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May 22, 2013

Finneytown Ohio 17 year Cicada Acceleration

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Roy Troutman, Gene Kritsky and his wife Jess witnessed a Magicicada emergence in Finneytown Ohio tonight. It is believed that this could be an acceleration of a new Brood VI, or an eight year acceleration of Brood X.

From Roy:

We had an unexpected emergence in parts of the Cincinnati area last night & I got some pics with my new Canon t4i. Gene [Kritsky] & his wife Jess came out to witness it as well. I would say hundreds emerged in a very small suburb of Cincinnati called Finneytown. This could be 4 year acceleration of the new brood VI that Gene has been talking about verifying in 2017 or 8 year acceleration of Brood X.

Photos of these cicadas by Roy.

2013 Finneytown Cicada


  1. Barbara says:

    Cool pics! most people aren’t privileged to see them emerging all white and soft . I remember as a kid in northern New Jersey witnessing a mass emergence in 1962 . hundreds of cicadas climbing up the telephone poles and trees. what an awesome sight! do you think this was the same brood? 17 times 3 equals 51 years ago … I hope they’re on Long Island :)

    1. Dan says:

      Yes, that would be the same brood! There are some Brood II locations in Long Island. Looking at the map on, it looks like someone spotted them in Bohemia, LI.

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