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June 4, 2006

ID this Thailand Cicada!

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Can you ID this cicada from Bangkok, Thailand? Santisuk Vibul (the photographer) and I would be greatly pleased it your could.

Update: Here’s the ventral view, David:

Cicada, Cicada. Santisuk Vibul. Thailand. 2006.

Update: More Photos! NEW! Santisuk Vibul’ s Cicada Photos from Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand Cicada

Some more info:

  • Cicada in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • An annual adult male cicada of unspecified genus and species.
  • Photo taken: April 15, 2006 by Santisuk Vibul, Bangkok, Thailand. (While it was alive)
  • Characteristics: The cicada is brown in color with red eyes and brown wing veins. The total body length is 5 cm including wings. The body only is 3.5 cm and the body width is 1.5 cm.
  • Please notice about a white band on the tail part of the body, it appears in both males and females.
  • The calling songs of the cicada more or less resemble that of T. auletes.


  1. Len Worthington says:

    Hi Santisuk
    I have taken photos of what I think is the same species
    in Chonburi.
    I came on this site whilst trawling the internet for I.D.
    Pity it still goes un-named,it’s nice to be able to name stuff.

  2. david says:

    Hi Santisuk,
    That’s not Dr. Marshall- he’s in USA!

  3. david says:

    Hi Santisuk,
    I sought further advice- it is in the Dundubia jacoona group, but to get the actual species would require dissection of the genitalia (a job for an expert, not me!!).
    Regards, David.

  4. david says:

    Thanks for the information on size and the excellent ventral photo Santisuk. I think that i have a load of this species from Hanoi but apart from changing my opinion to Genus level with a a Dunbubia species, I can’t get closer to the species with the resources available to me. I thought that it might D.mannifera or D.intemerata, but I’m not positive.

  5. Angie says:

    We have cicadas that look EXACTLY like this one in Tucson, Arizona. How do they get all the way here??

  6. david says:

    Great photo. Looks like Platylomia species, but without the ventral view and an estimate of the size, it is hard to go further. I think that I can see the opercula extending back towards sternite 6.

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