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July 9, 2009

Cicada from Sumatra: ID them it you can

Filed under: Identify | Indonesia | Sumatra — Dan @ 5:19 am

Mr. Agus and Mr. Arga need your help identifying at least one of these cicadas.

The photo taken from Rejang land, its located at south west Sumatra, Sumatra island, Indonesia, with 600-700 above level sea.

Well, I found the pages the images came from. Looks like just the Green one (A) needs an ID.

Cicada A. Still unknown.

Cicada B. Tosena depicta.

Cicada C. Huechys sanguinea.


  1. Dr Kalesh S says:

    Any way to get

    Haupt, H., 1924b. Die Gattung Huechys Am. et Serv. (Homopt.). Beiträge zu elner Monographie. Deutsche Entomol. Zeits. 1924: 201-225.

  2. In Indonesia we called “Jangkrik” for cricket, not for cicada. Cicada is “Tonggeret”.. Thanks.. Maybe you can also ID the cicadas that I found.. , . These cicada was found in West Java, Indonesia.. thank you

    1. Dan says:

      Thanks. I’ll update my information. is a Dundubia vaginata

  3. David Emery says:

    Dear Messrs Agus and Arga,
    I suspect that your cicada season is over now. you may get some small numbers in August, but will now have to wait until next February to get these species again. Good luck!

  4. Dear mr. David Emery.

    Grate fulkl thank for information. I confirm all photo taken from rejang land, south west sumatra island, with height about 600 – 700m above from level sea. All specimen taken at nature, so it live. We not catch the specimen, just take the picture.

    If we find another cicada we will inform you again.

    Best regard

    From Rejang Land

  5. David Emery says:

    Dear Messrs Agus and Arga,
    Heuchys sanguinea IS found in Sumatra and throughout SE Asia, but H incarnata and another species are also found in Java. It is not useful to load photos from other countries to ebable an ID, as you may have a new species from Rejang Land!! The freshness of the specimens will determine if “blues and greens” are held on stored specimens such as T.depicta and Tacua speciosa, as they “yellow or fade” with storage unless fixed when fresh with formalin or glutaraldehyde. This is noted with species A (Cryptotympana) as the green fades to browny-grey in storage.
    A better ID for each of these 3 cicadas would come from a photo of a spread (local) specimen WITH the measurements. With these, H.sanguinea (C)is probably 100% correct, T depicta (B) is probably correct as it is found in Malaysia and the Cryptotympana genus (A) is correct, but the species may not be C.diomedea if the photo is NOT from Rejang. My specimens come from SW Sumatra, as do those described in Hayashi (1987).

  6. Dear sir.
    I upload all cicada at my site from rejang land at main blog :

    The ID just for temporary and need correction.

    The B id look like the tosena depicta, the comparison pic I upload at blog come from borneo. But different look at strip, thats from rejang land, have blue strip, the borneo have green strip at head.

    I sit the sama sub species? If its different, please infrom me the ID. The tosena sp from rejang land have blue strip at head.

    The pattern for tosena fasciata not match with this cicada. Due I dont have expert at this cicada may be some one can explain to me.

    For A I got the name from mr. david, and he email me, if any correction please email me at

    The C many person say that is Huechys Sanguinea.,any idea for this ID from sumatra?

    If we found another cicada from rejang land we will let you know.

    Best regard from rejang land

  7. David E says:

    B looks more like Tosena fasciata- larger than T.depicta

  8. David E says:

    A looks like Cryptotympana diomeda but one would have to see the dimensions- it is one of the largest of the Cryptotympana genus.

  9. Dan says:

    Paul, that’s absolutely what it is… in fact I have one in my own collection. Brain not working.

  10. Paul Krombholz says:

    Cicada C looks like Huechys sanguinea, pictured a little earlier on this site.

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