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June 1, 2007

Cicadas in Ann Arbor area?

Filed under: Magicicada — Dan @ 3:01 pm

Kaz wrote to tell us that Magicicadas are appearing around Ann Arbor MI, contrary to popular opinion — I’ll waiting for pictures to confirm…. Developing…

Update: these would be Brood X stragglers, not brood XIII. 🙂


  1. Being from the Ann Arbor area, if there are any stragglers here I’d like to know exactly where they were seen. My cameras are ready for more cicada fun.

  2. Dave Marshall says:

    If so, they will be stragglers from Brood X. Seventeen-year cicadas come out as late as five years often enough to be noticed (we have observed this more than once in Brood XIII), so three years late is not that unlikely. You will know that they are stragglers if only a few show up — periodical cicadas do not persist at low density, so small numbers means stragglers from a main brood.

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