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February 4, 2019

Exeirus lateritius: Australian Cicada Killer Wasp

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Australia has a Cicada Killer Wasp: Exeirus lateritius. It belongs to the same family, Crabronidae, as American Cicada Killer Wasps. Dr. Lindsay Popple says “They go for the big ones like Thopha [Drummer cicadas], Cyclochila [Green Grocers, Yellow Mondays]”.

This was provided by Gary Warner, and was taken by Jeff Doring.
Exeirus lateritius

This photo of an empty-handed Cicada Killer heading back to its burrow is by Gary Warner.
empty handed wasp returns to burrow

Here is a video from YouTube. According to the video description, they are also known as Ground Digger Wasps.

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