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February 4, 2019

Exeirus lateritius: Australian Cicada Killer Wasp

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Australia has a Cicada Killer Wasp: Exeirus lateritius. It belongs to the same family, Crabronidae, as American Cicada Killer Wasps. Dr. Lindsay Popple says “They go for the big ones like Thopha [Drummer cicadas], Cyclochila [Green Grocers, Yellow Mondays]”.

This was provided by Gary Warner, and was taken by Jeff Doring.
Exeirus lateritius

This photo of an empty-handed Cicada Killer heading back to its burrow is by Gary Warner.
empty handed wasp returns to burrow

Here is a video from YouTube. According to the video description, they are also known as Ground Digger Wasps.

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  1. Remarkable to know that very much the same cicada wasp relationship occurs here, in FNQ as it does in Florida. In Florida, I’ve gathered reasonably extensive video footage of the various stages of the wasp strikes of their cicada victims, then subsequent burials. I’ll be doing likewise here in the Daintree.

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