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June 8, 2007

Emergence Report for 6/8, part 1

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Hacked: yes the site was down part of yesterday because it was hacked. We’re back to normal now. A setback, but, I’m going to post a lot of video and pictures this weekend — I promise.


  • Full force in Homewood, IL
  • Great emergence in Midlothian, IL
  • Sublime in La Grange Park, IL
  • Westchester is a blast!
  • HORRIBLE! in Lombard (that must mean there are LOTS in Lombard)
  • Full swing in Highland Park
  • “Massive amounts, we’re talking thousands upon thousands in Villa Park”
  • “literally trillions in Western Springs Hinsdale La Grange The Morton Arboretum etc”
  • HUNDREDS in Glenview
  • Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL
  • Ear piercing in Westmont, Clarenden Hills, Downers Grove, Hinsdale…
  • Quite a sight in Goodrich Park in Naperville, IL
  • I&M Canal and Rt. 6
  • In the woods by the Cal Sag Channel
  • Two (2) cicadas at the McBride Raptor Center outside of Iowa City
  • Thousands at Rogers Lakewood park in Valparaiso
  • Thousands in Roscoe (on the Wisconsin border, north of Rockford)
  • 10’s of 1000’s in Glenview Illinois

Report from cicada station 60126. Includes photos.

Another account of the cicadas at the Brookfield Zoo and Ryerson Woods. Note: the emergence at Ryerson was just beginning last weekend.


  1. Joe Green says:

    Downers Grover, ILL is also a good site. I talked to residents that live there that said they were all over the place. They were right. Pioneer Woods/Saganashkee Slough and Lake were great places to hear them.

    Joe Green

  2. Dan says:

    LOL Jason Lee

  3. Dan says:

    Dekalb might be too far west? Take a trip east to see them.

  4. Judy W. says:

    I just wanted to report that I’ve heard cicadas in the forest preserves on Thornton Lansing Rd in Thornton, IL
    as well as Lansing, IL in the area of the model airplane field on Stony Island Ave.
    I drive through Homewood, IL every day on the way home from work
    and it’s quite noisy so I do know what they sound like.
    They’re not swarming but I did feel like I wanted to
    roll the windows up in my car as I was traveling
    down 183rd St in Homewood.

  5. Debb says:

    Still none in Dekalb that I have seen or heard. Not by the woods or parks!

  6. Maybe its just me but that guy with the binoculars in the googlecurrent video looked a bit like Jason “My name is Earl” Lee.

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