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May 16, 2021

Cicada Symphony Book

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Just in time for Brood X, here’s another cicada book for kids: Cicada Symphony by Lisa Kobman.

I haven’t read the book, so I cannot give my opinion. Lisa says she consulted with Gene Kritsky when writing the book.

Here are some details from

This book is the perfect learning tool for teaching children about cicadas. It explains the complicated and fascinating life cycle of the 17-year cicada (Brood X) in a way a preschooler and elementary-aged child can understand and connect with. Children will be drawn in by the beautiful, vivid illustrations, humor, and compelling storyline. The rhyming language should help ease anxiety about these amazing bugs and could even inspire a sense of wonder and excitement about cicadas for children and adults alike. It is the perfect addition to your science/nature collection. Don’t be surprised if after reading this book, readers of all ages head outside to check out the cicadas!

Cicada Symphony


  1. Lisa Kobman says:

    Thanks for posting information about my book. I really appreciate it. The fine folks at Mount St. Joseph University also just posted it to their Facebook page and Twitter! 🙂

    1. Lisa Kobman says:

      Dr.Kritsky just added “Cicada Symphony” to the site just below his own books. I am so grateful and honored that he liked my book enough to add it to his site.

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