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May 2, 2008

C.L. Marlatt’s Periodical Cicada bulletin online

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The USDA National Agriculture Library has published the full 148 page bulletin from 1898 titled The periodical cicada: an account of Cicada septendecim, its natural enemies and the means of preventing its injury : together with a summary of the distribution of the different broods.

The document is viewable as images or in PDF form, and features an abundance of information, and excellent, now public domain illustrations (like those below).

Illustration from Marlatt

Illustration from Marlatt


  1. Dawn says:

    I live in North Carolina and ive saw many for the past 4 days.I counted up to 50 on a tree beside my houe and then quit as i looked up into the tree limbs and WOW!!There was so many i could not believe it.Some were coming out of thier shell as others were already gone.

  2. Dave Marshall says:

    Thanks for point this out — it’s really good to have a PDF copy.

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Cicada T-shirts