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May 20, 2008

Emergence Updates and Website Changes

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Emergence updates:

Randy Bigbie reports: “Here in Wilkesboro/Moravian Falls, NC in the Blue Ridge Mt. foothills. we have hundreds in our yard.”

Cathy Decker reports: “Several cicadas were discovered in the Pierce Community of Greensburg, in Green County Kentucky“.

Patricia Cooper reports: “They have arrived in Adairville, KY42202″.

Terry Samsel reports: “Cades Cove [TN] in the Smokeys” (TN).

(The website is finally getting more traffic than in it does during Australia cicada season, so I know the emergency is really underway.)

Site update:

I also added the Death Cab for Cutie advert because they’ve supported the site over the years.

Don’t Forget:

Don’t forget to Share your Cicada Images, Video and Text.

Davy’s cicada comic book will be available soon.

Last but not least…

Another photo from Roy of his home-raised cicada emerging

Home raised cicadas emerging


  1. Christy Byrd says:

    I live in Hampton, TN, and they have just started to emerge here. Their singing has just started, so it is tolerable for now, but I imagine it will get louder and louder over the next few days.

  2. Kristie says:

    I’m in Louisville (J-town), they are all over my front yard. I have more than I deserve! We have a few in the back yard. We used to have a tree in the front yard. I guess they were on the tree’s roots?!? No one else on the street has them! I have not seen any white eye ones yet!

  3. Lynne says:

    Cicadas have emerged in Pike County Ky, we live on a mountain and they have gotten lower and louder every day for the last four days.

  4. Sarah Sullivan says:

    Asheville sighting:
    A BBC crew has been filming the cicadas in my neighborhood (North Asheville)for the last few days- part of a documentary on swarms to air next year. This is the first relatively warm night since they first began to appear a couple of weeks ago and I can see what seems to be a thousand of them hanging from the bushes and trees. Very spooky at night. They’re hitting the ground at a pace of about 3 or 4 a minute. They have to land the right way up and in just the right place- I hate that so many don’t make it. I’ve been trying to “help” them for days, moving the viable-looking ones out of the path of foot traffic and onto the larger trees. I’m getting fond of them and don’t want to see them go away.

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