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December 4, 2007

Green Grocer

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Bron sent us this Green Grocer photo taken in Orange NSW Australia.

Green Grocer Cicada

The scientific term for Green Grocers is Cyclochila australasiae. The come in other varieties such as the yellow colored Yellow Mondays and blue Blue Moons.

Cyclochila australasiae can be found in eastern Queensland, NSW and Victoria, and most emerge in October and November (Moulds, M.S.. Australian Cicadas Kennsignton: New South Wales Press, 1990, p. 61.).


  1. abby says:

    my grandmother was bitten by a bug that looked just like a cicada and wanted to know if cicadas bite?
    please email me asap!

  2. Andrew Russack says:

    Hi Bron,

    I am Andrew Russack and I know Ann, who is married to Chris Tidemann. Give me a call on 6274 7016 if you want to get in touch.

  3. David E says:

    Hi Bron,
    Happy 2008. No, I didn’t meet Andrew or Anne – six floors of troops there!. Your other orange/black shot is of the “masked devil” variant of those greengrocers- nice to know that you get those in Orange too as most of mine come from Woodford to Blackheath in the Blue Mtns.
    Cheers, David.

  4. Bron says:

    Hi David,

    I’ve been back to Orange to see mum – sorry about the delay in thanking
    you for your email and for the identification. Very interesting.

    Do you know Andrew Russack or Anne (Tidemann I think – she’s married to
    Chris Tidemann – not sure of her surname) who work in DAFF?

    I took another photo of a cicada in Orange – look in the insects
    link if you’d like to see it. I’m ignorant
    about types – I assume this is another version of the big green ones but really don’t know.

    Happy New Year!


  5. David E says:

    Hi Bron,
    I worked for DAFF for 18months a few years ago in Canberra and captured several species from Mt Ainslie. Your picture seems to be a Pauropsalta species (nr encaustica). There are also Pauropsalta mneme (alarm clock ticker) and species related to Cicadetta tristrigata and Notopsalta atrata. The larger red-eyed cicada is the “Red-eye” (Psaltoda moerens) on Black Mtn.
    Cheers, David.

  6. Bron says:

    Thanks David! My mum lives in Orange and indeed the visit was a deafening experience.
    It’s been like that since I lived there as a child although locals tell me that it’s
    a particularly good year for cicadas. A walk around Lake Canobolas was especially \
    rich in cicadas and birds! I live in Canberra where the dominant species seems to be a smaller black
    one with brown eyes (picture in this album)
    Perhaps you know what it is?



  7. David E says:

    Magnificent specimen and photo, Bron. you must be deafened by these this season as we passed through Orange on 3rd November and there were hundreds of shells on the oak trees in the Central Park. Are there many still about?
    Cheers, David.

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