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October 25, 2005

Cicada Time in Australia

Filed under: Australia — Dan @ 5:45 am

Somebody kick me if I’m wrong, but, I’m pretty sure it’s now the start of cicada season in Australia.


  1. 2007/2008 summer was a real grand cicada season. One day in late December 2007 went to Eildon, they were everywhere. The black with red eyes, the green ones and also yellow ones. Really noisy and lasted all day, you could actually see them all over the large gums along the river.
    Also noticed there were lots at Waburton that summer. Some people dont like the loud noise, but i like them.

  2. Ken Coghill & Julia Thornton says:

    Cicadas started up on 15 November 2007 in Surrey Hills, a suburb of Melbourne (Australia).

  3. Tal says:

    Down here in Victoria they’ve just started up today (19th Nov) it seems early but we may have had them earlier.

    Slightly cooler climate in Victoria would explain the later date compared to previous responses

  4. david says:

    Hi Pip,
    Greengrocers usually start emerging in Sydney around end October, but in the drought of 2002, they were 2-3 weeks early around Burwood (10th October) and Blackheath (24th September). The grass cicadas (cicadetta celis) emerges in Sydney around the start of September- this is the earliest species.

  5. Pip Wilson says:

    In 1983 I heard a cicada on October 11 at Forestville, NSW. This is the earliest I have heard one in my 52 years, to my knowledge. I recorded the event (in writing, not audio) here
    in my Book of Days. If anyone has heard earlier, please feel free to contact me.

  6. david says:

    Sure is Dan- your rear end is safe from the boot!

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