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
Results of a long search tonight: I went through Setauket and focused on Branch and Mayflower lanes, epicenter of the early Newsday report. Not a single exoskeleton was visible on any surface. (They were still everywhere in Princeton.) I also passed near Ronkonkoma earlier with nothing visible During last weeks’ search around Connetquot State Park I heard quite a few crickets. I HOPE that is not what those park employees heard earlier. Will go back for a second look within two days (Gotta work on my radio talk show tomorrow) AJay, Stony Brook, LI

Fruitlless Search Tonight In Suffolk Co. LI

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
Results of a long search tonight: I went through Setauket and focused on Branch and Mayflower lanes, epicenter of the early Newsday report. Not a single exoskeleton was visible on any surface. (They were still everywhere in Princeton.) I also passed near Ronkonkoma earlier with nothing visible During last weeks’ search around Connetquot State Park I heard quite a few crickets. I HOPE that is not what those park employees heard earlier. Will go back for a second look within two days (Gotta work on my radio talk show tomorrow) AJay, Stony Brook, LI

Miracle Cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Very well said, Deborah…these are not just bugs to me either…they are a miracle of God….now roaches are another story πŸ˜‰ But I suppose God has His reasons for creating those too….just don’t know what they are…I hear they can survive a nuclear blast… Debbie, Seattle

got some!

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Went to Ann Arbor yesterday to Domino farms and got a fair number in the wooded area right next to the parking lot. I also got poison ivy, but that’s another story πŸ™‚ I brought them up here to Algonac, so in 2021, maybe there will be another small pocket of activity! I used a net for the first one I caught, until I figured out that they are really rather slow, clumsy bugs and I can easily just pick them up. I only had 2 or three notice my approach and fly off. In 2021, I am SO going to Cincinnati! Elisa, Algonac, MI

Magicicada Musings

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
After not seeing (or hearing) any cicada activity since the 15th, was pleased to see them flying around in Jessup, MD on Friday afternoon on the way to a weekend conference near Northeast, MD. Being further north, I was hopeful that there would still be some cicada activity and was not disappointed. On morning walks both Saturday and Sunday was able to hear the calls of individual male cassini as well as a solitary ‘decim and to hold and watch several ‘decim females found among those who had recently completed their 17 year life. At the risk of overstating but to illustrate their uniqueness, I think that, given their harmlessness, their lack of fear of humans, their self-sacrifice for the brood as well as their dependable but transient appearances, magicicada can in some sense be considered a “holy insect.” Stephen, Alexandria, VA

Ann Arbor Cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Neil, that’s perfect! Cicadas if you want them; no cicadas if you don’t.
And so one more reason for Ann Arbor to
stay on that most liveable city list πŸ™‚ HB, Ann Arbor

My Dad and the cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Talked to my Dad today in Baltimore…he was in NYC for the last two emergences so hadn’t experienced the magicicadas before…he said “he’d never heard such a racket” and he’s hard of hearing! I’m noticing that in the Washington Post webcam they seem to be gone now πŸ™ He is fascinated by them, like me, and unlike my mother! Debbie, Seattle

Cicadas in NY!!!

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004

Thanks you for your persistence Lenny! I was losing hope rapidly reading about the majority of Brood X dying out. It would have been a very sad day if Brood X dissappeared entirely from Long Island. I will make a trip out there in the upcoming week to enjoy this once every 17 year spectacle!! Elias, Queens County, NY

Havre de Grace, Cassini behavior etc.

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
I went down to Havre de Grace MD this weekend. Going south on Rt 95, I saw an incredible amount of tree flagging. I wondered “why did the cicadas like the environment along Rt 95, do they LIKE the noise & pollution of thousands of cars?” And when I got to my campground near Churchville along the Susquehanna, there were almost none…I did pick up one little Cassini with a broken-off wing. I thought he was nearly dead, until I passed another Cassini grove. When he heard his buddies chirping, he started singing his little heart out, then took off and joined them! It is funny how these critters seem to do cute things and have more ‘personality’ than your average ‘bug’…that’s why some of us have gotten so attached to them… I also spoke to someone who preserves furs & antlers. I asked him about preserving cicadas. He says “they are fat & juicy, so you should air-dry them.” I had some in my car & he said that would also work, it is equivalent to ‘baking’ them. (the car gets very hot.) I mentioned about how the red eye color fades & he said “some red nail polish works just fine for that.”
Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

Heard some in Towson, MD on Fri. Sat.

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Although I did not see any adults, I heard some in Towson,MD on Fri. and Sat. I am still waiting to see the eggs drop from my trees in Silver Spring, MD. I am going to Emmittsburg, MD on June 26. Anyone know if they have any there? I had fun with them and I miss them already.
I saw the display in the Natural History Museum in DC today. It wasn’t much. I had more in my backyard. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

RE: Large Cicada

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Your ‘large cicada’ is an annual cicada. These appear every year. With extra hot weather happening, these are emerging a bit early in some areas. I have heard a couple of T. Chloromera around here this weekend. T. Chloromera is black and green with dark eyes, and powdered white underneath.
Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA

Why So Late On LI

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Central and eastern Long Island probably have some of the chilliest weather in the Northeast. When we are not getting cold northwest winds from Canada, what would otherwise be warm spring days in May tend to be greatly chilled by southwest winds coming off of an Atlantic Ocean with water temperatures in the forties to low fifties. Not only does this keep the soil extremely cold, but it would provide for a very dangerous climate for cicadas, making them very sluggish at a time when birds are made extra hungry trying to keep warm on cold days. As soon as the current one-day cold snap is over I will be going back over all of the promising areas where cicadas were expected. Perhaps, the sandy soil makes pre-emergent holes unnecessary and difficult and that is why they are not being seen. (Hopefully this is not a case of Newsday crying wolf {or teneral cicada} again!) AJay, Stony Brook Long Island

Large cicadas are Tibicens (“annuals”)

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
The large green cicada is almost certainly an “annual”, probably of the genus Tibicen. Their broods emerge every year.

It’s neat when periodicals and annuals overlap in late June.

The first Tibicen I heard this year was extremely early: June 7th! Their numbers have increased in the past week, but still only one speices. The common species with the “zing-a-zing” call should appear soon, usually shows up here the last week of June, as does my favorite Tibicen call, the one that sounds like Ms. Pac Man when you eat a power pill.
Eric, Eastern MO


Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Happy Father’s Day! I woke up today to the news that the emergence has finally begun on Long Island. In a quarter page story in Newsday titled “Better late than never, cicadas”, reports of cicada activity in Connetquot State Park have begun. The first cicadas were heard on Friday by park staff. This was one of the hot spots on the Island back in 1987. No other reports from elsewhere on the ilsand yet, but confidence seems high that this is the beginning of the action! What a nice father’s day present! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

To Lenny looking on Long Island

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Get the book titled “Lab 257”. I forget the author. It is about what is going on a Plum Island which is not far from Long Island. Personally, I hope what they are doing out there has nothing to do with the ‘cadas being late or no-shows. Let us know if they show up late! Michele, Ohio


Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Extreme close up:
Yellow eyes:
Exoskeletons up in one of the three silver maples in my yard:
I made a t-shirt: Mitya, Falls Church, VA

Brood X meets Transit of Venus photo

Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
I’m the one who took the photo. The sun’s image is projected by a 3inch refracting telescope. At this writing (Sun., 6/19), the photo’s original sharpness has degrated and become too fuzzy to show Venus (near sun’s 4 o’clock edge), plus the famous cicada is not looking its best. Monday AM will contact Kodak, which put the image(s) online for me and ask it to please restore the original clarity! Regards, Herman P.S. Subtracting 797 from 2004 and dividing by 17 gives the number of Brood X cycles since last they coincided with a TOV! Herman Heyn, Baltimore, Maryland

Fond of Cicada’s

Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
To Cicada X, from one cicada lover to another, touche’.
go to the archives June 9 and see the beautiful poem to a lady cicada. Thanks, Marie Marie Chibirka, Dalton, PA


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
This morning I found a very large cicada. It did not have any orange on its body . It was 3 times the size of the regular cicadas we have been having and it has black eyes, a green and black body with bluish wings. We have caught it and it is in a cage.
Does anyone know why this one is different? alex brownlow, loveland, ohio usa

Go To Princeton For Last Look

Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
Considerable action still in Princeton yesterday (June 18) though well past peak. Saw and heard lots of noisy singing, flying and landing on passersby in the blocks around the Revolutionary War Monument and walking tour areas just south of downtown. Mostly Cassinis however; not many Decims for flying saucer sound effects fans. Spectacular architecture and gorgeous landscaping made the trip worth while; bring a camcorder and watch the sights and sounds again on a cold winter night while dreaming of summer and hoping for a surprise deceleration next spring. AJay, Stony Brook LI


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
Cicada X, first turn off your Caps Lock button. Then go to a craft or art supplies store to find the “Casting Resin” you need. Dan, Cicadamania Headquarters


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004


Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
Unless you live in Princeton, or a few select places in Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset or Hunterdon counties, you most likely won’t see cicadas this year. Dan, Cicadamania Headquarters


Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
My husband and I went to Winchester, Virginia over the Memorial Day weekend. I’m glad because I would have never gotten to experience the Cicada. They were everyone, in the trees, on the ground, flying…One landed on my husband. We accidnetly brought one home in the back of our car, (dead), but I put it in a baggie and took it to school and showed it to the class I was in. Told the kids that this is all it was and it was nothing to be afraid off if they came out in New Jersey. Unfortunately, I guess we are missing them in New Jersey. Debbie, Haddon Heights. NJ

Any Cicadas Left in New Jersey or Pennsylvania?

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
My family will be traveling to New Jersey the weekend of June 19th . We would love to spot some cicadas. Are there any left in the Princeton area? We will also be in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania.
Cyrena, Massachusetts

PA – fading away

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
But some are still there! Now you can more easily pick out the wheeee-Oooooo of indviduals. The Cassinis are still readily heard; I just think it’s because they are louder. Mike, Lititz PA

Where are they???

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
Fri. June18th ’04

Not a cicada in sight (nor earshot)
Has our 2 consecutive 5 year droughts
‘done them in’?

We had a freak partial-emergence
a few years back of the “X” variety.
Those early birds mated & died in days.
So the line may bounce back, but on a
different schedule. (?)
We shall see what we shall see. πŸ˜‰
Jake, Bloomfield, NJ (Essex Co)

Andrea, you may be old in 2021

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
But you will still need to get around. Probably in a large car at a slow speed. greg, baltimore

To Michael in Adrian

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
For cicada lovers and cicada haters, I think Ann Arbor is the best of both worlds. They’re not flying around in the city center and scaring the bejeezus out of the bug phobic. But go to the woods on the northeast side and they are everywhere!

Neil, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004

preserving cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
I bought some resin today and plan on making casts of some exoskeletons and some adults! It should work well; I’ve seen some resin paperweights and jewelry with cicadas inside on ebay πŸ™‚ Not to mention I’ve seen insects in resin before.
I just hope the eyes stay red, that would be great!
I have a bunch in the freezer and then two live ones inside of my son’s sherrif’s playset thing. They were in the jail but escaped.
I miss them already πŸ™ Karen, Catonsville MD

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