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April 17, 2016

Common cicadas of Florida

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Common cicadas of Florida (FL):

Cicadettana calliope calliope (Walker, 1850) aka Southern Grass Cicada

Southern Grass Cicada

Cicadettana calliope floridensis (Davis, 1920)

Diceroprocta biconica (Walker, 1850) aka The Key’s Cicada

Diceroprocta olympusa (Walker, 1850) aka Olympic Scrub Cicada

Olympic Scrub Cicada

Diceroprocta viridifascia (Walker, 1850) aka Salt Marsh Cicada

Megatibicen grossus (Fabricius, 1775) aka Northern Dusk Singing Cicada formerly Megatibicen auletes

Northern Dusk Singing Cicada

Megatibicen figuratus (Walker, 1858) aka Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada

Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada

Megatibicen pronotalis walkeri Metcalf, 1955 aka Walker’s Cicada

Walker's Cicada

Megatibicen resonans (Walker, 1850) aka Southern Resonant/Great Pine Barrens Cicada

Southern Resonant/Great Pine Barrens Cicada

Neocicada hieroglyphica hieroglyphica (Say, 1830) aka Hieroglyphic Cicada

Hieroglyphic Cicada

Neocicada hieroglyphica johannis (Walker, 1850)

Neotibicen davisi davisi (Smith and Grossbeck, 1907) aka Davis’ Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada

Davis' Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada

Neotibicen latifasciatus (Davis, 1915) aka Coastal Scissor(s) Grinder Cicada

Coastal Scissor(s) Grinder Cicada

Neotibicen linnei (Smith and Grossbeck, 1907) aka Linne’s Cicada

Linne's Cicada

Neotibicen lyricen engelhardti (Davis, 1910) aka Dark Lyric Cicada

Dark Lyric Cicada

Neotibicen lyricen lyricen (De Geer, 1773) aka Lyric Cicada

Lyric Cicada

Neotibicen lyricen virescens Davis, 1935 aka Costal Lyric Cicada

Neotibicen robinsonianus Davis, 1922 aka Robinson’s Annual Cicada or Robinson’s Cicada

Neotibicen similaris apalachicola Marshall and Hill, 2017

Neotibicen similaris similaris (Smith and Grossbeck, 1907) aka Similar Dog-Day Cicada

Neotibicen tibicen australis (Davis, 1912) aka Southern Swamp Cicada

Neotibicen tibicen tibicen (Linnaeus, 1758) aka Swamp Cicada, Morning Cicada

Swamp Cicada, Morning Cicada

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  1. Mikayla Smith says:

    Good evening,
    I live in Jacksonville, Florida and have recently come across two cicadas, one alive and the other dead. The dead one, I believe to be a brightly colored lyric cicada. The live one was much darker but had many of the same type of marking, except for a white stripe bisecting the thorax and abdomen. Is there a way I can send in a couple pictures to get help with identification?

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